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Some of the dates you'll see here are mildly supported conjecture. All of them are the result of too much time on my hands. I have added citations for all the dates (in hardcover except for LoC).

c. -490 AB
Graendal begins work with mentally disturbed (LoC, 182)
c. -410 AB
Mesaana born (LoC, 60)
Grand Passions Cycle with March of Death composed (tFoH, 75)
c. -375 AB
Moghedien born (tSR, 630)
c. -165 AB
Bore drilled into Dark One's prison
c. -110 AB
War of the Shadow (War of Power) begins (tEotW, xii)
c - 109 AB
Both sides stop using balefire (LoC, 5)
c. -102 AB
Latra Posae Decume secures "Fateful Concord" among all female Aes Sedai (tSaSG)
Work begins on 2 giant sa'angreal (tSaSG)
c. -100 AB
War of the Shadow ends with attack on Shayol Ghul (tEotW, xii)
Breaking of the World begins (tEotW, xii)
Lews Therin Telamon dies when Dragonmount formed (tEotW, xiii)
c. -25 AB
Da'shain entrusted with ter'angreal
Eye of the World created, Someshta becomes guard
Tzora, Paaren Disen destroyed
Ways created (tEotW, 544)
c. 0 AB
Breaking of the World ends when last male Aes Sedai dies
c. 20 AB
Tuatha'an split from Da'shain
c. 35 AB
Aiel split from Jenn/Da'shain
c. 65 AB
First Maiden of the Spear
c. 115 AB
Aiel follow Jenn into Waste, leave Cairhien
c. 120 AB
Tar Valon begins construction
c. 175 AB
Aiel begin trading with Ogier
c. 200 AB
Toma dur Ahmid's calendar adopted (tEotW, 658)
Rosel of Essam writes about pre-Breaking book about Shadow (tDR, 186)
212 AB
Caraighan Maconar born (LoC, 994)
c. 235 AB
Aiel clan chiefs begin visiting Rhuidean
c. 250 AB
Covenant of the Ten Nations (Almoren?, Aridhol, Coremanda, Dal Calain, Eharon, Essenia, Hol Cuchone, Jaramide, Manetheren, Shaemal) formed by Mabriam en Shereed (tEotW, 661/tGH, 583)
c. 300 AB
The Prophecies of the Dragon translated by Lord Marngore Kiramin (ACoS, closing)
c. 325 AB
Comaelle rules Jaramide (tSR, opening)
Commentaries on the Karaethon Cycle written by Sereine dar Shamelle Motara (tSR, opening)
335-6 AB
Raolin Darksbane proclaimed Dragon (tGH, 585)
373 AB
Caraighan dies (LoC, 994)
c. 400 AB
Raidhen rules Hol Cuchone (tFoH, opening)
c. 425 AB
Aes Sedai give up on trying to find methods for controlling male channelers (tGH, 304)
c. 475 AB
Waygate near stedding in Blight only one ever destroyed (tSR, 490)
c. 550 AB
Maecine rules Eharon, fights Aelgari (tFoH, 279)
742 AB
Commentaries on the Prophecies of the Dragon written by Jurith Dorine (tDR, opening)
c. 1000 AB-c. 1315 AB (FY 0)
Trolloc Wars (tEotW, 668)
c. 1000 AB
City of Barsine destroyed by Trollocs (LoC, 145)
c. 1150 AB
Rashima Kerenmosa born (LoC, 1004)
c. 1175 AB
Aridhol is consumed by Mashadar (tEotW, 244)
c. 1190 AB
Queen Rhea kills King Caar of Manetheren then herself (tEotW, 244)
Fall of Aleth-lorien (tEotW, 244)
c. 1200 AB
City and nation of Manetheren destroyed (tEotW, 110/113)
Amyrlin Tetsuan deposed and stilled (tGH, 53)
1251 AB
Rashima raised to the Amyrlin Seat (LoC, 1004)
c. 1300-8 AB
Yurian Stonebow proclaimed Dragon (tGH, 585)
1301 AB
Rashima dies at Battle of Maighande (LoC, 1004)
c. FY 20
Tiam of Gazar's calendar gains acceptance (tEotW, 658)
FY 273
Stedding Sherandu swallowed by Blight (LoC, 451)
c. FY 325
Comadrin leads armies, writes book (LoC, 167)
FY 351
Davian proclaimed Dragon (tGH, 585)
c. FY 750
The Prophecies of the Dragon translated by Kyera Termendal (ACoS, opening)
c. FY 920
Deane Aryman born (LoC, 996)
FY 939-43
Guaire Amalasan proclaimed Dragon; War of the Second Dragon (tGH, 585; tDR, 594)
FY 943-94
Artur (Hawkwing) Paendrag Tanreall rules (tGH, 589)
c. FY 950
