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Before books start

0 AB
approximate end of the breaking. Last male AS dies
200 AB
Toman Calendar adopted
300 AB
Covenant of 10 nations founded
212 AB - 373 AB
Caraighan Macomar, legendary green lives (161 years)
335 AB - 336 AB
Raolain Darksbane is a false dragon
~1000 AB
Trolloc Wars start, fall of Barsine
~1150 AB
Aridhol falls (this could be as late as 1200 but no later)
~1200 AB
Manetheron falls, Tetsuan deposed
1251 AB - 1301 AB
Rashima Kerenmosa is Amyrlin Seat (born 1150 AB, lives 151 years)
1300 AB - 1308 AB
Yurian Stonebow is false dragon
sometime during the 1300's AB
end of Trolloc Wars
The Aiel history does not have years in particular but a family tree does exist.
When aged 25 the bore is drilled. About to marry at this time.
Coumin, Charn's great, greatson
When aged 16 the bore is sealed
Jonai, Coumin's son
When aged 63 the Aiel leave Paaren Disen
Adan, Jonai's son
When aged 10 the Aiel leave Paaren Disen
Lewin, Marind's son and Adan's greatson
Takes up the spear probably about age 20. When aged 6 some of the Aiel split off to become Tinkers.
Jeordam, Lewin's son
At age 18 meets Morin who becomes the first Maiden.
Rhodric, Jeordam's greatson
crosses Dragonwall. Hears that Tar Valon is being built when aged 19.
Comran, Rhodric's greatson
trade with Ogier started
Mandein, Comran's greatson
The treaty of Rhuidean occurs when he is 40
Assuming that a generation is about 25 years (not a good assumption in the Age of Legends), this means that at least 65 years passed between the opening of the bore and the closing. Another 70 years or so must have passed between the closing and the destruction of Paaren Disen, the creation of the Eye of the World, and the Stone of Tear. About 45 years before the Tinkers split off and another 10 or 15 before some Aiel took up the spear. Another 100 years or so before the Aiel cross the Dragonwall and hear that Tar Valon is being built.
FY 0
End of Trolloc Wars
FY 351
Daviam is false dragon
FY 939 - 943
Guaire Amalason is false dragon
FY 943 - 994
Artur Hawkwing is high kin
FY 975 - 994
Siege of Tar Valon
FY 992
Bonwhin deposed, Artur Hawkwing sends an army across the sea
FY 992 - 1084
Deane Aryman is Amyrlin Seat (born 920, lives 164 years)
FY 994 - 1117
hundred years war, ways start to darken

0 NE (= FY 1117)
end of hundred years war
306 NE
Serenia Latar, Amyrlin Seat, hung by Whitecloaks
526 NE
Corianin, last tower dreamer, dies
566 NE
Tree given to Cairhien by Aiel
588 NE
~600 NE (+-50 years)
Last hunt for the horn called (before start of books)
~700 NE (+-50 years)
Cemaile Sorenthaine, the Amyrlin Seat, had grand plans which came to naught
705 NE
Cadsuane reputed to have been born
~860 NE
last time an Aes Sedai formally stilled
~930 NE
Verin starts something.
953 NE
Lan born, Malkier destroyed
956 NE
Moiraine born
960 NE
Fifth treaty of Falme between Tarabon and Arad Doman
962 NE
Geofram Bornhald becomes a Whitecloak (TGH, ch5. page 72)
969 NE
Lan starts his war against the blight
971 NE
Luc disappears
972 NE
Moiraine becomes a novice, Tigraine disappears. Logain born.
973 NE
Nynaeve born (she is 26 very late in 999NE according to LoC)
976 - 978 NE
Aiel War
978 NE
Rand, Perrin, and Mat born probably late in the year. Lamon killed.
979 NE
Moiraine bonds Lan. The Amyrlin Seat, Tamra Ospenya, killed by Jarna Malari.
981 NE
Egwene born, probably in the first half of the year (she is 18 very early in 1000NE according to aCoS and about 2 years younger than Rand according to tGH).
Jarna Malari killed by Ishamael. Alviarin becomes head of the black ajah.
984 NE
about this time Pevara becomes a red sitter
985 NE
About this time Teslyn becomes a red sitter. Seaini becomes a white sitter about this time.
985 NE (or 988?)
Siuan raised to the Amyrlin Seat.
996 NE
Spring, Tinkers discover a party of dying Aiel in the waste
998 NE
books start

