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Characters from the Wheel of Time Series:  The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt, The Shadow Rising, The Dragon Reborn, The Fires of Heaven, The Lord of Chaos, and The Crown of Swords, by Robert Jordan
Compiled by M. C. Friddle (
Note:  This compilation was originally intended for personal use.  Any errors are probably mine, although some comments and opinions are the result of  discussions on the net, and with individuals who contribute to those discussions..   This glossary was brought up to date after reading The Crown of Swords, so if you haven't read the whole series, please be aware that some of the descriptions will be major spoilers for you.   In past books, even minor characters have taken on significance which could not even be guessed at when they first appeared.  For this reason, an attempt has been made to catalog even minor players.    Page numbers are taken from the hardcover versions of all books, except The Great Hunt, which is the large, softcover (trade) edition.  Appendices containing lists of Aes Sedai, Wise Ones, Wise Women, Ter'angreal, etc. have been added.   In addition, place names and descriptions have been separated from the Glossary, for those who wish to construct maps.     Future versions will contain appendices for the Old Tongue and particulars on the different cultures in Randland.

Aan'Allain - Aiel name for Lan.  In the Old Tongue means "one man alone", "one man", or "man who is an entire people"

Abell Cauthon - Mat's father.  He is a farmer and horsetrader, is respected in Emonds' Field.

Abellir, Lord  - One of Morgase's supporters, before Gaebril took over the throne.  Exiled.

Adan - Rand's ancestor, Da'shain Aiel (peaceloving), Lewin's grandfather

Adan, Governor - Governor of Baerlon when Rand first sees it.  Will not cooperate with the Whitecloaks

Adden - the leader of the band of brigands which abducts Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne.  Adden says "you can get good prices for Aes Sedai, if you have the belly to deal with the right buyer (Dragon 516)"   Adden is killed by the Aiel who come to rescue the women.

Adeleas  Namelle  -  Brown Aes Sedai who lives with her sister Vandene outside the Tower.  Knows all the Prophecies of the Dragon.  They live at Tifan's Well in Arafel.  Vandene says Adeleas has the full knowledge of Shadar Logoth (TGH 276).   Both are very old for A.S.  She and Vandene plan to write the history of the world since the Breaking.  They travel to Salidar, then to Ebou Dar.

Adelnora - a Green in the Broken Tower who is punished for removing an angreal from the Tower storerooms without permission.  Her punishment is part of the BA plot to divide the remaining AS in the Tower.  Elaida orders her birched  (ACOS 511)

Adine Sedai - Aes Sedai in the Tower who collects the messages sent to Moiraine in her absence.  Presumably a Blue, since each Ajah has its own spies.  (Dragon 413)  Also see Aeldene.

Adley, Jonan - a man who can channel, tested by Mazrim Taim.   About 4 years older than Rand, Dedicated (ACOS 141)

Aedwin Cole - One of the crew of the Spray  (TGH 551)

Aeldene - Aes Sedai who heads the Blue spy network for the Tower.  In FoH, Siuan reveals that Aeldene stayed behind in the Tower after it was broken, and a plan is set up to feed her misinformation.-  See also Adine - same character?     She is Andorran, from a mining town in the Mountains of Mist.  In CoS, Aeldene has found the others in Salidar and has snatched control of the Blues Eyes and Ears from Siuan.     She is very angry with Siuan for revealing her position in the network, and is now trying to pump Siuan for information on the Amyrlin's Eyes and Ears.    

Aelfin & Eelfin - See game of snakes & foxes, Tower of Ghenjei (Shadow 324) 

Aemlyn, Lady  - One of Morgase's supporters, before Gaebril took over the throne.  Exiled.

Aemon al Caar al Thorin - King of Manetheren, Warder to his Queen, Eldrene, who is Aes Sedai.  Holds off the Trolloc hordes under impossible circumstances.  Emond's Field is named for him.    Possible connection between his surname, al Thorin, and al' Thor?

Aerin - a graying Wise One of the Black Water Nakai.   See also Aeron.

Aeron - Aiel Wise One

Aes Sedai , Number Of - According to information gleaned from the gang in tel'aran'rhiod, the numbers of Aes Sedai are as follows:  294 remain in the Tower (nearly 1/3 of all A.S.),   and  there are slightly more in the Salidar contingent.  Of the remaining third outside the Tower and not in Salidar, Egwene expects them to divide about equally to the Tower and Salidar.  (From LOC)

Aethan Dor - A Red Shield (Aiel), the Thief Catchers of the Aiel.  Rhuarc was one for a time

Afara - Aes Sedai sent from Salidar to Tarabon

Age of Legends - Occurs more than 3,000 yrs before the story.  Lews Therin started the Breaking, which put an end to the Age, but the insane male Aes Sedai finished it.  It is said that Aes Sedai could fly during the aol, and could make themselves invisible.   Remnants from AOL are scattered througout the series:  Whitebridge, the statues carved into the Mountains of Mist,  the huge statue of the snake entwining a staff (symbol of healing) in Taien, shattered buildings just below the snow line in the moutains of the Jangai Pass,  crystal lattice covering an island which hums when the moon is up,  cuendillar, the contents of Demandred's stasis box.   Also lightsticks, razorlace, mountain hollowed into a bowl, with a silver spike a hundred spans high which kills anyone who comes near.   Also possibly fancloth, assumed by many to be the material of the warder's color-shifting cloaks.    There are also figures carved into a mountainside (Mt. Rushmore?)   Letters in a smooth cliff 2 spans high (TSR 322) which are the remnants of Manetheren,  

Agelmar Jarad  - Lord of Fal Dara.  He is accounted one of the great living captains, along with Davram Bashere, Gareth Bryne, Rodel Ituralde, and Pedron Niall.

Aginor - Forsaken killed by Rand at the Eye of the World.   Osan'gar

Ahan, Kenley - One of Perrin's Companions, from Emond's Field

Ahan, Marisa - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

Aiel - The fierce, warrior people who live on the other side of the Dragonwall.  They are tall, have red or blond hair, and light colored eyes, like Rand.   Aiel must never fight Aes Sedai, whom they once served and failed.  They believe that if they fail again, they will be destroyed.    Their prophesy says that Rand will destroy them.

Ailron - King of Amadicia, Guardian of the Southern Gate  (Nobody seems to know what precisely the Southern Gate is).  Morgase seeks refuge with him at Seranda Palace in Amador, where Whitecloaks actually rule.  At the behest of the WCs, Ailron is trying to annex several border villages, including Salidar.

Akarrin - Brown Aes Sedai in Salidar

Ajahs - the factions within the White Tower.  The are seven, each identified by a distinctive color.  Blues are plotters and schemers, Whites are ruled by cold logic.  Browns are the keepers of knowledge.  Greens are the Battle Ajah and the only ones to bond more than one Warder.  Alanna says they will be present at Tarmon Gaidon.  (TDR 218)   Yellows are Healers, Grays are the mediators.  Reds dislike men, and as the series progresses they become more radical in their prejudices.  

Ajala, Master - A blacksmith in Tear who lets Perrin work at his forge

Akir Mandragoran - Lan's father.  King of the Malkieri.  Married to Leanna.  Al' denotes royal title.  Lain is his brother, Isam is his nephew.   Died in the Blight

Alaine Chuliandred - Carhienin lady who tries to seduce Rand.

Alanna Mosvanni - Green who takes a suspicioius interest in Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve.  Known for both her temper and her humor.  She first appears when Moiraine is hauled before the Amyrlin to account for her actions.  Siuan says a Sitter for the Green Ajah in the Hall of the Tower (Alanna?) proposed that Moiraine be sent into seclusion for her actions, and that she be overseen by the Reds.  Alanna goes to Emonds Field during the battle with the Trollocs.   Her remaining Warder is Ilvon.  Her other Warder, Owein, was killed in the Two Rivers by Whitecloaks, and she is still greiving.   She is from Arafel, one of the Borderlands.  She bonds Rand against his will in LOC.    She is present both during Mat's Healing (TDR 162), and Egwene's Testing (TDR 'Sealed')   Egwene at one point suspects Alanna of being B.A.  (TDR 219) One of the 5 AS Min says Rand holds in the palm of his hand  (ACOS 534)

Alar - Ogier, Elder of Stedding Tsofu, Erith's mother

Alarys - One of the Shaido Aiel Wise Ones at Dumai's Wells.  She has black hair, rare in a Aiel.   Probable Darkfriend  

al'Azar, Kevrim - a great grandfather who fights Trollocs in Emond's Field TSR 645

al'Azar, Milla - Wisdom from Taren Ferry.  Weak.  Faile wants to replace her

al'Caar, Jerilin - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

al'Caar,  Paet - A lantern-jawed Emond's Field man who fights Trollocs TSR  645.   His wife is Nela

al'Caar, Tod - A year younger than Perrin, one of the men from Emond's Field present at Dumai's Wells.
(ACOS 62)

al'Dai, Bili - One of the Companions from Emond's Field

Aldrin Caldevin - Captain in His Majesty's service, Cairheinin.  He is suspicious of Rand & his party. (Eye, 262)

algai'd'siswai - Aiel warriors (ACOS Prologue, 150)

algode - Aiel name for cotton

Alhandrin - commander in Mat's army

Alija - One of the original Aiel, was Dai'shain Aiel before he took up the spear.  His twin brother Charlin is killed.  Friend of Lewin

Alis - A plump serving woman in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar.   Just short of middle age (ACOS 453)

Alise - One of the Kin, who apparently runs things at the farm outside Ebou Dar (ACOS 397)

Alind Dyfelle - a famous Gray  ACOS 339

Alliandre Maritha Kigarin - Queen of Ghealdan, who bends to the council of Masema, the Prophet.    She sends Rand a carefully worded message, assuring him of her support  (LOC 404)

al'Loras - family from Emond's Field who leave their farm untended during the Trolloc raids.

Alric - Siuan Sanche's warder (Hunt 105), killed when Siuan is deposed

Alsalam - Domani king whose wife, eldest girl, brother, and sister-in-law are held in compulsion by Graendal.

Alsbet Luhhan - From Emonds Field.  Haral Luhhan's wife and a second mother to Perrin.  She is as strong as Haral and has character to match.

al'Seen, Astelle - Jac's aged mother, Wil's grandmother

al'Seen, Elisa - Jac's wife

al'Seen, Jac - farmer from the Westwood that Perrin convinces to move to town for defense

al'Seen, Wil - Wit's very handsome son, one of the Companions

al'Seen, Wit - Jac's cousin

Altalin - plump Altaran noblewoman pressed into being one of Morgase's ladies in waiting during exile in Altara

al'Taron, Dael - One of the young men from the Two Rivers who is killed when Perrin leads them against Trollocs  TSR 486

Altarans - men wear eleaborate vests.  Women wear daggers and duel as the men do.  Altarans like to use decorations of sky, clouds, and birds.   In the ACOS Prologue, Elaida has an Altaran box decorated with Hawks and clouds.   Similarly, in one instance in TAR, Perrin sees a woman in a room decorated this way.   Lanfear?  One of the other Chosen?