Elora daughter of Amar daughter of Coura writes Men of Fire and Women of Air (LoC, 948)
FY 975-94
Siege of Tar Valon (LoC, 996)
FY 989
Work begins on Artur Hawkwing statue (tEotW, 367)
FY 992
Armies under Luthair Paendrag Mondwin sent across Aryth Ocean (tGH, 589)
Amyrlin Bonwhin deposed and stilled
Deane raised to Amyrlin Seat (LoC, 996)
FY 993
Souran Maravaile takes command of Tar Valon siege (LoC, 528)
FY 994-FY 1117 (0 NE)
War of the Hundred Years (tEotW, 669)
FY 994
Andor becomes kingdom under Ishara when Prov. Governor Endara Casalain abdicates (LoC, 528)
FY 1017
Souran killed (LoC, 78)
FY 1077
Esmara Getares attempts to become High Queen, succeeds until defeat by Queen Telaisien of Andor (LoC, 528)
FY 1084
Deane dies (LoC, 996)
FY 1107
Narasim Bhuran attempts to become High King (LoC, 528)
31 NE
Stedding Chandar swallowed by Blight (LoC, 451)
231 NE
Karaethon Cycle translated by Ellaine Marise'idin Alshinn (tGH, opening)
c. 300 NE
Andor defeats Tear at Battle of Cuallin Dhen (tDR, 152)
306 NE
Whitecloaks hang Amyrlin Serenia Latar's body (LoC, 613)
c. 400 NE
Stedding Tsofu rediscovered (LoC, 450)
Soran Milo writes Killers of the Black Veil, includes peddler's description of Rhuidean (tSR, 250)
Serden son of Kolom son of Radlin writes on Ways (LoC, 855)
476 NE
Corianin Nedeal takes possession of ring ter'angreal (tDR, 191)
c. 500 NE
Carallain, Goaban fade away (tGH, 583; tGH, 588)
526 NE
Corianin dies (tDR, 592)
566 NE
Avendoraldera given to Cairhien by Aiel (tDR, 582)
Cairhien given right to cross Waste to Shara (tDR, 372)
588 NE
Reanne Corly born (ACoS, 502)
c. 600 NE
Hunt for the Horn declared in Illian (tEotW, 330)
Goshien and Shaarad blood feud begins (tDR, 364)
Passing Warders' bonds (especially against will) falls out of favor (tGH, 272)
c. 650 NE
Ways become totally dark
c. 700 NE
Arad Doman and Tarabon begin fighting for control over Almoth Plain (tGH, 45)
Tear finishes collecting angreal for Great Holding, obtain redstone doorway (tSR, 95)
Harad Dakar abandoned (tGH, 153)
Cemaile Sorenthaine serves as Amyrlin Seat (ACoS, 15)
Ledar son of Shandin son of Koimal writes A Study of Men, Women and the One Power Among Humans (LoC, 948)
c. 705 NE
Cadsuane Melaidhrin born (ACoS, 671)
c. 770 NE
Nakai and Taardad blood feud begins (tSR, 393)
c. 800 NE
Andor abandons claim to Braem Wood (tFoH, 680)
Daughters of Silence briefly gather Tower runaways (ACoS, 481)
Harad Dakar completely dismantled (tGH, 153)
c. 850 NE
Andor ceases exerting power over Two Rivers (tEotW, 512)
859 NE
Last stilling of an Aes Sedai before Sanche and Sharif (ACoS, 681)
c. 900 NE
Sereille Bagand raised to Amyrlin Seat (ACoS, 512)
Pevara, Seaine Herimon become Aes Sedai (ACoS, 515)
Cairhien abandons claim to Hardan (tGH, 154)
908 NE
Loial born (tEotW, 461)
c. 910 NE
Galina Casban becomes Aes Sedai (ACoS, 623)
c. 915 NE
Galina joins Black Ajah (ACoS, 623)
922 NE
Kirin Nelway raised to Amyrlin Seat (RJ letter to Carolyn Fusinato)
c. 925 NE
Merana Ambrey becomes Aes Sedai (ACoS, 335)
c. 930 NE
Verin Mathwin begins work on project (LoC, 284)
c. 935 NE
Alanna Mosvani born (LoC, 770)
946 NE
A Journey to Tarabon written by Eurian Romavni (tSR, 141)
948 NE
Gareth Bryne born (tFoH, 338)
950 NE
Noane Mosadim raised to Amyrlin Seat (RJ letter to Carolyn Fusinato)
952 NE
Lain Mandragoran dies (tEotW, 596)
Isam Mandragoran born (tEotW, 596)
953 NE
al'Lan Mandragoran born (LoC, 1000)
Malkier swallowed by the Blight (LoC, 1000)
Merana Ambrey becomes senior negotiator for Gray Ajah (LoC, 774)
c. 955 NE
Padan Fain becomes Darkfriend (tEotW, 598)
956 NE
Moiraine Damodred, Morgase Trakand born (tFoH, 249)
