Quick Ass Game System 2nd Eddition

Name:QAGS - The Quick Ass Game System 2nd Edition

Art: englisches Universal-Grundregelwerk
96 DIN A4-Seiten, farbiges Softcover

ISBN: 0-97148-126-1

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It's been five years since we released QAGS. With our stock levels of QAGS running low, the Hex Staff was faced with an important decision: Do we print up another batch that's just the same? Or do we expand and improve QAGS and release a whole new edition? Even though we knew the latter option would be much more time-consuming, we decided it would be worth it. We've had plenty of ideas on how to improve QAGS since releasing the 1st Edition. And don't our fans deserve the very best?

Why Should I Play QAGS?
Because you're not just sexy, you're smart. And you're too busy to spend a lot of time learning an elaborate gaming system that requires a lot of number-crunching and cross-referencing charts. You want to have fun, and you want it now. When we say "Quick Ass," we mean it--once you read the character creation rules, you'll be able to make up a character in five minutes or less, and start play soon after that. The rules are simple enough that you can keep the game running smoothly without consulting any charts.

QAGS is designed for cinematic role-playing. QAGS games are fast-paced and exciting. Don't get us wrong, though--by cinematic we don't just mean action movies. If it's done well, a courtroom drama can be more exciting than a Jackie Chan movie. In fact, QAGS is flexible enough to accommodate any genre, whether or not that genre appears in movies. Western, Kung Fu, Super-Hero, Gothic Romance, Shakespearean Tragedy . . . QAGS can do it all.

Not only can you vary your genre, but you can also choose from a wide variety of moods and tones for your games. Your game can be silly or serious, a three-hour session made up on the fly or a three-year epic that explores the absurdity of the human condition. Whatever you choose, QAGS will meet your needs. So quit wasting time reading the web page and order your copy today!

QAGS 2nd Edition Features:
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