Altima, Lady - Plots against Rand in Tear, is sent to Cairhein to distribute food.  Wants to assassinate Rand.  She is married to Tedosian, who commits treason against Rand.   DarkFriend, appears in Caemlyn after Gaebril takes over.

Aludra - Former Mistress of the Illuminator Chapter House in Cairhein.  She invents matches, is present when Rand sets off the fireworks and is blamed for the fiasco.    Is rescued by Mat & Thom.   Surfaces again in the menagerie with Elayne & Nynaeve.   She is about 35, but still pretty.

Alvarian Friedhen - Keeper of the Chronicles to Elaida.  White Ajah, revealed as  B. A. when she talks to Fain just after he has killed an Accepted in the Tower storeroom (FoH 259),  she is friends with Galina  (LOC 395)  First mentioned in connection with the theory that A.S. should have children by gentled men (TSR 396)  She is present at Egwene's Testing (TDR 217)  Appointed head of the Black Ajah by Ishamael (ACOS Prologue), visited by Lanfear, Graendal, Semirhage, Bel'al and Mesanna as well.     Mesaana shows Alviarin in ACOS how to make a gateway.

al'Vere, Egwene - 18 year old woman from Emond's Field, Rand's former sweetheart.  She has 4 sisters at home in Emond's Field (TGH 293)   She is the youngest daughter of Bran and Marin al'Vere (ACOS 190)    Trains with the Aiel Wise Ones, is a Dreamer.    Also spent time as a Damane with the Seanchan, can work earth and fire better than most women can.

Alwhin - Seanchan sul'dam who serves the High Lady Suroth.  Suroth thinks Alwhin knows too much.   She is described as sharp-faced and blue-eyed, with a perpetual glower.   Light brown hair, half shaved, the other half in a braid.  Her expression is tightmouthed, and Egwene thinks it is habitual.   She has been raised to the so'jihn, the hereditary upper servants of the Blood, then to a Voice of the Blood.    She is present when Egwene is leashed, and also later, when we see Suroth again.

Alwyn al'Van - The cobbler in Emonds Field (Hunt 12)

Alys - a pseudonym Moiraine uses in Baerlon

Amaena - Leane's assumed name

Amathera - The Panarch of Tarabon.  She tries to defy Elayne and is taught a hard lesson.

Amico Nagoyin - Youngest of the Black Ajah.  Captured & stilled, later killed by darkfriends.

Amys - Wise One of the Aiel.  Dreamwalker of the Cold Rocks Hold, Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel.  Able to channel.  She is sister-wife to Aviendha's aunt.  She and Lian share the same husband, Rhuarc.   Second to Sorilea   (ACOS)

Anaiya Sedai - Blue. Friend of Moiraine.  Shows up in Shinear, then in Salidar.  Motherly looking woman who can speak sharply when needed.  First to discover that Egwene may be a Dreamer   (TDR 188), also present when Mat is Healed (TDR 162).

Anaiyella - Tairen noblewoman who simpers

Anan, Jasfer - husband to Satelle Anan, who runs the Wandering Woman.   Owns boats in Ebou Dar 

Andaya - Gray Aes Sedai of the broken Tower.  From Tarabon.  Is thin and birdlike, appears timid.  Is one of the best Gray mediators

Andra - Lan's pseudonym in Baerlon

Angla - novice in Salidar

angreal - see ter'angreal  (appendices)

Anjen - Leane's dead Warder, referred to in FoH when Siuan feels the loss of her Warder.    He died 15 years before the story takes place.

Annoura Larisen - AS from Tarabon who is advisor to Berelain, also acts as advisor to Colavere (ACOS 122).  Gray.   

Anshar, Lord Lir - Andoran nobleman

Ara - a bath attendant at the Stag & Lion in Baerlon, where Min is discovered.

Aram - Tuatha'an grandson of Raen & Ila who takes up the sword in Emonds Field.  He is loyal to Perrin.  Likes Egwene.  He becomes an outcast among the Traveling People because of the weapon.   There is a possibility that Aram is a Darkfriend.  See Prologue of Hunt, Min's visions concerning Aram and Perrin.

Aran'gar - Chosen by the Dark One.  Name means left hand dagger.  Possibly a reincarnation of Balthamel.  Masquerades as Halima Saranov in Salidar.  Touching Moghedien's a'dam causes her pain.

Arathella, Lady  - One of Morgase's supporters, before Gaebril took over the throne.  Exiled.

Arilyn, Lady - Cairheinin who houses the Tower delegation to Rand.   Probably a spy for the Grays

Arene, Jorin - Darkfriend who is called upon to help Liandrin

Arene, Amellia - Jorin's wife, presumably another Darkfriend. She is graying and stern faced

Ariena - Woman on ship to Salidar with Nynaeve & Elayne.  Goes to Salidar with them.  Nynaeve feels a kinship with her.  Her clothing is like Birgitte's and she won't say where she is from.  She is a Hunter of the Horn, and gets in trouble because of her quick tongue.  Min says she is trouble.  She is jealous of her time with Birgitte.  Birgitte says she is silly.     She is rude and along with Nicola tries to blackmail Myrelle.    Wants to become another Carrighian.    Egwene can't understand why she is still with the Salidar group (ACOS 181)

Arinvar - Sheriam's warder, Carheinin.  He is small and graying.

Armies of the Night - Turak refers to them when he talks.  Apparently comprised of darkfriends who can channel, they are the reason women who channel are leashed as damane in Seanchan.  (Shadow 35)

Arnin - Thug who works for Falion Bhoda (B.A.)

Artur - known by various names:  Artur Paendrag Tanreall, Artur Hawkwing, Artur the High King, all are the same man who united the world after the Breaking under his own harsh rule.   He was also known as "The Hammer of the Light" (see Dark Prophecy, TGH, Blood Calls Blood).     His sword is named Justice.  In Hunt (pg 558) he claims to have faced Lews Therin as many times as he has fought by his side.   He chose a stedding on the Caralain Grass as the site of his capital.  He died, poisoned, before it was completed, imprisoned all the Aes Sedai within the White Tower.  His sons took his armies across the seas to form the Seanchan empire.  He is strongly ta'veren, but not as strong as Rand.   

Arwin - Youngling who fought in the Tower

Aryman, Deane - the Blue who became Amyrlin after Bonwhin and rescued the Tower from the destruction of Bonwhin's machinations.

Arymilla - Andoran noblewoman.  DarkFriend, appears in Caemlyn after Gaebril takes over.

Asan Sandair - A guard in the employ of Galldrian. Cairheinan

Asha'man - The male equivalent of Aes Sedai, numbers over 100 at end of  LOC, headed up by Taim.  Means Guardians.  Ranks:  soldiers, dedicated, asha'man

ashanderi -  The name for the type of weapon Mat's spear is.     Birgitte identifies it for him.   The term is from the AOL  (ACOS 575)      He leaves it behind in Tarisin Palace at the end of ACOS.

Ashin - a liveried servant at Lord Barthanes manor in Cairhein

Ashmanaille - Gray Aes Sedai in Salidar

Asmodean - One of the Forsaken.    He was a noted composer of music before going over to the Shadow (FoH 77)  He stilled his own mother (FoH 123).     He places the dragons on Couladin's wrists, and starts the division of the Aiel.  He masquerades as Rand's bard in the Waste.   His harp has dragons on it, and Rand has a theory as to where it came from.   He is shielded from Saidin by Lanfear, so that he can channel enough to teach Rand.  His real name is Joar Addam Nessosin.  He is killed at the end of Fires, probably by another Forsaken, but the speculation goes on.  Sammael's messenger to Rand refers to Asmodean in the present tense, after his death, implying that Sammael doesn't know Asmodean has been killed

Asne Zeramene - Black Ajah, formerly Green, from Saldaea

Asunawa, Rhadam  - High Inquisitor of the Questioners, Children of the Light.  Obsessed with hatred of Aes Sedai, wants to destroy them and eradicate all mention of their existence.     His obsession makes him blinded to the truth, in Niall's opinion.    Asunawa is determined to hang Morgase after he has used her to secure Andor.

Asra - Domani Healer in Ebou Dar, wilder

Atha'an Miere - Sea Folk

Atuan Sedai - Mentioned while Min is at the Tower

Avar Hachami - One of Myrelle's 4 warders

Avendoraldera - The offshoot of the Tree of Life given to Carihein by the Aiel.  Its destruction resulted in the Aiel War

Avendesora - The Tree of Life, in Rhuidean.  Was burned in the fight with Asmodean, but Moiraine says it still lives.   Those who sit under it experience a sense of peace with the world ('Rhuidean' TSR)  In Blood Calls Blood (TGH), Verin says the nation of Almoth was rumored to have an offshoot of Avendesora.

Aviendha - Far Dareis Mai (Maiden of the Spear), Aiel woman who becomes friends with Egwene and Elayne.  She can channel and is earmarked to become a Wise One.    Moiraine says A. will be as strong as Egwene (TSR 265)   She is also tied to Rand by the Wheel.   She dreams of running naked, except for the ivory bracelet, while Rand chases her on horseback  (FoH 132)      Rand has a dream of marrying Aviendha, with the help of Elayne and Min.  Another dream of her hurling fire, with Sammael beside her, laughing. (FOH 288)  Of the Bitter Water sept of the Taardad Aiel.   Aviendha is torn by toh (LOC 315)   She is now in Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nyneave, is teaching Elayne about toh in preparation for them becoming sister-wives.     She finds out that boats and large amounts of water bother her.   Meets the Seafolk.     She is also helping to spy on Carridin.

Avin - The wizened old gatekeeper in Baerlon who recognizes Moiraine and lets them in

Aydaer, Pel - a man from Emond's Field who taught Perrin how to tickle trout out of the water   TSR 483

Ayellin, Corin - A woman from Emonds' Field

Ayellin, Dav - Gets into as much trouble as Mat.  Runs off from Emonds' Field because of Perrin's stories

Ayellin, Jon - Two Rivers farmer involved in a boundary dispute

Ayellin, Larine - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

Ayellin, Milli - TSR 498 Made the wolf's head banner for Emond's Field

Ayellin, Neysa - A pretty girl from Emond's Field who thinks Mat is handsome.  Nynaeve got into scrapes with her when they were young.   Perrin thinks she is horse-faced TSR 483

Ayellin, Sari - An Emond's Field girl who makes a play for her widowed mother's fiance.