The Eye of the World

This book (minus the prologue) starts on Winternight of 998NE. Days reckoned from dawn to dawn.
Day 0
Winternight - Rand and Tam visit Emond's Field. That evening their farm and the village are attacked by Trollocs.
Day 1
Bel Tine - At dawn Rand, dragging his father, arrives at Emond's Field. That evening, Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Egwene leave with Thom, Moiraine, and Lan. Before dawn they cross the Taren. Moon only a 'thin slice less than full' (ch. 10, p. 146).
Day 2
Party heads towards Baerlon
Day 7
Party arrives at Baerlon towards evening
Day 8
Nynaeve joins the party. Party leaves Baerlon in the night. Moon in its last quarter (ch. 17, p. 251)
Day 11
Attacked by trollocs, take refuge in Shadar Logoth, party splits. Moon 'last thin sliver before the new moon' (ch. 19, p 291). [however moon shouldn't even be visible at that time of night in that phase].
I can't judge accurately how much time after this point but can give some vague estimates. Perrin and Egwene spend at least three days of travelling before meeting Elyas (ch. 23). Meet Elyas in the evening and travel with him for three days before meeting the tinkers (ch. 25) in the afternoon ('first thin sliver of a new moon' that evening) [don't ask me how a minimum of six days from the last of the old moon to the first of the new moon]. Several days with the tinkers and several more days travelling alone with Elyas. Egwene and Perrin are captured on the night of a full moon (ch. 30, p. 443 'clouds hid the full moon'). They are rescued (ch. 38) on the night of a slithered, waning moon) by Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve. Lan comments that the have a 'few hard days' of travelling before reaching Caemlyn.

For Rand, Mat, and Thom, there is first the river voyage towards Whitebridge, which takes at least 10 days (Bayle Domon remarks after seeing the metal tower that 'We be ten days from Whitebridge at the rate we go'). After Whitebridge the boys are on their own. First night they sleep under bushes after that either sleeping under bushes or at farmhouses for at least four days (ch. 31, p. 462, they are asked to leave one farm, three days earlier they had been chased off, and we know the first day they didn't work). After working at the Grinwell's the boys start playing the inns in the evening (first night at Arien, next morning a ride in Eazeil Forney's cart). This lasts for a few days at least also.

Day A0
Rand and Mat arrive at Four Kings. Approached by Howal Gode, darkfriend, at The Dancing Cartman. Rand channels.
Day A1
Alpert Mull gives them a lift and two scarves. Stay at Rulan Allwine's inn in Market Sheran.
Day A2
Meet Paitr, a darkfriend, at breakfast. Stay at The Queen's Man that evening (in the barn since Rand has a reaction).
Day A3
Meet a female darkfriend in the morning. Hyam Kinch gives them a ride. Pass through Carysford that evening and sleep in a haystack.
Day A4
walking. See a fade in the evening. Almen Bunt gives them a ride.
Day A5
Arrive at Caemlyn at dawn.
Rand and Mat spend at least three days in Caemlyn before the rest arrive.

Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Lan arrive in Whitebridge the day after Rand and Mat. Moiraine senses that Perrin has lost and regain his coin after Whitebridge (ch. 37).

Conclusions: I guess that it takes slightly over a lunar month from the attack at Shadar Logoth till the reunion in Caemlyn. This is mostly because of the moon which is in its last quarter at Shadar Logoth and again last quarter when Perrin and Egwene are rescued. A few days after the rescue the group is reunited (among other things Perrin still has some of his bruises).

