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[Aes Sedai]

Tentative listing of OP strength

This listing is intended to give an hierarchy of the strength of channelers, not to evolve into discussion about the exact capabilities of channelers etc.

Many thanks to Dave Rothgery, <daveroth@-SPAMSCHUTZ-WPI.ED> for his contributions.



Aes Sedai, Accepted or Novice
Sea Folk Windfinder
Aiel Wise One or Apprentice
Siuan and Leane are listed at their pre-stilled strength.

  1. Graendel [F], Lanfear [F], Mesaana [F], Moghedien [F], Nynaeve [A], Semirhage [F]
    This class probably needs to be expanded. It is very likely that Nynaeve is significantly stronger than Moghedien.
  2. Aviendha [W], Egwene [A], Elayne [A]
  3. Cadsuane [A], Nicola [A], Someryn [W]
    Graendel notes Someryn as "not neglible", and doesn't want to risk teaching her.
  4. Elaida [A], Garenia [K], Lelaine [A], Moiraine [A], Romanda [A], Siuan [A], Therava [W]
  5. Alanna [A], Amys [W], Bera [A], Galina [A], Kiruna [A], Kwamesa [A], Leane [A], Myrelle [A], Reanne [K], Sheriam [A], Theodrin [A], Verin [A]
    These are without doubt strong enough to Travel
  6. Alviarin [A], Anaiya [A], Beonin [A], Carlinya [A], Movrin [A]
    Alviarin might be level 5.
  7. Faolain [A], Melaine [W]
    These two might be level 6. Both are above average AS strength.


For purposes of evaluation, Mazrim Taim and Corlan Dashiva will be assumed to be who they claim to be. Asmodean is listed at his actual strength, not where Lanfear left him at the end of TSR. This listing is considerably more tentative than the one for the women. It is likely that additional classes will have to be inserted.
  1. Rand al'Thor, Ishamael, Lews Therin Telamon, (listed for historical reasons only)
  2. Sammael, Rahvin, Be'lal, Aginor (currently known as Osan'gar by some), Belthamel (currently known as Aran'gar or Halima), Demandred, Mazrim Taim, Corlan Dashiva, Asmodean, Moridin (minimum estimate)
  3. Logain, Narishma (just a guess)
  4. Jur Grady, Damer Flynn, Fedwin Morr, Hopwil Eben, other Asha'man with Rand
  5. J. Adley
Notice: No correlation between the female and the male strength level is implied!

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