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Guide to the Three-Fold Land

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		     Guide to the Three-Fold Land
			(aka The Complete Aiel)

[0.0] What are the Aiel? 
[1.0] The Three-Fold Land
[2.0] Aiel Society
[3.0] Septs, Clans, Holds
[4.0] Warrior Societies
[5.0] Aiel Customs
[6.0] Aiel Sayings
[7.0] The Telephone Book
[8.0] The Tourist's Guide to Speaking Aielish 
[9.0] The Car'a'carn

	The Aiel are the inhabitants of the Three-Fold Land (also
called the wastelands by others.) within the fantasy world created by
Robert Jordan for "The Wheel of Time" series. [Editor's note: this
will be the only reference made to the fact that the Aiel are all a
figment of your imagination (or probably a collective figment of all
Jordanites minds) -- for the rest of the text the world of the Aiel is
just another of the worlds connected by the "lines of If" that you can
use a Portal Stone to get to, or ride the next high to be in] 
	To find out more about how to access Portal Stones, refer to
Appendix A: "Travel Agencies specializing in the Three-Fold Land" 

[1.0] The Three-Fold Land
	The Three-Fold Land (3-FL) lies to the east of the major
Randland countries we are cognisant of. It is bordered on the west by
the Spine of the World, on the north by the blight, on the east by
Shara, and by the Sea of Storms to the south. As yet we do not know
anything at all about Shara, or the 3-FL's border with the blight.
This is in part due to the lack of cartographers willing to venture
into the aforementioned regions. 
	The 3-FL, to put it succintly, is a desert. It is arid and
hot, with a severe paucity of any kind of precipitation. 

[6.0]  Aiel Sayings

	The Aiel are no different from any other people.  They, like other
peoples  have their own phrases and sayings that are all their own.

Many of their sayings are about death and war.  Both of these things are
facts of life for the Aiel people and they consider death more of a lover
or a friend than a feared enemy.

	1.  Death comes for us all.  We can only choose how to face it
	    when it comes.

	2.  Dance of the spears.

	3.  Wedded to the spears - this is said about the Maidens, that
	    they are married to their spears just like other women marry men.

	4.  Life is a dream from which we all must wake before we can
	    dream again.

	5.  Dance with me - this is said during a battle to an enemy. 
	    (dance = fight)

Water and shade are as exceedingly important to the Aiel, since it is an
important aspect of survival in the harsh desert.

	6.  My water is yours.

	7.  May you always find water and shade.

	8.  May you find shade.

	9.  My water is yours, and the shade of my septhold will welcome you.

	10.  May I never know shade if I do [lie] - exceedingly strong oath.

If a person wishes to step beneath a roof, there are certain formulas that
need to be followed.

	11.  Clan chiefs say this when they ask leave to enter a roof:
		Clan Chief:  I ask leave to enter your hold, roofmistress.
		Roofmistress:  You have my leave, clan chief.

	12.  Sept chiefs say this:
		Sept chief:  Roofmistress, I ask leave to come beneath
			your roof.
		Roofmistress:  You have my leave .  Beneath my
			roof, there is water and shade for you.

	13.  Warriors and that type say this:
		May you always have water and shade, roofmistress.  I ask
			leave to defend your roof and hold.

	14.  This is said to one friendless and alone who asks to step
	     beneath a roof:
		You have my leave to step beneath my roof.  Water and
			shade willbe found for you.
There is one saying that describes the Aiel themselves.

	       person 1 - Til shade is gone, til water is gone, into the
			  Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with 
			  the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the
			  Last Day.

                person 2 - By my honor and the Light, my life will be a
			   dagger for Sightblinder's heart.

	       person 1 - Until the Last Day, to Shayol Ghul itself.

	16.  The Breaking of the World killed the weak and the Three-fold
	     Land killed the cowards.  	

There are many sayings about, and to be used at, Rhuidean also.

	17.  He will come from Rhuidean at dawn, and tie you together with	
             bonds you can not break.  He will take you back, and he will
	     destroy you.

	18.  By the right of blood, I ask leave to enter Rhuidean, for the
	     honor of our ancestors and the memory of what was.

	19.  The peace of Rhuidean be on you.  Who comes to Chaendaer may 	
             return to their holds in peace.  There shall be no blood on
	     the ground.