Ayyad - Dark people from beyond the Aiel Waste.  Women who can channel marry only sons of other women who channel.  The children are marked with tattoes on their cheeks.  The men are put to death at age 21.  (See LOC 136)  The Ayyad live apart from others in the land (which may be Shara).   They channel only with permission from the Sh'botay.

Bael - An Aiel chief, Melaine's husband.  The tallest man Rand has ever seen.

Baerin - An Aiel woman who was a Maiden of the Spear before she married

Bain - Maiden of the Spear.  She and Chiad are loyal to Faile.  Black Rock sept of the Shaardad Aiel.

Bair - Grandmotherly Wise One of the Haido Shaardad Aiel.  Dreamwalker.

Bajad drovja!   -  (Old Tongue) A curse from the AOL.   Sammael uses it in Loc 135

balefire - the forbidden weapon of Aes Sedai.  Changes the weave of the Pattern, because it burns out threads completely, as if they never existed.   Moiraine, Nynaeve, Aviendha, Rand, and Egwene have all learned to use it.
Balefire parts on the edge of Callandor.

Balthamel - Forsaken.  Killed by the Green Man at the Eye of the World.  Probably reincarnted as Aran'gar.

Balwen Mayel, Balwen Ironhand - King of Aridhol.  Mordeth was his advisor

Balwer, Sebbin - Pedron Niall's secretary and the real power behind his spy ring.   Valda is determined to exile Balwer from Amador after Niall's death. (ACOS prologue)  Balwer tells Morgase he can get her out of Amador in ACOS

Ban al'Seen - One of Jac's sons, Wil's cousin.  He has a big nose.  One of the original Companions to Perrin

Band of the Red Hand - Mat's Army.    Named after the ancient army of Manetheren. Myrelle equates any connection with Mat's Band as treason - possible threat to Egwene?  (ACOS 223)    Some refer to the Band as "Dragonsworn", even though they have no connection with Masema.   Also referred to as Shen an Calhar 

Baran - A foppish Tairen Lord who plays cards with Mat.  Killed outside Cairhein by the Shaido

Barashelle - A woman from Thom's stories, who, like Elayne, bonded a warder while she was still Accepted, because she was afraid another Accepted would take him.  The Tower punished her by putting her in the sculleries for three years, then assigning a tough old man to her.

Barasine - Red who found Logaine in Cosamelle, kept his ability to channel secret.  The story is originally made up by Siuan in an attempt to gain a lever over the Salidar contingent, but is verified in LoC.

Barel, Lord - One of Morgases' supporters, gathering to oppose Rand

Bari - Juggler in Valan Luca's show

Bari - a servant in the Sun Palace in Cairhein

Barim Halle - Gareth Bryne's squadman

Baroc - Master of the Blades on Windrunner.    A commander.   Very old man

Barran, Doral - The former Wisdom of Emond's Field, under whom Nynaeve apprenticed.

Barran, Hilde - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

Barran, Jondyn - an old man from Emond's Field "gnarled as an old tree oak root", second with a bow only to Tam al'Thor, and the best hunter in the Two Rivers, but one of the less distinguished residents.   He doesn't work, and likes to drink.    (ACOS 63)

Barshaw, Torwyn - Paitr's uncle, says he will help Morgase escape.  Presumed a darkfriend, executed by Whitecloaks.

Barsteres - family from Emond's Field who flee to another farm during the Trolloc raids.

Barthanes Damodred - Cairhienin.  Second only to the king in power.  Darkfriend.  Found torn to pieces in his bedchamber, his head on a spike (the work of a gholam?)    His palace now houses Rand's school

Bartrim - slovenly innkeeper in Whitebridge.  He warns Thom, Rand and Mat to move on, because Fain is looking for them

Bashere, Davram - Father to Faile, one of the great living captains.  He swears loyalty to Rand.   Pedron Niall sees him as a threat to his plan, thinks of putting a contract out on Bashere.

Bashere, Deira - Davram's wife, Faile's mother.  Believes in fighting beside her husband

Bayle Domon - Captain, owner of the Spray.  He is from Illian.  Smuggler.  Takes Rand, Mat & Thom to Whitebridge.  Tries to rescue Nyneave & Elayne in Falme, is captured by Egeanin, who takes a fancy to him.  He becomes responsible for disposing the the A'dam which can control Rand.  Owner of one of the seals of the Dark Ones' prison.  Escorts Nynaeve & Elayne in Tanchico.  Bayle supports a soup kitchen in Tanchico out of his smuggling profits.  Galldrian issues a death warrant for him.

Beidomon - the male Aes Sedai who helped Mierlin/Lanfear bore into the Dark One's Prison.  Considerable speciulation as to who he actually is, in FAQ on TWOT

Beira - gai'shain who refuses to give up the robes

Be'lal - White haired Forsaken.  Killed with balefire by Moiraine in Tear.   The Ogier call him the Netweaver.   He razed the Hall of the Servants before the Hundred Companions locked him in the DOs prison.  He was called The Envious, because he envied Lews Therin, as well as Lanfear and Ishamael.  Be'lal and Sammael were both leaders in the fight against the DO before they forsook the Light.   This is the second time M. uses balefire.  Uses it first on a darkhound.

Beldeine  Nyram - Aes Sedai in Broken Tower, also the Keeper of the Chronicles to Egwene during her experience in the ter'angreal in Testing.    Travels to Cairhein to subdue Rand. Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.    (Acos 62)

Beldemaine - Yellow Aes Sedai, from Salidar, she is from Arafel.  Plump, wears bells in her hair

Belevaere Osillen - Cairhienin lady at Lord Barthanes' party.

Belinde - A skinny Shaido Aiel WO at Dumai's Wells (ACOS Prologue).   One of the WO s who killed Desaine.   ACOS 349.   She is bony.

Bendhuin - a Far Aldazar Din war leader for the Shaido Aiel   (ACOS Prologue)   On 633 she appears to be a Wise One.   

Bennae Sedai - Historian, probably a Brown, who gives lectures on the wars between Carihein and Andor to the Accepted before the Tower is Broken

Beonin Sedai - Gray in Salidar.  Ambitious.

Bethamin - The only sul'dam left in Falme to be recovered by Egeanin, who finds that Bethamin can channel.  She stays in Egeanin's basement, is released by Egeanin, who has discovered a secret known only to the Tower 
of Ravens.

Bera Harkin - Aes Sedai in Salidar, nominated to go to Aiel waste with Kiruna to look for Rand.  She has 3 warders.  She looks like a farmwife.    One of the 5 AS Min says Rand holds in the palm of his hand  (ACOS 534)

Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron - The First of Mayene.  Has a 'thing' for Rand.  A strong ruler.  Her symbol is the hawk.  She and Faile fight over Perrin in Tear.  Rand puts her in charge in Cairhein after the civil war.  She is respected by the Aiel.    She is treated almost like a daughter by Rhuarc.

Berenicia Morsad - Yellow Aes Sedar, Shienaran, emmisary to Rand from Salidar

Berisha -  a lean and hard-eyed Gray in the Broken Tower (ACOS Prologue)

Berowin - A Wise Woman in Ebou Dar (ACos 395).   She Cairhienin.    Her ability to channel is weak, but she is able to maintain a sheild which Nyneave cannot break.    Says it was always nearly a Talent for her.  She claims she could hold one of the Forsaken.    (398)

Beslan - One of Tylin's sons, dark complexion, sharp eyes, mild mannered, soft voiced.  Likes Mat.  Approves of Mat and his mother being lovers (ACOS 302, 473)

Betse Silvin - pretty Cairhenien servingwoman at the Golden Stag.  Mat dances with her

Bharatine - Black Ajah (Green).  Rail-thin & elegant, is with the Salidar contingent

Bhoda, Falion - Black Ajah, with Liandrin and others, possibly White ( FoH 243), appears again at the end of LoC, in Ebou Dar.    Working to kidnap Elayne and Nyneave for Moghedien

Binder - apparently an oath rod.   Graendal asks Sammael if he has one hidden away.  Evidently he does, since he takes one to Sevanna  (ACOS 357)

Binding - Of criminals (LoC "Threads Woven of Shadow" 136 -8)    See Oath Rod.

Binding Chair - Sammael mentions that this item can be used on those who do not posess the ability to channel.   He doesn't know if one survived the Breaking.     (ACOS 631)   Note:    There is a red crystal chair in Rhuidean.   See list of ter'angreal in appendix.

Birgitte Silverbow - One of the Heroes bound to the Horn of Valere.  She carries a silver bow & arrows and never misses a target.  She guides Nynaeve/Elayne /Egwene in telaran'rhiod, is thrown into the present by Moghedien.  
Becomes warder to Elayne.  Birgitte is always linked to Gaidal Cain.  Other names for Birgitte:  Maerion, Tedra, Joana.  In ACOS, Birgitte and Mat become friends.   (ACOS 363)

Black Tower - the Asha'mon equivalent of the White Tower, reflecting the ancient A.S./ yin-yang symbol, which is black and white, denoting male & female power.   Taim gave the male tower its name, and Rand disapproves.  There are now over 400 in the BT, and Elaida is sending Teslaine and 50 sisters to "root them out".  (ACOS Prologue.

Blaeric - Joline's warder  9ACOS 312)

bleakness - the despair which overcomes the Aiel when they learn of their true past, and what Rand will do to them.

Bodewhin (Bode) Cauthon - Mat's sister, is tested and taken to Caemlyn by Verin & Alanna, enroute to the Tower

Bonding - The process which a Warder and an Aes Sedai undergo, which enables Warders to have less fatigue and to sense shadowspawn nearby.  The benefits to the Aes Sedai are a closely guarded secret, which must be sex-differentiated, because Elayne gains no immediate benefits from bonding Birgitte.  Only Greens have more than one Warder, but the Greens who have only one Warder are usually married to them.  (reference to M. passing Lan's bond found in TGH, pg 271)   Lan hints at a sort of bond already existing between him and Nynaeve:  "If you die, I will not survive you long".    None of the Forsaken understand the bond between A.S. & Warders (LOC 141).  Warder can feel A.S. pain, and the reverse seems to be true, but A.S. feel Warder pain softly (LOC 550)  The Forsaken see such an arrangement as foolish,  except when the Warder dies.  (LOC 143)  In LOC (264), Birgitte & Elayne can feel each other's exhaustion.    In addition, Elayne gets drunk when Birgitte does (ACOS 369)  They speculate that perhaps the reason is because they are both women.   The A.S. seem to somehow connect feelings of love with bonding:   Siuan thinks of "falling in love again" when she thinks of her dead Warder, and Merana thinks of love as well (LOC 548)

Bonwhin - the last Red Amylin, who was stilled centuries ago.   Elaida has a picture of her in her study.

