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Inhabitants of the Two Rivers

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Since I am somewhat of the brown persuasion, I've been creating a few
lists (such as the list of known Aes Sedai in the FAQ).  Here follows
another.  I suspect it is not complete but it should provide some
grist for those who like speculating.  

A list of all mentioned inhabitants of the Two Rivers

* - indicates either on village council or women's circle

Ahan, Kenley - joins Perrin, dies
Al'Azar, Kevrin
Al'Caar, Adan
Al'Caar, Nela
Al'Caar, Paet
Al'Caar, Wil - Paet's son
Al'Dai, Bili - joins Perrin, dies
Al'Dai, Hu - Bili's father
Al'Meara, Nynaeve* - wisdom
Al'Seen, Astelle - elderly
Al'Seen, Ban - joins Perrin, son of Jac
Al'Seen, Elisa - wife of Jac
Al'Seen, Jac - husband of Elisa, owns farm towards the Watch Hill
Al'Seen, Wil - joins Perrin, handsome
Al'Seen, Wit - farmer
Al'Taron, Dael - joins Perrin, dies
Al'Thor, Rand
Al'Thor, Tam* - Rand's father
Al'Vere, Brandelwyn* (Bran) - Mayor, Egwene's father
Al'Vere, Egwene - 
Al'Vere, Marin* - Egwene's mother
Aybara, Adora - Perrin's sister, dead in TSR
Aybara, Carlin - Perrin's uncle, husband of Neain, dead before start of story
Aybara, Deselle - Perrin's sister, dead in TSR
Aybara, Ealsin - Perrin's great aunt, dead in TSR
Aybara, Eward - Perrin's uncle, husband of Magde, dead in TSR along
  	with his 3 children 
Aybara, Jaim - a distant cousin of Perrin
Aybara, Magde - Eward's wife, dead in TSR
Aybara, Neain - Perrin's aunt, wife of Carlin, dead in TSR along with
  	her 2 children 
Aybara, Paetram (Paet) - Perrin's brother, dead in TSR
Aybara, Perrin
Aydaer, Jared - joins Perrin, dies
Aydaer, Pel
Ayellin, Dav
Ayellin, Milli
Ayellin, Neysa*
Barsteres, Jerinvar - Mayor of Watch Hill
Buie, Cenn* - thatcher
Candwin, Eward - cooper, name misspelt Edward in one location
Candwin, Ailys - has house near the Winespring
Cauthon, Abell - Mat's father
Cauthon, Bodewhin (Bode) - Mat's sister
Cauthon, Eldrin - Mat's sister
Cauthon, Matrim (Mat) 
Cauthon, Natti - Mat's mother
Chandin, Ren - joins Perrin, dies
Cole, Cilia
Congar, Bili
Congar, Daise* - wisdom after Nynaeve
Congar, Eward
Congar, Wit - Daise's husband
Coplin, Dag
Coplin, Darl - brother of Hari
Coplin, Ewal
Coplin, Hari - brother of Darl
Crawe, Ban
Crawe, Samel*
Dearn, Athan
Dowtry, Buel - Fletcher, name misspelt Dawtry 
Dowtry, Elam
Eldin, Get
Finngar, Ewin
Gaelin, Jon - farm north of the Al'Seen farm
Gaelin, Edelle - wisdom of Watch Hill
Garren, Colly - joins Perrin, dies
Hightower - ferry master 
Hu - stableman for the inn
Hurn, Rowan*
Lewin, Adine - wife of Flann
Lewin, Dannil - joins Perrin, brother of Tell, nephew of Flann
Lewin, Flann - husband of Adine
Lewin, Laila - wife of Natley (nee Dearn)
Lewin, Natley - husband of Laila
Lewin, Tell - joins Perrin, brother of Dannil, nephew of Flann
Lewin, Win
Luhhan, Alsbet* - Haral's wife
Luhhan, Haral* - blacksmith, Perrin's master
Marwin, Hu - joins Perrin, sent to help protect the Luhhans and
  	Cauthons when they were rescued and hence not with Perrin when
  	his group was attacked by Trollocs
Marwin, Teven - joins Perrin, dies
Padwhin, Tuck - carpenter
Tad - stableman for the inn
Thane, Berin - brother of Jon
Thane, Jaim
Thane, Jon* - brother of Berin, miller, former owner of Cloud
Thane, Lem
Torfinn, Jaim - joins Perrin, name misspelt Haim in one location, sent
  	to help protect the Luhhans and Cauthons when they were
  	rescued and hence not with Perrin when his group was attacked
  	by Trollocs
Torfinn, Leof - joins Perrin

(don't forget Verin drinks tea)
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