More sayings:

	20.  What comes, comes.

	21.  Blood of our blood, mixed with the old blood, raised by an
	     ancient blood not ours. [the Car'a'carn]

	22.  A man caught between a wife and a Wise One often wishes for a 	
             dozen old enemies to fight instead.

	23.  I see you .

	24.  If you plan for the worst, all surprises are pleasant.

	25.  If a Maiden loves you, you can not escape her however hard
             you run.

	26.  Your honor is mine.

[8.0]  The Tourist's Guide to Speaking Aielish

Since wetlanders always seem to have difficulty in understanding Aiel
(donUt understand why!), here is this handy guide to understanding Aiel.

Eyeless = Myrddraal

Gai'shain = captives who were taken in battle - they serve for a year and
	    a day, obeying humbly, touching no weapons, and doing no
	    violence; they wear white cowled robes; no wetlander could be
	    taken as gai'shain since wetlanders do not understand
	    ji'e'toh, and being gai'shain is an extension of ji'e'toh

Father-sisters = fathers were brothers - father-sisters are not as closely
	         related as second-sisters

First-sister = women who share the same mother

Ji'e'toh = honor; honor is exceedingly important to Aiel

Leafblighter's get = Trollocs

Near-sister = they are like blood sisters.  Near sisters are not related
	      by blood, but they consider themselves as close, if not closer, as

Nightrunners = Myrddraal

Regard-gift = when a man gives a woman a gift 

Roofmistress = the woman who owns the house

Second-sister = the mothers are sisters

Shade of my heart = beloved

Shade of my life = beloved

Shadowman = Myrddraal

Shadowrunners = Darkfriends; Black Ajah are also called this

Shadowsouled = Forsaken

Sightblinder = the Dark One

Sister-wife = women who share the same husband

Soft Lands = any lands outside of the 3FL

Three-Fold Land = the Waste; the land that the Aiel live in

Treekillers = Cairhien; they are called that because of LamanUs Sin

Water-oaths = anybody who takes water-oaths say that anybody with them
	      will be treated as if they are of the same society

Watersharers = what the Cairhien were called before Laman's Sin - during
	       the Breaking of the World, they were the only people who 
	       freely shared water with the Aiel.

Wetlander = non-Aiel; a person who lives in the soft lands

                        A P P E N D I C E S

[Appendix A] Travel Agencies specializing in the Three-Fold Land

	This appendix represents a special section on tourism in the
Wasteland, with emphasis on the different organizations involved in
the tourist business. 

1> The Darkfriend Safari, Inc.  [proprietor: D.O. Shai'tan ] 
	As the name indicates, this company specializes in safari
expeditions, specifically in big game hunting. The brochure for the DF
Inc. states that it will guarantee an exciting, eventful trip with
lots of big game (you might even catch a glimpse of that rare species
-- the Car'a'carn.) 
PROS: It does deliver on its promises -- you will definitely see game,
and even be involved in a couple of hunts. It is also free, except for
a peculiar oath you have to swear to (they have a NDA associated with
it, so I can't reveal its contents), and a pint of your blood that
they take. The company even provides you with all the weapons, armor,
and sustenance you require for the trip. 
CONS: The company you will find yourself with is likely to be mildly
distasteful to you. Most of the other safari-goers seem to communicate
solely in grunts and roars, and prefer to eat their meat raw (uuggh!).
Also, although you will be involved in the hunt, you are more likely
to be the hunted rather than the hunter. The probability of returning
from the trip is about as high as that of Verin being Black Ajah. 
Oh, and one last thing: the trips only start from a peculiar place
called Shayol Ghul. Rumor has it that the contact person for DF Inc.
is one Bill Garrett. While his exact position with DF is not known, he
seems to be pretty high up in the organization's hierarchy. 

2> The Caravan Trail (CT)
	One of the most colorful companies in the business, it prides
itself on its friendly, loveable employees. The brochure for the
company emphasizes its friendly attitude, and also the entertainment
that is provided nearly every evening. 
PROS: The company is delightful. Going on a tour with this company
ensures you the best trails and scenery you could see; plus, the food
they cook is divine. Even though CT only provides vegetarian food, the
sheer variety and exotic nature of the meals cooked more than makes
up for any deficiency (or perceived deficiency) from the absence of
meat. By itself, the food would be enough to warrant the trip,
however, the traveller will also have the added bonus of seeing some
of the most accomplished sa'sara (****???) dancers in the world. The
company has a cautionary note at the end of its brochure asking people
who have heart problems, and/or a happy marriage not to attend the dance
CONS: For some mysterious reason, the native Aiel shun the people from
CT. Thus, if you do travel with CT, you will in all likelihood, not
see any Aiel. Also, if you are especially sensitive to color, and
can't stand seeing brazen,