Bornhald, Dain - Son of Geofram, also a commander of the Children of the Light.  Sworn to avenge his father's death, he hates Perrin and hounds him.  Becomes obsessed, starts to drink heavily.  He has only Byar's word as to how his father died, and where.  According to Byar, the Aes Sedai did it, when in reality Geofram Bornhald had ordered Byar out of Falme before the battle.   In the last chapter of TGH, Geofram's last thought is that Byar won't be able to tell Dain how he died.  In TDR "Secrets", Dain threatens Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Verin, calls them witches, and tells them to remember his name.

Bornhald, Geofram - Commander, Children of the Light.  Grandfatherly figure.  Isn't aware Jaret Byar is a darkfriend.  Dies at Falme, fighting the Seanchan.

Bors - the name used by a darkfriend who is a Whitecloak Questionner.    Jaichim Carridin, Commander of the WCs in Tarabon.

Brandelwyn al'Vere (Bran) - Egwene's father.  He is the proprietor of the Winespring Inn and is the mayor of Emonds Field.

Breane Taborwin - Older woman at Lord Barthanes manor in Eye.  Cairheinin.   Thom describes her as a skilled courtesan.   In Hunt, she appears again as a formerly high ranking lady, now a penniless refugee with an unlikely male partner.  Plays Daes Daimar well.  In Fires she surfaces again as a refugee who is in love with Lamgwin, who works for Master Gill.  She becomes part of Morgase's retinue en route to Amadacia.    (Page 467 TGH)

Bren - servant in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar, stout fellow (ACOS 293)

Brend, Lord - Sammael

Brendas - White Aes Sedai in Salidar who was also one who healed Mat of the dagger in Tar Valon  (TSR 165).   Named by Siuan Sanch as one who can be trusted

Breyan Mandragoran - Lan's aunt, wife of Lain, mother of Isam.  She and Isam disappeared when Malkier fell to the Trollocs.  Isam became a darkfriend.  If she survived she is one also.

Bruan - Clan chief of the Nakai Aiel, of the Salt Flat Sept

Brune, Mother - the local Healer who is absent on a couple of occasions when needed, mentioned first when Rand has a reaction of fever and chills from channeling for the first time.

Bunt, Almen - an old farmer who helps Mat and Rand when they are on the run in TEOTW (524-527) describes himself as "a good Queens man", he goes to Caemlyn to see Logain.

Burdin, Master - The horse master in Mat's army.  Olver works for him.

Burin Shaeren - Domani warder of Lelaine Sedai

burn marks - Seen when Rand and the others go through the Portal Stone.   Swaths a mile wide, running east/west, tapering to points.   From Balefire?   Rand also sees the contrail from a jet in this sequence (TGH 198)

Byar, Jaret - Children of the Light.  Darkfriend, or perhaps worse.   He was loyal to Geofram Bornhald, and has transferred that loyalty to Dain.  In the Prologue of TDR, Byar describes a sul'dam and her damane.    He takes them for Aes Sedai, because they can channel.

Caar - Prince Caar, son of Thorin, who tried to win Aridhol back.  Was ordered to his death as a friend of the dark by Mordeth during the Trolloc Wars.  The name still shows up in Emonds' Field as al'Caar

Caban - A Seanchan soldier (Hunt 358) who rides on Bayle Doman's ship on the way to Falme

Cabriana Mecandes - An Aes Sedai taken prisoner and turned to the Dark at Shayol Ghul by Semirhage, who kills Cabriana's Warder.   (LOC 140)

Caddar - the wetlander who appears to Sevanna and gives her the stone cube.   He is very dark skinned, quite tall - taller than most Aiel.     Wears black with lace at wrists and neck.     He is really Sammael, using the Power as a disguise.     He brings Sevanna something that appears to be an oath rod  (ACOS 630) 

Cadsuane Melaidhrin - Very old, strikingly handsome Aes Sedai whom all the other AS have presumed dead.   She has iron gray hair in a bun, decorated with dangling gold ornaments of crescent moons, stars, and birds (all symbols of female power).  (ACOS 327)     She has worn the shawl longer than any other living sister.    Green Ajah, she collects Warders the way some women collect shoes.    Is always ready for adventure, is a legend in her own time.    Until Elayne, Nyneave, and Egwene showed up, Cadsuane was the most powerful female channeler in a 1,000 years.   Her present home is northern Ghealdan.      She went against Tower wishes by turning down a request that she become a Sitter, left the Tower for 10 years when they tried to raise her as Amyrlin.     She also steeples her fingers when she is thinking.   (338)   She is aware of the events involving the Reds 15 years previously, refers to it (339)     She is thoroughly angry at Elaida, describes her as "overly ambitious" (347)   She is nearly 300 years old (347).   Is presently staying at Arilyn's Palace in Cairhein.      Has not sworn fealty to Rand, means to "teach him some manners"     (565),  but does appear to be basically on Rand's side, at the end of ACOS.   All the AS who bully everybody else, defer to her.     She says she "won't hurt Rand any more than she must ".     (570)   Min says Cadsuane will teach Rand and the Asha'man a lesson they need to learn, but that they won't like it.     Cadsuane seems to like Amys (ACOS 571), but we can't be sure the feeling is mutual.

Caeren, Lord Nasin - Andoran nobleman

Cafar - One of Aginor's nasty creations, like jumara & gholam.  Live in nests.

Caide, Jeaine - One of the Black Ajah, former Green.  She is a Domani woman.  Moghedien's orders to her horrify her  FoH 243

Cail  - An apprentice to Kin Tovere.  He is 1 yr. older than Rand.

Caira - A serving woman at the Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar.  (ACOS 307) Offers herself to Mat.

Cairheinin - People are short and pale, compared to Andorans.   Dress conservatively, wear dark clothing with the stripes of their House colors down the front.

Calder, Mistress - Her house was burned in the initial Trolloc attack on Emond's Field

Caldevwin, Captain - Cairheinin who plays the Great Game

Caldin - leader of the Aiel Mountain Dancers, graying & leathery

Calindrin - Black haired Taraboner Accepted in Salidar.  Accepted 10 years

Callandor - The sword which is not a sword.  A male sa'angreal (LOC 451), one of the most powerful ever made.   It and the 2 statues are the 3 most powerful sa'angreal in the world. 

callbox - Sevanna's ter'angreal cube, given to her by Caddar a/k/a Sammael.   It works like a telephone when a WO channels into it.    ACOS 350

Callie - a woman put out of the Tower 4 years ago.   She is now a Wise Woman in Ebou Dar (ACOS 318)  

Camaille Nolaisen - One of the young Cairheinin women who wears a sword.   Guards Faile.  (ACOS 114)

Camar - rangy Bent Peak Daryne Aiel, Seia Doon (ACOS 530)

Canin, Captain - of the Darter, a broad beamed cargo boat which moves with a twisting motion that makes even Egwene sick

Candwin, Darea - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

Candwin, Eward - A stout Emond's Field man who is injured in the initial Trolloc raid, and is healed by M.  He then joins the mob which tries to run her out of town.     He is one who later fights Trollocs TSR  645.  

Canler - An Asha'man who figured out how to bond his wife, so he'd know she was OK.   Did it against Taim's orders not to work on things on his own.   (ACOS 445)

Lord Captain Canvele - Leader of a faction within the Fortress of the Light  (ACOS Prologue).   He is forced to acceed to Valda's wishes, since Valda has half a legion within the Fortress of the Light.

Car'a'carn - Aiel name for Chief of Chiefs:  The Dragon

Caraighan Maconar - Green who captured a man who could channel  and singlehandedly took him to Tar Valon

Caralin - purser for Gareth Bryne

Caraline Damodred - Hier to Lord Barthanes, now hiding out with a reported 10,000 followers at the Spine of the World.  Rand realizes she may be goaded on by Niall.

Careane Fransi - Aes Sedai in Ebou Dar - a large women who is almost stout.  Wide shoulders, Domani, Green, moves like a swan (ACOS 471)

Caredwain, Mother - The Cairheinin healer Mistress Madwen offers to get for Selene (The Nine Rings, TGH)

Carenna Sedai - in Salidar

Carin, Mistress - servant in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar, dark grim faced (ACOS 293)

Carlinya Sedai - White mentioned in earlier books.  Goes to Salidar.   She is ambitious, as is Beonin.  Min views a tattoo of a raven near her - connecting her to the Seanchan Seekers?

Carlomin - commander in Mat's army

Carlya - a name Elayne uses on board the Darter, and in Tear

Carlys, Lady - Andoran noblewoman

Carridin, Jaichim - Commander, Children of the Light.  Darkfriend.  He is torn between his orders from Niall and his orders from the DO, which are conflicting.  (TSR 437)  Amon g other things, he has been ordered to kidnap Elyane out of Ebou Dar (ACOS prologue).   Mat learns he has purchased a plan of the Tarasin Palace.   Carradin has been commanded by Niall to stir up civil war in Altara, but he doesn't know Niall is dead   (ACOS 283)

Cassin - Red Shield, taller than Rand and blond.  He and Jalani are interested in each other

Cauthon, Natti - Mat's mother 

Cedora - Reanne Corly's maid.  Gray haired, square jawed (ACOS 497)

Cenn Buie - One of the resident complainers of Emonds Field.  He sees the down side of every situation.  He is the village thatcher, on the Village Council

Cerandin - A Seanchan woman who handles elephants in the menagerie.    She served as an elephant handler in the Court of the Nine Moons (FoH 302), has an a'dam which she brought from Falme.     Nynaeve and Elayne both try to teach her to stand up for herself.    

Chaelin - Wise One of the Smoke Water Miagoma, with graying red hair

Chaena - A Shienaran soldier who rides with Uno

Channeling - Using the One Power.   Rand can tell when the A.S. channel - feels goose bumps.   During her Testing (TGH 287), Nynaeve can feel Aginor channeling.

Charendin - An enemy of Mandien (Aiel) He and Mandien have tried to kill each other 3 times

Charn - Coumin's great grandfather, who served Lanfear/Mierin Sedai

Chesa - Egwene's maid in Salidar

Chesmal Emrys - Black Ajah.  Talented healer.  Yellow Ajah, can kill as well as she can heal.   Tall, handsome women, with dark hair and eyes.    From Ghealdan.   Heals Moghedien after Birgitte shoots her in TAR (FoH 394)

Chiad - Aiel Maiden of the Spear.  Of the Stones River sept of the Goshien Aiel.  The Goshien have a blood feud with the Sharrad, to which Gaul belongs.  She and Bain are loyal to Faile.