The rest of the book is dicey for other reasons. Time does not run the same within the Ways as outside but assuming it does.

Day B0
Rand watches Logain paraded through Caemlyn. Meets Elayne. Reunion of the party that evening.
Day B1
Enter the Ways at dawn.
Day B2
Late in the day the hear the Black Wind.
Day B3
Leave the Ways at dawn. Arrive at Fal Dara
Day B4
Leave Fal Dara for the Blight. Camp near the Seven Towers
Day B5
Find the Eye of the World. Victory at Tarwin's Gap.
Day B6
Leave the now destroyed Eye of the World.
Day B7
Arrive late afternoon back at Fal Dara.
Day B14
Last scene of the book.

The Great Hunt

This book starts about one month after the last book (Lan says in ch. 1 "A month since you said you were going, and I thought you would be three weeks gone by now."). The moon is probably waxing since the scene with Bayle Domon in chapter 9 (page 154) has a waxing moon. That scene also takes place in early summer a few days before the feast of Teven (and the setting out of the Great Hunt). Chapter 5 (page 71), also has a waxing moon when Bornhald leads his men across Tarabon. Bornhald must have made great speed to get from Caemlyn (probably about the same time as Perrin did) to Amador to Tarabon in about a month and a half. This assumes that the scenes with Bornhald and Domon are at about the same time as the scenes in Fal Dara.
Day -1
Moiraine arrives back in Fal Dara.
Day 0
Rand fences with Lan. The Amyrlin Seat arrives at Fal Dara. Ingtar arrives back. The horn and dagger are stolen and Fain escapes.
Day 1
Rand is told he is the Dragon. Ingtar leads the hunt to recover the horn; Rand, Perrin, and Mat go with him. The Amyrlin leaves Fal Dara with Egwene and Nynaeve. Verin gives the girls a lesson that night.
Day 2, 3, 4, and 5
Ingtar's party chases the Trollocs.
Day 6
Ingtar's party reaches the Erinn and cross it in the morning.
Day 7
Rand, Hurin, and Loial find themselves elsewhere. Rand has an encounter with Ba'alzamon. Perrin becomes Ingtar's 'sniffer'. Verin joins Ingtar's party.
Day 8
Rand's party meets Selene and escape back to the world.
At this point time becomes a bit vague. The Amyrlin's party takes at least five days (time enough for lessons by Verin, Alanna, Alviarin, and Liandrin; we don't know if other Aes Sedai might have given lessons) to get to the Mora so assume they arrive Day 5. They then discover that Moiraine has been gone two days and that Verin and Liandrin left shortly afterwards. Verin must have made remarkably good speed (and know exactly where she was going) to get from the Amyrlin's party (which was heading west) to Ingtar's party (which was heading south-east) in four days.

We don't know how much time the Amyrlin's party took on the river voyage back to Tar Valon. Nor for that matter how much time Rand's party spent in the mountains waiting for Fain and/or Ingtar.

Day A0
Rand recovers the horn. The 'moon not far past full' (ch. 19, page 286).
Day A1
Rand's party camped
Day A2
Rand sees the giant statue. Selene leaves
Day A3
Rand arrives at Cairhien. Rand finds Thom. Fireworks 'accident'.
Day A9
A week passes (ch. 31, page 450). Fains steals horn back. Mat, Perrin, and Ingtar arrive.
Day A10
Dinner at Barthanes, 'thin waning moon' (ch. 33, page 473). Barthanes and Dena killed.
Day A11
Riots in Cairhien. Rand leaves for Stedding Tsofu.
Day A12
Rand arrives at Stedding Tsofu, uses Portal Stone. Arrives late Autumn and according to Verin 'easily spent four months' (page 533, ch. 37).
I judge that Jordan is using a 7 day week in this book as a 10 day week as described in Lord of Chaos's glossary does not make sense (for instance a 10 day week would mean that 13 days passed between a moon just past full and a thin waning moon which seems a bit long). Also Lan's statement that he expected Rand to be three weeks gone (i.e, 30 days if a 10 day week) after hearing him say a month ago (28 days) that he was leaving does not make sense.

