When Darkness Comes

Name: When Darkness Comes

Art: Brettspiel, A modern Day Horror Setting
Box mit 8 Zinnminiaturen + farbige Charakterkarten,
10 Würfel, 15 farbige quadratische Bodenelemente
96 farbige runde Pappmarker, Anleitung
und Spielleiter-Szenarios (zus. 80 DIN A5),
Block mit Charakterblättern

Preis: ? Euro

Twilight Creations Inc.
11 Founders Ct.,
Cold Spring, KY 41076-1860
Homepage: www.TwilightCreationsInc.com

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When Darkness Comes is a tile-based board game that combines roleplaying with boardgaming. The first core set, called "The Awakening", deals with the undead (zombies, mummies, vampires, etc). The objective of the game will depend on the scenario. Some may include finding and defeating a big bad guy, finding a certain object, diffusing a bomb, etc.
The characters (pregenerated or created) have 7 attributes with specialized skills. That will determine the amount of dice rolled for a skill check. The mechanic for skill checks is a poker variation instead of using straight high roll. Players try to get 6 high, one pair, 3 straight, 3 of a kind, 4 straight, etc. There are ways of adding dice and re-rolls in the game, so all hope isn't lost...
Disks are placed on the tiles face down and are turned over when a player lands on them. These could be adversaries, allies, security or items. You will need to use your skills to deal with these. Victory points are awarded for certain successful skill checks, such as defeating an adversary. At the end of the game, the person with the most victory points is considered the winner and can advance their created character on (if they were playing with one).
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