Chiape - Sh'boan (female ruler) from beyond the Aiel Waste.  Ayyad.  Fated to rule only 7 years.  Now in thrall to Graendal

Chiarid - Maiden of the Spear who likes to make jokes at Rand's expense

Child Ivon - Serves under Byar and Dain Bornhald  (Shadow 31)

Chubain, Captain -  Head recruiter for  the Tower Guard (ACOS Prologue)

Ciel - A worker in the kitchen of the Stag & Lion in Baerlon

Cinda - Serving maid at the Stag & Lion in Baerlon, works with Min

Clarene -  woman who is with the menagerie when Nynaeve and Elayne join.  She trains dogs, is married to the menagerie's strong man, Petra

Coine din Jubai Wild Winds - Sailmistress of the Wavedancer, one of the Sea Folk.  She is married to Toram, who is cargo master.  Her sister is Jorin, who can channel and is Windfinder.

Coiren Saeldain - Gray from the broken Tower.  Plump and stately, pompous.  Head of the Tower delegation to Rand.   Now under guard by Wise Ones.

Colavaere of House Saighan:  A Cariheinin lady who schemes.  She has a great deal of power, may either be a Darkfriend, or be used by Darkfriends.   She hates Aviendha, who once beat her for plotting to seduce Rand.   Seizes the Sun throne during Rand's absence, (ACOS 98), is banished to life on a small farm in the north of Cairhein.     Hangs herself rather than face exile.

Cole, Cilia - a pretty, plump Emond's Field girl, the first girl Perrin ever kissed  TSR 483

Colinda - Aiel Wise One of Hot Springs Hold.   Gaul speaks of her in TSR 320

Colline - See Alijha and Charlin.  She is their sister, for whom they take up the spear

Comar - a hard, powerful man, who addresses Rahvin as Great Lord.   He races to Tear to dispose of Nynaeve and co., but Mat kills him in a tavern brawl.   Darkfriend

Congar, Bili - The town drunk of Emond's Field.   Named the DO in Mat's hearing.  His crops got cutworm and his family came down with fever

Congar, Eward - a man from the Two Rivers whom Mat compares to the haughty Whitecloaks

Congars and Coplins - The troublemakers from Emond's Field, the malcontents, always stirring up suspicion and rumors.

Congar, Wit - Daise's husband.   Cousin to Bili

Coplin, Calle - worthless, like all the other Coplins, tries to seduce Perrin, is threatened by Faile.  Nynaeve mentions her too, in disparaging terms.   A slut.

Coplin, Dag - Stirs up the Whitecloaks against Emond's Field.   TSR 487

Coplin, Darl - Emond's field, troublemaker, Hari's brother

Coplin, Ewal - Teased Rand about his light colored eyes until Rand punched him.

Coplin, Hari - Stirs up the Whitecloaks against Emond's Field, TSR487

Coram - One of the Aiel who helps Aviendha and Rhuarc rescue Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene from brigands.

Coramoor - The Sea Folk name for Rand

Corana - A Maiden, nearly as old as Sulin, who treats Rand like an older brother (ACOS 141)

Corehuin - wife of Mendelain, sister-wife to Jair.   She may also be a WO.   (ACOS 324)

Corele Hovian - slim Yellow with thick black eyebrows and raven hair.   Dresses as for a country dance, with lots of embroidery on her clothing.   Always seems amused.   In Cairhein with Rand.    She admires his bottom on ACOS 641.    She and Samitsu are two of the best Healers.   

Corelna - Aiel Wise One

Corenne - Old Tongue for the Return.  (Seanchan)

Corevin - One of Mat's men - Cairheinen, tattooed, thick muscles, large nose (ACOS 304)

Corianin Nedeal - The last Dreamer in the Tower, 473 years before the story takes place.   Verin has her notes  (TSR 143, TDR 21, 191, 241-2).    Secretive, confided her thoughts only on paper regarding TAR.

Corl, Ander - bootmaker, refugee from Taien.  Tal Nethin's brother in law

Corl, Aril - refugee from Taien, Tal Nethin's sister.   Married to Ander

Corman - Aielman of the Far Aldazar Din, gray eyed, scar faced, of a height with Rand.  Of the Mosaada Goshien, he gambles with Mat in Rhuidean (FoH 80)

Corvala Baldene - the most senior member of Galina's contingent remaining free.   Returns to the Tower to give Elaida the news of Dumai's Wells  (ACOS 505).  Pale hair, has worn the shawl as long as Elaida has been alive.   She brought 11 out of the original 39 sisters back to the Tower, has been exiled to one of the outlying towns around Tar Valon as penance for failure.  

Cosain - Aiel Wise One, Spine Ridge Miagoma.  Blond & lean.  Now guarding AS in Cairhein.  (ACOS 95)

Couladin - An Aiel of the Shaido, who has ambitions to become a clan chief.   Is killed by Mat when the Aiel are divided over Rand.

Coulin Gaidin - Master of Arms of the young men in training to be Warders.  Equal in rank to the Mistress of Novices in Tar Valon

Coumin - Jonai's father, Rand's ancestor

cour'souvra - a mindtrap, used by Moridin on Moghedien (ACOS 415)    Channeling too near one's own mindtrap can be very painful

Court of the Nine Moons - The Empress' court in Seanchan (Shadow 34)

Covril - Loial's mother, who journeys to Cairhein in search of him, and meets with Rand

Cowin Gemallen - Also known as Fairheart, a darkfriend who betrays Malkier and causes its downfall.  Plots with Breyan to put Lain on the throne.

Cowinde - gai'shain who serves Egwene and the Wise Ones in Cairhein.  She refuses to put off the robe after her time is up.  Was a Maiden of the Spear

Crawe, Samel - a man from the Two Rivers, one of the Village Council

Crawe, Bandry (Ban) - Samel's son.  Ban also saw the Myrdraal which Mat, Perrin & Rand saw in E.F.

Croi Makin - handsome Andoran warder bonded/married  to Myrelle

Crystal Throne - Seanchan (see TGH "Seanchan")

Cuale - the innkeeper at the Defender of the Dragonwall, in Cairhein

cuande - a very hard substance from the AOL (ACOS 417)

Culhan, Lord - travels with Lady Aemlyn.   One of Morgase's supporters, now massing against Rand

Cully - Usually referred to as Old Cully, leader of a circle of darkfriends which reports to Carridin in Ebou Dar.   He doesn't bathe, has only one eye, and no teeth (ACOS 284, 471)   Fights Mat & his men

Dachan, Nisao - Aes Sedai in Salidar (yellow)

Dachiva, Corlan - A middleaged Asha'man from a farm in the Black Hills.    Taim says he is gaining strength rapidly, but may be going mad.     Chosen to accompany Rand (ACOS 84)    He often seems lost in his own thoughts.

Daelvin, Mistress - Innkeeper of the Golden Stag, in Maerone.  Older lady

Daerilla - Andoran noblewoman

Daerid - Carheinin nobleman, commander in Mat's army

Daes Dae'mar - The Game of Houses, played in every major country, but perfected to an art form in Cairhein.  Originated in the White Tower.

Dagdara/Daglam Finchey - yellow in Salidar, big woman (Chaos) both spellings of the name are used (FOH, LOC).  Graying Aes Sedai who knows more of Healing than the others (Fires)

Dagendra - blocky Maiden of the Spear

Daigian - Aes Sedai who can barely channel.     She stayed in the Tower by a hair.   She is pale and plump, Has long black hair, Cairheinin, has a moonstone dangling in the center of her forehead (like Moiraine's).  She is the younger daughter of one of the lesser Houses.    White ajah.   Served as both Novice and Accepted longer than anyone in living memory.     She is now with the Salidar contingent in Cairhein.   No info on whether she has sworn fealty to Rand.   (ACOS 336)

Dairin - Shaido Aiel Wise One (ACOS prologue) who accompanied Sevanna to see Rand beaten by the AS

Daise Congar - The replacement Wisdom of Emonds Field.  Is full of  herself, but cannot channel

daishar - a)    Old Tongue.   "Glory".    b)  Also the name given Egwene's horse when she is made Amyrlin

Dalar - An Ogier woman who spent 10 years with the Sea Folk  (Hunt 425)

Dalfor, Benji - Youngling who fought in the Tower

Dalyn - pseudonom for Logain

Damodred - Cairheinin House which claims many of the central characters: Moiraine, Lord Barthanes, Barthanes heir Caraline, King Laman, Taringail, and Galad.  The family plays Daes Dae'mar well, and anyone with this surname may have suspect motives.  Barthanes is a known Darkfriend.  Laman's Sin started the Aiel War.  Others in the family may be, as well.  Note that the name contains the name Modred, who was Arthur's kinsman and enemy in the Arthurian tales.

Damodred, Caraline - Hier to Barthanes (who was a Darkfriend) She is hiding out in the Black Hills, with other rebels.   Elaida is sending messages to her (ACOS Prologue)      In ACOS we learn that she may be won over to Rand's side, along with the other rebels.   She is slender, has a pale beauty, large dark eyes.   Wears a small green stone hanging on her forehead, black hair.   Min thinks she looks much like Moiraine.    She is a claimant to the Sun Throne, and a cousin to Elayne.    She protects Rand's identify from others in her band.    (ACOS 545 - 547)

Danelle - Adreamy Brown sister in the in broken Tower.  She had been part of bringing down Siuan and raising Elaida, a solitary with no friends even in her own Ajah.   Suggested as a possible id. for Mesaana.

Dannil Lewin - One of the Companions, Flann's nephew

Dapple - the female leader of the pack of wolves which befriends Perrin

Dar - a gatekeeper in Baerlon who works with Avin, who helps Moiraine

Daricain Annallin - Cairheinin Lord who surrenders to Rand during the siege of Cairhein by the Shaido

Darin - Maeric's eldest son.   (Shaido)   He does not follow his parents through Sammael's Gateway - it closes before he can come through.   (ACOS 634)   Stone Dog.

Dark One - another name for Shai'tan, the Shadow.  Verin says the DO is the "embodiment of paradox and chaos, destroyer of reason and logic, breaker of balance, the unmasker of order".   (Dragon 188)  Sheriam tells Egwene that the ability to channel confers a weakness, that those who can channel can be turned to the Dark One (TDR 'Sealed'). 

Darlin Sisnera  - High Lord from Tear who is induced to treason by Balwer, who works for the Whitecloaks.   Darlin and Mat fight in the hallway of the Stone, after Mat breaks in.  He is very good, and Mat hopes the others won't be as good.     Darlin is middleaged, has a pointed beard, short hair, very blue eyes, and a too long nose.   Has come out of Haddon Mirk to marry Caralaine Damodred.     Says he would support Rand, but has been branded with treason.   Min likes his laugh, views a crown on his head, but of what country, she isn't sure.  Tear does not have kings.    (ACOS 548 - 549) 

Da'shain Aiel - The ancestors of the Tuatha'an.  Also called Children of the Dragon.  They will use no weapons, follow The Way.  They once served  Aes Sedai, but some mistakenly think they serve only the Dragon.