Egwene and Nynaeve arrive at Tar Valon and spend a few days as guests before becoming Novice and Accepted officially.

Day B0
(ch. 38, page 536) Egwene and Nynaeve have spent 13 weeks in Tar Valon and it is approaching Autumn (again a 10 day week doesn't make sense as 130 days from early summer leads to mid autumn not early autumn). Liandrin talks to Egwene and Nynaeve.
Day B1
Liandrin leads Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Min into the Ways
Day B3
Liandrin betrays the girls to Suroth. Egwene and Min captured. Nynaeve and Elayne escape.
The final days have to do with Egwene's rescue. Egwene has obviously been captive for some time as it is now late autumn.
~Day C-6
Rand and company arrive by Portal Stone.
~Day C-3
three days later the party is two days from Falme.
Day C0
Nynaeve and Elayne meet up with Min and talk to Bayle Domon about escape. Perrin is seen by Geofram Bornhald and Fain's trail finally found.
Day C1
Nynaeve frees Egwene. Rand and party recapture the horn. Battle at Falme
Day C6
Last scene of book. Rand five days east of Falme.
Summing up: The events of the book probably start about early June shortly before the summer solstice (and over 2 and a half months since Bel Tine which seems to indicate that Bel Tine is near the Spring Equinox). Several references are made to early summer but Sunday (the summer solstice) has not yet happened. By mid or late June at the latest Nynaeve and Egwene arrive at the tower and spend thirteen weeks there. This means they follow Liandrin in mid to late September. Rand's party uses the portal stone in late June, I would guess, and spend at least four months and arrive late Autumn which means they arrive at Toman Head in late October or November. Almost certainly the book ends in November.

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

This book starts about a month after the last book.
Day 0
Bubbles of Evil. Rand wounded
Day 1
Egwene and Elayne meet Rand.
Day 3
Lanfear shows up, attack by Trollocs in the Stone, news from Two Rivers.
Day 4
Departures from Tear. Rand, Mat, and Egwene arrive in Rhuidean. Faile and Perrin enter Waygate. Elayne and Nynaeve take ship for Tarabon.
Day 5
Perrin and party arrive in the Mountains of Mist.
Day 8
Perrin and party find the al'Thor farm burnt, full moon
Day 9
Perrin and party arrive Emond's Field. Meet Verin, Alanna, Tam, and Abell.
Day 10
Perrin rescues the Cauthons and Luhhans from the Whitecloaks
Day 11
Rand and Mat return from Rhuidean at the dawn. That night Egwene meets Elayne in T'A'R and is caught by Amys.
Day 12
Rand and party leave for Cold Rocks Hold. Meet Kadere the peddler. Camp at Imre Stand. That night attacked by Trollocs
Day 14
Elayne and Nynaeve arrive at Tanchico
Day 17
Perrin visits family graves. Perrin's band attacked by trollocs and stay in a tinker encampment that night.
Day 18
Perrin returns to Emonds Field and is healed by Alanna. Elayne meets Egwene and the Wise Ones in T'A'R. Tinkers attacked in the night by trollocs.
Day 19
Loial and Gaul leave at dawn for the waygate. First major trolloc attack on Emonds Field. Tinkers arrive at Emonds Field. Whitecloaks try arresting Perrin. Elayne and Nynaeve rescued by Egeanin. Moghedien comes to their residence.
Day 20
Amathera invested as Panarch
Day 24
Rand's party arrives at Cold Rocks Hold. Attacked in the night.
Day 25
Egeanin revealed as Seanchan. Nynaeve meets with Wise Ones in T'A'R (Day 26 for Egwene since dawn there). Nynaeve realizes that Moghedien is active and meets Birgitte. That night Loial and Gaul return. Perrin wounds Slayer in T'A'R and marries Faile. Faile leaves for Watch Hill.
Day 26
Panarch rescued by Nynaeve and Elayne. Nynaeve fights Moghedien. Final attack by trollocs on Emonds Field; aid from Deven's Ride and Watch Hill defeats them.
Day 27
Rand arrives at Alcair Dal, defeats Asmodean.
Sometime between days 19 and 24 Siuan is probably deposed at Amyrlin Seat and stilled.