958 NE
Siuan Sanche born (LoC, 662)
959 NE
Verin begins studying fragment from pre-Breaking book about Shadow (tDR, 187)
960 NE
Daerid born (LoC, 148)
Lelaine becomes Sitter for Blue Ajah
961 NE
Fifth Treaty of Falme negotiated by Merana (LoC, 767)
962 NE
Geofram Bornhald becomes Child of the Light (tGH, 72)
966 NE
Martyn Tallanvor born (tFoH, 683)
968 NE
The Travels of Jain Farstrider published
969 NE
Lan begins war against Shadow (LoC, 1000)
c. 970 NE
Pedron Niall leads Whitecloaks against Altara, Illian, and Murandy during Whitecloak War
Janduin ends blood feud between Nakai and Taardad (tSR, 393)
Salidar abandoned
970 NE
Morgase goes to White Tower (tFoH, 249)
971 NE
Luc Mantear vanishes (tGH, 590)
972-3 NE
Third War of Andoran Succession
972 NE
Logain Ablar, Galadedrid Damodred, Tenobia born (ACoS, 676; tEotW; tSR, 649)
Tigraine Damodred vanishes (tEotW, 668)
Moiraine goes to White Tower (LoC, 1001)
973 NE
Nynaeve al'Meara born (LoC, 846)
Elaida becomes advisor to Morgase during Succession (tSR, 29)
Morgase takes throne of Andor (tDR, 463)
Amys gives up spear to become Wise One (tSR, 392)
Tamra Ospenya raised to Amyrlin Seat (RJ letter to Carolyn Fusinato)
974 NE
Nicola Treehill born
975 NE
Talmanes Delovinde, Areina Nermasiv born (tFoH, 489; LoC, 305)
976-8 NE
Aiel War (tEotW, 660)
976 NE
Elmindreda Farshaw born
977 NE
Enaila, Amico Nagoyin, Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, Mili Skane, Gawyn Trakand born (tFoH, 692; tDR, 235; tSR, 57; aCoS, 284; LoC, 42)
978 NE
Rand al'Thor, Aram, Perrin t'Bashere Aybara, Matrim Cauthon, Havien Nurelle born (tGH, 109; ACoS; tEotW, 94; LoC, 952)
Battle of the Shining Walls (tGH, 108)
Gitara Moroso dies (tGH, 109)
Moiraine and Siuan Sanche become Aes Sedai (tFoH, 214)
Jain Charin "Farstrider" visits Stedding Shangtai (tEotW, 537)
Brandelwyn al'Vere becomes Mayor of Emond's Field (tEotW, 9)
979 NE
Lan bonded by Moiraine (LoC, 1000)
Sierin Vayu raised to Amyrlin Seat (tFoH, 214)
Sarene Nemdahl becomes Aes Sedai (LoC, 516)
980 NE
Faile ni Bashere t'Aybara born (LoC, 34)
981 NE
Aviendha, Egwene al'Vere, Elayne Trakand born (tDR, 360; tEotW, 35; tEotW, 499)
Galina becomes head of Red Ajah (LoC, 49)
Owyn Merrilin begins to channel (tGH, 327)
982 NE
Bodewhin Cauthon born (tSR, 165)
Min begins seeing visions
Katerine Alruddin becomes Aes Sedai (LoC, 49)
983 NE
Eldrin Cauthon, Jalani born (tSR, 165; LoC, 77)
Kari al'Thor dies (tEotW, 68)
984 NE
Ewin Finngar born (tEotW, 19)
Thomdril Merillin escapes Caemlyn (tDR, 465)
Marith Jaen raised to Amyrlin Seat (RJ letter to Carolyn Fusinato)
Pevara becomes Sitter for Red Ajah (ACoS, 517)
985 NE
Myrelle becomes Aes Sedai (LoC, 734)
Seaine, Teslyn become Sitters for White, Red Ajahs (ACoS, 517)
987 NE
Katerine joins Black Ajah (LoC, 49)
Nieda Sidoro becomes one of Moiraine's eyes-and-ears (tDR, 430)
988 NE
Siuan raised to Amyrlin Seat (tGH, 46)
989 NE
Pedron Niall becomes Lord Captain Commander of Children (tDR, xiv)
990 NE
Olver born (LoC, 159)
991 NE
Takima becomes Sitter for Brown Ajah (ACoS, 215)
993 NE
False Dragon proclaimed somewhere (tEotW, 30)
994 NE
Jain vanishes (tEotW, 663)
Hurin's sniffing talent manifests itself (tGH, 129)
995 NE
Fain begins "hunting" in Two Rivers (tEotW, 600)
Loial leaves Stedding Shangtai (tEotW, 533)
False Dragon Gorin Rogad burned alive in Illian (LoC, 96)
996 NE
Siuan orders Morgase to pull troops from Murandian border (tFoH, 180)
Tinker caravan meets dying Maiden in Waste (tEotW, 315)
997 NE
Logain proclaimed Dragon (tGH, 585)
Sareitha Tomares becomes Aes Sedai (ACoS, 296)

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