Dashiva, Corlan - Asha'man with Rand.   From a farm in the Black Hills.   Middleaged, absentminded, dry washes his hands.   Gaining strength rapidly.  Taim says he is going mad.   Perrin thinks he might already be mad.  ACOS 84

da'tsang - an Aiel term meaning "despised one".   Sorilea uses it in referring to the way the Tower AS treated Rand during his captivity.   Melaine says they have no honor (ACOS 150)    da'tsang always wera black, as Isendre did in the Waste.     Criminals?  (ACOS 356, 628)     Three Wise Ones must speak for a person to be declared da'tsang.    

Dautry, Oren - A sheep farmer in the Two Rivers.  The spelling of his last name may be an inconsistency.  Others in Emond's Field with the same last name spell it Dowtry.

Davram Bashere - Lord General, commander of the Saldaen army.  Related to the queen, Tenobia.  Failes' father

Deain - An Aes Sedai at the time of Luthair Paendrag Mondrian, who created the a'dam.  She is later collared herself

Dealda Carridin - younger sister of Jaichim, carried off from her bridal feast by Myrddral

Dearn, Athan - Emond's Field man who fights Trollocs TSR  645

Deathwatch Guard - Seanchan.  Serves only the Empress and her representatives.  (Shadow 33)  Have black-tasseled spears and black lacquered sheilds.  They will kill or die with equal fervor, and will turn on the one they serve in order to serve the Empress.

Dedric - Aielman of the Jaren Rift Codara, of the Red Sheild.  Shows and interest in the printing press at Rand's school

Delana Mosaline - Gray sister in Salidar.  Stout, blonde, Shienaran.  Quizzes Nynaeve about Rand.  She is Siuan's best friend from novice years.  Darkfriend.  Sitter for the Gray Ajah in Salidar

Delving - Using the One Power to ascertain the state of someone's health.  Leane does this to Perrin early in the series, and Sheriam checks Egwene when she emerges from the ter'angreal after her Testing. (Dragon 214)  Nynaeve uses it on those she has Healed.   It causes a tingling sensation.

Demandred - Forsaken.  See Fires of Heaven.  Described as "hawk nosed" which fits with the speculation that he may be Mazrim Taim.  His true name is Burid Bel Medar.    He was born 1 day after Lews Therin, and has never quite lived up to the glory LTT received.  He despises the Dragon, and has transferred his hate to Rand.    LTT's voice hints to Rand that there is a connection between Damandred and Shadar Logoth  (LOC 328)

Demira Eriff - Brown Aes Sedai in Salidar, Domani, emmisary to Rand

Dena - Thom's lover who is killed by King Galldrian's men

Deneniye, dyu ninte concion ca'lyet ye (Old Tongue) - "Majesty by your summons do I come "  (ACOS 299)

Derah din Selaan Rising Wave - Sailmistress of White Spray (ACOS 536).  Older than Rand, middle years, handsome.   Meets Rand and Min.

Dermon - Jenn Aiel, from Rhuidean (male)

Dern, Laila - A young woman from the Two Rivers Perrin had once thought he might marry, now married to Natley Lewin.  She has gotten very fat.

Derne, Captain - Of the Swift, which takes Mat & Thom to Tear

Derys - A wise Woman doing penance as a servant (ACOS 396, 501)  She is a wildcat, tries to kick Mat when he barges into the meeting, carries a knife.

Desaime - Shaido Wise One who opposes Sevanna.  Killed by Sevanna's clique of DF WO's then used as a rallying point to oppose Rand.

Desora - blond Maiden of the Spear

Dhael - One of the Aiel who helps Aviendha and Rhuarc rescue Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene from brigands.

Dhearic - Clan Cheif of the Reyn Aiel

Djevik K'Shar -  (Old Tongue)  "The dying ground"; Trolloc name for the Aiel Waste.  A Trolloc will not go into the Waste willingly

Dobraine - A high ranking Cairheinin who keeps the letter of his oaths

Doilan - Like Rodera, a Shaido gai'shain

Domani - Coppery skinned people.  The women have refined flirting to an art, wear clinging, seductive clothing.  The men have long thin mustaches and earrings.  (Arad Doman)   The Domani claim descent from those who made the Tree of Life in the Age of Legends (see Dark Prophecy, TGH, Blood Calls Blood )

Domeille - Maiden, grayer, leaner than Nandera, with a thrusting chin (ACOS 527)

Do Miere A'vron - Watchers Over the Waves, a group who await the return of Artur Hawkwing's armies in Falme.  (See Blood Calls Blood, TGH.   Verin discusses them)

Doraine - A Brown in the Tower who is to be held up as a model of upholding Tower Law  (ACOS 509)  Since this is done on Alviarin's advice, we must question if she is B.A.

Doral Barran - Wisdom of Emonds Field before Nynaeve

Dorele - A young Sea Folk woman who is punished for removing her shirt before they are out of sight of land

Dorile din Erian Long Feather - Windfinder of "Windrunner", the ship on which Nyn and Lan are married

Dorindha - Melaine's sister-wife, Baels' other wife, mother to his 3 sons.     A woman of great presence.  Roofmistress of Smoke Springs Hold, a handsome, motherly woman (ACOS)

Dosera - Shaido Aiel Wise One (ACOS prologue) who accompanied Sevanna to see Rand beaten by the AS, who also helped murder Desaine.

Dowtry, Bar - E.F. man caught with Kimrey Lewin in the hayloft.

Dowtry, Buel - the fletcher in Emond's Field TSR 645

Dowtry, Elam - Farmer in the Two Rivers TSR 487, runs off from Emonds' Field because of Perrin's stories.  He has a long nose and a cowlick.

dragon (Seanchan) - the leathery, winged beast "much larger than a horse" which Rand sees overhead when he pops out of the igloo in "Far Snows".    It carries two hooded riders. (FOH 367)   In TGH ("Falme") Nyneave is also made dizzy by the 'flying beasts' of the Seanchans.    There are fewer of them than the other creatures the army brings to Falme.     They appear again in ACOS, when the Seanchan invade Amador (423)   They transport troops into the Fortress of the Light.

Dragon Reborn - a name for the one who will Break the world, and will save it.     Rand

Dreams - Moiraine says "those who can channel the One Power, those who are particularly strong in Spirit, can sometimes force their dreams on others, especially those who are susceptible"   This is proved when Rands' dreams become those of the camp; and again when Sammael's dreams infect Illian.    Aes Sedai learn to sheild their dreams.  Warders are given something similar in the bonding.    Men who cannot channel, but who can enter ter'aran'rhiod, like Perrin are extremely rare, according to Moiraine.  

Dyelin Taravin, Lady - A distant cousin of Elayne, rumored to be in line for the throne of Cairhein.  She is blonde, probably plotting with Pelivar and Ellorien against Rand.   In ACOS, she has banished 2 suspected plotters against Rand, listens to Aes Sedai (ACOS 151)

Dyrele - Maeric's wife (ACOS 633)   Shaido

Eamon Varda - One of the Children of the Light, stationed near Tar Valon.   He is Dain Bornhald's commander.

Earwin - Questionner, Children of the Light.  Also a darkfriend, kills children (Hunt 350)

Easar; King Easar of House Togita - King of Shienar

Eazil Forney - farmer who gives Mat and Rand a ride on the way to Caemlyn

Ebram - Domani who serves Graendal.  Handsome, placed under compulsion

Edarra - Aiel Wise One of the Neder Shiande.  She can channel (ACOS 335)

Edesina Sedai - Yellow, in Salidar, sent to Tarabon, will be collared, then released, according to Min's viewing

Edorion Selorna - Tairien in Mat's army.  Sharp, quick.   He is plump and pink cheeked

Efalin - A Shaido Maiden of the Spear (ACOS Prologue)   She has short graying hair,  is uneasy in Sevanna's presence.     see ACOS 629.   She now appears to be a Wise One?

Egeanin - (See Eye, pg 355) Commands Seanchan ship, captures Bayle Doman. Becomes a friend to Nynaeve & Elayne.  Wants to know about sul'dam/ channeling.  She has been instructed by High Lady Suroth to return any 
sul'dam deserters.  Egeanin is afraid of channeling, but held Bethamin with an a'dam.  She suspects Suroth's motives for keeping sul'dam's ability to channel secret.  She is an agent for the Crystal Throne, has HQ at Cantorin.  Has an eye for Bayle Doman, even if he is a criminal in her view.

Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan - Red Aes Sedai. youngest daughter of a minor House in the north of Murandy  Former advisor to Queen Morgase, becomes Amyrlin Seat in the broken Tower. She has the Fortelling.    She is present at Egwene's Testing, and is hostile toward her, even then.   As the series progresses, Elaida seeks more and more power, and the pretentious trappings of power.   She commissions the building of an Amyrlin's Palace which is larger and taller than the White Tower.   Joline suspects that Elaida's animosity toward Egwene and Nyneave is because she progressed rapidly as a novice, and they have outstripped her achievements.   (ACOS 314)  The news of the existence of so many Asha'man is a surprise to Elaida, who must now bow to Alviarin's advice.   However, she is plotting to be rid of Alviarin.  (ACOS 510)

Elansu - The 'shatayan' or housekeeper of the Keep at Fal Dara.  She and the other women delight in embarrassing Rand (Hunt 12)

Elayne Trakand - 18 yr. old Daughter Heir of Andor, able to channel, friend of Egwene and Nynaeve.  Daughter of  Morgase and Taringail Damodred.  Loves Rand, who is her distant kinsman.  Will be the first Queen of Andor in a thousand years who is also Aes Sedai, and one of the strongest Aes Sedai since the Breaking.  Niall has orders for the Children to bring her in, as does Elaida.    Jaichim Carridin has been ordered to get her away from the other AS in Ebou Dar.
Elbar - 1)   The Seanchan officer who comes to escort Morgase to High Lady Suroth (ACOS 429)   2)  There is also and Elbar River in Ebou Dar.

Elber - One of the Queen's Guards, installed by Gaebril.  He is a fat man, with eyes like a rat.  Refuses Mat entrance to deliver Elayne's letter to Morgause.

Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan -  Aes Sedai queen of Manetheren.  Wife of Aemon.  Destroys Manetheren when she draws on the Power after Aemon is killed during the Trolloc Wars.