The Fires of Heaven

This book starts about 30 days after the last book ends. I'm calculating each day as starting at dawn. Note that the Wise Ones meet with either Elayne or Nynaeve every seven days.
Day 0
Chosen arbitrarily. Elayne or Nynaeve meet with Egwene and the Wise Ones. Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom, and Juilin still in Tarabon. Egwene at Rhuidean
Day 5
Nynaeve's party crosses the border to Amadicia. Nynaeve and Elayne caught by an yellow eyes and ears in Mardecin and escape. Change disguises.
Day 6
Nynaeve's party skirts Amador and spend the night in Bellon.
Some time between Days 1 and 7
Rand leads the Aiel out of Rhuidean
Day 7
Nynaeve's party arrive at Sienda. Nynaeve meets with the Wise Ones and Egwene. Nynaeve later that same night has a distasteful meeting with Egwene. Learn that Siuan has been deposed.
Day 8
Nynaeve and Elayne meet Galad. Change disguise and join the circus.
Day 10
Moghedien reveals herself to Liandrin's group. Rand's forces arrive at Taien and are attacked that night.
Day 14
Rand's forces arrive at Selean. Elayne meets the Wise Ones and Egwene. Egwene later nearly caught by Moghedien.
On either Day 15 or Day 16
Rand's forces arrive at Eianrod. Isendre murdered. Rand and Aviendha take a detour to Seanchan. Rand hears from Cairhien (7 days journey away for the Aiel)
Day 21
Elayne meets with the Wise Ones and Egwene.
Day 22
Birgitte ripped from the pattern. Moghedien injured. Liandrin permanently shielded by Moghedien and left in Amador.
Day 23
Day before the battle of Cairhien. Nynaeve's party cross the river to Samara. Nynaeve meets Galad and Masema and makes arrangements for a boat.
Day 24
Battle of Cairhien.
Day 25
Rand enters Cairhien. Egwene speaks to Nynaeve and Elayne in their dreams.
Day 26
Nynaeve's party gets the boat and start downstream
Day 28
Nynaeve's party arrives at Boannda. Nynaeve and Elayne meet Egwene and the Wise Ones.
Day 31
Nynaeve's party arrives at Salidar
Day 34
Rand receives letters from the tower. Learns that Morgase is dead.
Day 35
Moiraine and Lanfear disappear, presumed dead. Egwene severely injured. Rand kills Rahvin in Caemlyn. Asmodean dies. Bashere meets Rand. Nynaeve captures Moghedien.