Eldin, Get - TSR 504.    Perrin asks him to keep others from bothering Master Luhhan

Eldin, Whatley - An Emond's Field man who decorated a cart (TGH 198)

Eldrin Cauthon - Mat's baby sister

Eldrith Johndar - Black Ajah, formerly Brown.  She destroys the stray cats Marillin collects.

Elegar, Lord  - Darkfriend, in thrall to Rahvin, nervous after Rahvin's death

Elenia Sarand- Andoran noblewoman, known as a termagant.  Darkfriend, in Gaebril's court.  Married to Jarid.  She has claims to the Rose Throne.    In ACOS, she has been banished by Dyelin (ACOS 151)

Elle - young woman from Watch Hill, is tested and taken to Caemlyn by Verin & Alanna, enroute to the Tower in LOC

Elin Warrel - the oldest Accepted Nyneave has met (ACOS 408)  She was past 40, looked about 25

Ellisor, Captain Chin - Of the Blue Crane, from Tar Valon

Ellorien Traemane, Lady - Andoran noblewoman plotting against Rand. - One of Morgase's supporters, before Gaebril took over the throne.  Exiled, and flogged for demanding to know why.  She was Morgase's closest friend

Elmindreda - See Min.  Min's true name and her disguise in the Tower.

Elnore - The daughter Nynaeve forsees during Testing that she will have with Lan.  Also her mother's name.  (Hunt 295)

Else Grinwell - farm girl Rand encounters who goes to the Tower.  She later leaves, having little vocation to be Aes Sedai

elstone - the silvery white material from the AOL,  of which the Hall of Servants is built.  Presumably the same material is used on the Tower at Tar Valon.

Elyeas Machera - former warder who trained Lan.  Can speak to the wolves.    He introduces Perrin to the wolves.  Was hunted by Red Ajah because of his abilities, has no love for Aes Sedai.  Now lives in the forest with 
the wolves, but as a man.  He could teach Perrin how to survive.   Both Lan and Moiraine are wary when speaking of him.

Elza Penfell - Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.   (ACOS 62)

Emara - An Accepted in Salidar, who like Faolin, tries to abuse Siuan and Leane after they are stilled.  Illianer

Emerys - Shaido Aiel Wise One

Enaila - A Maiden of the Spear, of the Jarra sept of the Chareen Aiel.  She is short for an Aiel and touchy about it.  She treats Rand like a child.  Red haired (ACOS 527)  Min has a viewing of a wreath of some sort above Enaila's head (LOC 526)  

Enid - the fat cook at the Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar (ACOS 386, 449)  

Erian  Borolros - Green in the broken Tower.  Illianer.   Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.

Erim - Clan cheif of the Chareen Aiel

Erith - A young Ogier woman who likes Loial, wants to wed him

Escaralde - Aes Sedai in Salidar who learns to make ter'angreal from Elayne

Estair - apprenticed to the W. O. Aeron.  About Egwene's age

Estanda - High Lady from Tear who is induced to treason by Balwer, who works for the Whitecloaks

Estean - In Mat's army, Tairen, son of the richest lord in Tear.  Eager,learns slowly.  Plain faced.

Estevan - Lord of the Land, Tairien, sworn to Sunamon

Evanellin - Gray in the broken Tower, sometimes acts like a Green, likes clothes

Evon - the fat servant of Jorin Amene

exchanger - an item from the Age of Legends, which acts like an air conditioner

Faeldrin Harella - Green, Taraboner, emmisary to Rand from Salidar. One of the 5 AS Min says Rand holds in the palm of his hand  (ACOS 534)

Faile - Zarene Bashere, daughter of General Davram Bashere of Saldaea,  becomes Perrin's wife.  She is a sworn Hunter of the Horn and is quick with a knife or a bow.    She and Moiraine square off, and Faile stands up to M. very well.    Moiraine says Faile is in "considerable danger" after her abduction by the BA and Perrins' rescue.  M. worries that Perrin may have gotten himself tangled in something he's not aware of.   (Dragon 572)  Faile is described as Perrin's age, tall for a woman, with black hair falling to her shoulders.  Distinctive nose, generous mouth, high cheekbones, and dark, tilted eyes.  A noblewoman, Faile believes in fighting alongside her husband.

Fain, Padan - Also known as Ordeith.  A peddler who travels to the Two Rivers.  Darkfriend employed to search for the Dragon Reborn.  Becomes something worse than a darkfriend after he encounters Mordeth in Shadar 
Logoth (see FoH 261).  Fain thinks he has been freed of the DO by his stay in Shadar Logoth.  There is a hint that Fain is now Mordeth (Hunt 419) "access to a ruler again".   He is following his own plan now, not that of the DO.   See also Mordeth.    He disappears after attacking Rand in ACOS.    (555)

Fairheart, Cowin - See Cowin Gemallen

Faisar, Asidim - One of Niall's agents in Tarabon, hiding in Tanchico (LOC 438)   He confirms Varadin's reports about happenings in Tarabon, which Niall had discounted (ACOS prologue)

Faiselle - Aes Sedai in Salidar

Falion Bhoda - Black Ajah in Ebou Dar.  She is working for Moghedien, in league with Ispan, and has already killed (ACOS 316).    She still considers herself a White.    Is determined to kidnap Elayne and Nyneave and turn them over to Moghedien.    She gets away in the battle over the Bowl at the end of ACOS, but Ispan is captured.   She is described as "long faced and cold voiced"  ACOS 595)

Faolain Orande - Accepted.  Hates wilders, torments Egwene.  Goes to Salidar, stirs up trouble, and is punished for abusing Siuan and Leane after they are stilled.   She is tested and raised, not to full Aes Sedai, because the oath rod is in the Tower, but to something more than Accepted.   There is indication on page 675 of FoH that she may not be what she seems.

fancloth - Material from the Age of Legends, of which battle capes and fashionable cloaks are made.  Speculation that this may be what the Warders' color changing cloaks are made of, but no direct reference.  See TSR pp 303, 306.    In ACOS, the Watcher in the Woods wears fancloth

Farellien - A Yellow in the Tower who is to be held up as a model of upholding Tower Law  (ACOS 509)  Since this is done on Alviarin's advice, we must question if she is B.A.

Farral, Dimir - A Whitecloak sent to ambush Rand.  Rand hangs Farral's cohorts and sends him back to Pedron Niall with a message.

Farran - A hundredman of the Whitecloaks, under Dain Bornhald.  Dain considers him a good soldier, but keeps him away from female prisoners

Farstrider, Jain - writer of many adventure stories, from the northern lands.  Disappeared 994 NE, presumed dead.  Jain Charin.   Wrote "The Travels of Jain Farstrider", one of Rand's favorite books.  He is mentioned frequently in the story.  His travels were among the Sea Folk, and into the lands beyond the Aiel Waste.   Thom tells a story about him called "How Susa Tamed Jain Farstrider", from Malkier.  One of the Forsaken sent him to the Ogier, thinking he was free of the Dark. 

Feast of Teven - Celebrated in Illian with contests for gleemen.  The Great Hunt Starts here

Fel, Harid - a teacher at Rand's school.  Studies history and philosophy.   He is killed by Gholam in LOC, after discussing the resealing of the Dark One's prison with Rand.   Fel may have passed the key to Tarmon Gaidon on to Rand, unknowingly   (LOC 299)

Fen - Joline's warder  9ACOS 312)

Feraighin - Red haired, blue eyed WO who warns Rand of conditions in Carihein since his capture.  (ACOS )

Feran - the grandson of Sorelia's sister-wife.   Sorelia plans a match between him and Aviendha, but Aviendha doesn't want him, and he has eyes for Enaila.    Described as "much like Rhuarc in looks, but younger, more handsome, and has redder hair.

Fergin - Redarm in fight with Gholam (ACOS 602)

Finngar, Ewin - A young boy when the story begins, he has a bass voice when Perrin returns to Emond's Field.  He is in awe of Perrin and runs off from Emonds' Field because of Perrin's stories.

Fionnda - Tairen noblewoman, beauty with an iron stare

Fitch, Master - Innkeeper at the Stag & Lion in Baerlon, where Min was discovered

Flinn, Damer - an older man who can channel, tested by Mazrim Taim.   Now with Rand in Cairhein.   Damer knows something of Healing.     Samitsu offers to bear his children if he will teach her what he knows.     He spent 40 years with the Queen's Guard in Andor    (ACOS 573)   Says he went to the Black Tower to learn to Heal.  

Florin Gelb - 1) part of the crew of the Spray.  2) Hired by Egeanin to kidnap Elayne in Tanchico.  Probably a darkfriend.

Florry, Jeral - the innkeeper of Easing the Badger, who loses 2 horses to Mat 

forcing - pushing a woman (or man) too hard to learn to Channel.   It was done to Egwene, Nyn, and Elayne, and also to all of the Asha'man.    It is dangerous, according to Egwene (ACOS 182)

Forerunners - See Hailene

Foretelling - Elaida - "The White Tower will be whole again, except for remnants cast out and scorned, whole and stronger than ever.  Rand al'Thor will face the Amyrlin Seat and know her anger.  The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and sisters will walk its grounds.  This I Foretell."  (ACOS Prologue)

Forkroot Tea - Prevents a woman from channelling, brings on sleep.   Nyn used it on Moggy at the end of FoH.   Elaida knows of it now.   It may work on a man, as well.   Egwene knows of it through Nyneave.

Furen - One of Seonid's 2 Warders

Furlan, Gainor - The innkeeper of Wayman's Forge in Remen

Gaebril, Lord - Rahvin

Gaelin, Edelle  - Wisdom from Watch Hill

Gaidal Cain - Hero of the Ages.  Tied to Birgitte. He always wears twin swords over his shoulder, is very ugly

Gailin, Jon - farmer from the Westwood, Two Rivers

Galad - Galadedrid Damodred.  Half brother to Elayne and Gawyn through Taringail Damodred, son of Tigraine, and therefore half brother to Rand.  Always does the right thing, regardless of the consequences to others.  He is about Nynaeve's age, slender, dark and handsome.   Trains as a warder, becomes one of the Children of the Light. Elayne hates him.  He loves Egwene, hates Siuan Sanche & Aes Sedai, but helps Elayne & Nynaeve escape Samara.  In spite of his rigid moral code, Galad is aware of the effect his good looks have on women, and tries to manipulate Nynaeve with them.  She is immune to his charms, and Galad takes a wry view of her as a result.   Elayne says of her relationship to him "We have the same father" (FOH 222).   Taringail wanted to see Gald become King of Cairhein, to which he has the right  (LOC 277)  Niall and now Valda have purposely kept him away from Morgase.