Lord of Chaos

This book starts about 40 days after the last book ends (month and a half after Egwene injured). I'm calculating each day as starting at dawn.
Day 0
Mazrim Taim shows up at Caemlyn and installed at farm
Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group
Day 6
Elayne, Nynaeve, and Sheriam's council practice in T'A'R
Day 7
Alanna bonds Rand
Tarna Feir shows up at Salidar
Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group
Day 10
Nynaeve eavesdrops on Sheriam's group. Nynaeve and Elayne find the bowl in T'A'R. Bubble of evil in Salidar
Egwene caught in Gawyn's dream
Day 11
Tarna Feir leaves Salidar
Day 12
Rand meets Dyelin, receives a messenger from Sammael, and goes to Cairhien
Day 13
Rand returns to Caemlyn, meets Elder Haman, and goes to Shadar Logoth
Day 14
Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group
Day 19
Tar Valon delegation arrives at Cairhien
Day 20
Egwene runs into Gawyn
Day 21
Rand attacked by Whitecloaks under Padan Fain's control, goes to Cairhien, and meets the delegation from Tar Valon for the first time.
Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group
Day 22
Rand returns to Caemlyn and attacked by a gray man.
Nynaeve heals Logain, Siuan, and Leane.
Day 28
Egwene meets her toh, goes to Salidar, and is chosen as Amyrlin Seat
Rand learns where Elayne is and sends Mat after her.
Day 29
Egwene formally presented as Amyrlin seat, Nynaeve and Elayne become Aes Sedai.
Mat starts heading to Salidar
Salidar Aes Sedai arrive at Caemlyn
Day 32
Mat arrives at Salidar
Perrin arrives at Caemlyn
Demira attacked
Day 35
Mat, Nynaeve, and Elayne head for Ebou Dar
Egwene and the Salidar Aes Sedai head north.
Day 37
Thirteen Aes Sedai in Caemlyn, Rand goes to Cairhien
Day 38
Sevanna leaves Aiel camp outside Caemlyn
Day 39
Mat, Nynaeve, and Elayne arrive at Ebou Dar
Day 40
Note from Tar Valon delegation asking to meet Rand
Day 43
Note from Tar Valon delegation asking to meet Rand
Day 46
Note from Tar Valon delegation asking to meet Rand, Rand accepts.
Day 47
Rand and Min captured by Tar Valon delegation
Day 51
Egwene meets with Nynaeve and Elayne in T'A'R. Logain escapes. About this time Myrelle finds Lan.
Day 53
Feast of Lights, Rand discovered to be missing
Day 54
New year (1000 NE), Perrin starts out after Rand
Day 60
Two Rivers men and nine of the Salidar Embassy join Perrin
Day 63
Dumai Wells, also CoS prologue
I'm having some problems with when Rand was discovered missing. Sulin has served a month and a half or nearly four and a half weeks (42 days or 45 days), yet she started acting as a servant on day 13 (40 days previous by straight incident counting). On the other hand the first night Perrin is out from Cairhien has a waxing first quarter moon while day 28 has a waxing 3/4 moon (hence about 21 days has passed between but 26 by straight incident counting).

A Crown of Swords

I'll continue the count from the previous book
Day 44
Myrelle meets up with Lan
Day 54
New Year, Perrin leaves Cairhien to find Rand.
Day 55
Colavaere crowned queen of Cairhien at dawn
Day 63
Dumai Wells
That night Moghedien escapes and Egwene warns Elayne and Nynaeve. Egwene also talks to Amys.
Day 64
Start of the book. Rand returns to Cairhien and that evening goes to Caemlyn.
Theodrin and Faolain swear fealty to Egwene. Egwene confronts Myrelle and sends Lan to Ebou Dar. Elayne and Nynaeve meet the Seafolk.
Day 65
Cadsuane meets Rand. Rand learns of Colavaere's and Fel's deaths. Comforts Min.
Swovan night. Elayne and Nynaeve apologize to Mat. Mat moves to palace.
Moghedien sent on her way to Ebou Dar.
Day 66
Sammael and Graendal meet Sevanna. Perrin, Berelain, and company head to Ghealdan
Day 67
Day 68
Festival of Birds. Nynaeve meets and marries Lan. Elayne confronts the Kin (6 nights till half moon)
Day 69
That night Elaida discovers Rand is freed.
Elayne and company get the bowl of winds. Seanchan start attack on Ebou Dar
Day 70
Elaida sets Seaine to hunt treachery. Min pulls Rand out of his funk (4 days to half moon). Rand meets the seafolk. Rand injured
Day 71
Day 72
Galina arrives at Sevanna's camp.
Day 73
(Rand two days after injury) Rand attacks Sammael.