Galina Casban - The Red sister who unblocked Tarna Feir by beating her; also head of the Red Ajah in the broken Tower, and Black Ajah.   She has secretly headed up the Red Ajah for 18 years.  Elaida defers to her. She has worn the shawl for 90+ years.   (ACOS 623)     She was B. A. for all but 5 of those years., second only to Alviarin on the Supreme Council of the B. A.   She helped break 2 Amyrlins, made it seem that 1 died in her sleep (Sierin Vanu?) and helped still Siuan. Galina is missing after Dumai's Wells, we see her again at the end of CoS, da'tsang to the Shaido for her part in the battle.  Sevanna intends to break her.

Galldrian su Riatin Rie - King of Cairhein, darkfriend.  Killed by Thom.  Dena is killed in turn by Galldrian's men.

Gallenne, Lord Captain - Commander of the Mayener Winged Guards.    Nurelle reports to him (ACOS 326)

Game of snakes & foxes  - Racial memory of the Aelfin and Eelfin:  the 2 races encountered by entering the 2 different twisted doorframe ter'angreal.  Players can only win by breaking the rules:  Courage to 
strengthen; fire to blind; music to daze; iron to bind.  See also Tower of Ghenjei  (TSR 323-4)  Moiraine say in TSR 179 that having two ta'veren inside at the same time might tear the connection and trap them there.     Mat encounters the snakes first.   They give him the answers he wants, but only because the place is about to collapse.

Gann, Lord - One of the Hunters of the Horn who captures Gaul in Remen

Garam - Cairheinin, son of town chief who gives Aiel water rights

Garan - Aiel of the Jhirad Goshien, taken gai'shain, he marries a Maiden from a sept which is a blood enemy (FoH 198). 

Garenia - A strong Wise Woman in Ebou Dar (ACos 395).  She is as strong as Lelaine or Romanda.   Saldaean, she looks to be about Nyneave's age.  Given the choice, she would accept Wilders into the Kin.

Gareth Bryne - Captain- General of Queen's Guard in Andor.  Also one-time lover of Morgase.  He is now exiled from Andor.  Considered one of the greatest living generals.  There is an indication in LOC that he may become a love interest for Siuan Sanche, possibly her Warder.

Gaul - Aiel freed from a cage by Perrin.  He is Shaarad (Stone Dog), a bit older than Nynaeve.   Has clear green eyes, handsome.   Next in line to be clan cheif of the Shaarad (TSR 320).    Loyal to Perrin, he helps defend Emonds Field.  He falls in love with Chiad, who is from a sept which has a blood feud with the Shaarad.   She will not marry him, could make him give up the spear for her.

Gawyn Trakand - Elayne's brother, sworn to protect her.  He loves Egwene but will not interfere with Galad's affection for her.  He and Egwene meet in Cairhein   He has Elayne's red/gold coloring.  Egwene vows to make him her Warder.  He has made a promise to Egwene that he will not harm Rand.   However, he will not help him, either, because he still believes Rand killed Morgase.     At Dumai's Wells he is sure that he and the Younglings have been targeted for destruction, either by Elaida or Galina, he is not sure which.  He accompanies Corvala and the remaining Tower AS back to Tar Valon, is denied access to the city.  Elaida had ordered Galina to dispose of him (ACOS 506)

Gearan - friend of Lewin original Aiel

Gedwyn - One of the Asha'man Taim wants Rand to take with him to Cairhein.    Gedwyn almost killed Rand at Dumai's Wells, before Taim intervened.  

Gera - A cook in Salidar who would be a green and rebuke Aes Sedai in her dreams.  She appears among them in Tel'aran'rhiod.

Gholam - a creature engineered by Aginor during the Breaking.  It dismembers its victims.  In ACOS we learn that there are only 6 gholam, 3 male, and 3 female.     They were created to be assassins of Aes Sedai.   Are unaffected by channeling, but Mat's foxhead medallion sears one as if by burning.      They also cannot be killed with knives or spears - don't bleed.     They have no bones, can squeeze under doors.    Move like snakes, faster than Myrdraal, but look human.    They are strong enough to rip a door off its hinges with one hand.   They can also sense the ability to channel.    (ACOS 599)  Flows melt on a Gholam the same way they do on Mat's medallion.     Birgitte supplies Mat with information on them.    Even the Forsaken are wary of Gholam.   Mat thinks the one in the Rahad was sent by a Forsaken to kill Elayne or Nyneave, or both.

Gilda - a kitchen worker at the Queen's Blessing

Gill, Basel  - Owner of the Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn.  He is very loyal to Morgase and Moiraine.

Gitara Moroso - An Aes Sedai who had the fortelling.  She was counselor to Queen Modrellein, mother of Morgase.   She foretold Rand's birth while Moiraine and Siuan Sanche were still Accepted, then collapsed and died.  She was Keeper of the Chronicles at the time she died.  She also advised Tigraine to go to the Three Fold Land.   And some suspect that she convinced Luc that the outcome of Tarmon Gaidon depended upon him going to the Blight

Gorderan - Redarm in the fight with the gholam (ACOS 602)

Grady, Jur - a man who can channel, tested by Mazrim Taim.   Bonded to his wife Sora (ACOS 445)

Grady, Sora - Jur's wife, bonded to Jur, just as Warders are bonded to AS

Gray Man - One who has given over his soul completely to the Dark One.  Gray men are assassins.  Some, but very few, are women.  The one Sheriam found in her chamber was a woman

Graendal - Female Forsaken who enslaves others.  Was once a great psychiatrist.  Described as a "fleshy woman with elaborately curled red hair, a renowned ascetic who healed sick minds which could not be touched by Healing."   She has a desire to pull down those in power which masks a taste for personal power in her character.  She is expert at hiding things in plain sight (LOC 130), does not use darkfriends as servants (does not trust them), but instead uses compulsion on those who serve her.    She is masquerading as an invalid Domani woman, staying at a palace in Arad Doman.   Sammael Travels to Tanchico to visit her.  She is thinking of moving elsewhere, to be out of reach of Sammael.   She is unpredictable (LoC 142)   She appears in ACOS in the company of Sammael.

Great Serpent - the symbol of the series and the design for the ring worn on either hand by Aes Sedai, but only on the left hand by Accepted.   The serpent biting its own tail symbolizes the continuation of time, the repetition of the Ages, and is also a standard symbol in Jungian psychology.

Gyldin - cleaning woman at the Panarch's palace in Tanchico.  She is disrespectful to Liandrin (Shadow 438).  Spies on Black Ajah.   Moghedien in disguise

Gyldan - Elaida's closest friend and confidante in the Tower  (Egwene also sees her as Black Ajah, during her Testing to be raised to Accepted.  Dragon 208)

Guaire Amalasin - A false dragon controlled by Tar Valon who was released before he was gentled.  The remnants of his armies attempted to free him from Tar Valon (Dragon 210)

Guenna, Ailwhin (Mother) - the widow in Tear who boards the 3 Accepted in her home.  She is something like a Wisdom.  Introduces them to Juilin Sandar.

Gueyam - Tairen noble who once plotted against Rand.   Older man

Guisin- Aes Sedai in Salidar, sent to Tarabon

Gwil - Perrin's servant, like Hal a former playmate and friend of Perrin's

Haesel - servant in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar.   Olver says she has pretty eyes, short black hair, pretty face, olive skin.   She leads Mat into the palace (292).  Slim, young.    

Hailene - Another name for the Seanchan, means "those who come before" in the Old Tongue.  Also called Rhyagelle (those who come home) and Forerunners.     (TGH "Seanchan")

Haindar - Mad male Aes Sedai during the time of the Breaking

Hake - Proprietor of Four Kings in Shadow Inn.  .

Hal - a man Perrin hunted with, now his servant

Halima Saranov - Asan'gar.  Delana Mosaline cannot sense the ability to channel in Halima.  Claims to have traveled with Cabriana Mecandes, who was tortured by Semirhage.   Halima wants to see Logain either severed ir dead, but he is guarded by A.S. who maintain the shield over him.    Halima may use the True Source instead of the OP.

Hamal - Shaido blacksmith (ACOS 634)

Haman, Elder - An Ogier from Loial's Stedding

Hammar - Master warder.  Teacher to Galad and Gawyn.    Gawyn kills him when the Tower falls

Hamora, Jisao - Youngling who fought in the Tower

Han - clan chief of the Tomanelle Aiel, he is hard to know and difficult to deal with TSR 565

Hanlon, Daved - Min sees his aura at the camp of Caralaine Damodred.   His aura is so dark it is nearly black.   She knows he will murder and rape some more.    He is the leader of the White Lions, the band of brigands leftover from Gaebril's (Rahvin's)  guards in Andor.   ACOS 553

Haral Luhhan - The blacksmith in Emonds' Field to whom Perrin is apprenticed.  He is a strong leader in the community.

Hard Footed Four Legs - wolf name for the horses 

Haret, Jurah - innkeeper of the Star in Tear.  Balding man, round faced.

Harfor, Mistress (Reene) - First Maid at the royal Palace in Caemlyn

Hari Coplin - See Darl Coplin

Harilin - A lanky red headed Maiden of the Spear, Rand's age

Harine din Togara Two Winds - part of the Seafolk delegation which Rand slights.   Berelain reports that Harine has a temper.  She refuses to let Egwene board her ship.   Berelain has been negotiating with her (ACOS 327).   Harine is Wavemistress to Clan Shodein, a handsome, full mouthed woman with white streaks in her straight black hair.   Impressive dignity (ACOS 535)

Harnan - a Redarm in Mat's army.  Has a hawk tattoed on his cheek., which may or may not tie him to other aspects of the story, like the Ayyad.   Lantern jawed Tairen file leader.    (ACOS)   Mat thinks he is a bad influence on Olver - is teaching him to ogle women.  (453)

Harrod, Master - Prop. Harrilan's Leap, in Jarra.  See Simion

Haslin, Henre -   He is older, former Master of the Sword, Queen's Guard. Works at the Farm, is dismissed by Taim, ordered brought back by Rand.

Hawkwing's Empire - many of the countries under Hawkwing no longer exist except in stories and as place names:  Hardan (in what is now Haddon Mirk); Maredo (Plains of Maredo, between Tear and Illian); Caralain (Caralain Grass); Almoth (Almoth Plain); Mosara, Irenvelle, and Manetheren

Healing - the Talent manifested by Nynaeve and members of the Yellow Ajah.   Healing creates a bond of sorts, between the patient and the one who heals.  (Eye 270)

Heart of the Dark - (Dragon 187) "Ba'alzamon.  Name hidden within name shrouded by name.  Secret buried within secret cloaked by secret.  Betrayer of Hope.  Ishamael betralys all hope.  Truth burns and sears,  Hope fails before truth.  A lie is our shield.  Who can stand against the Heart of the Dark?  Who can face the Betrayer of Hope?  Soul of shadow, Soul of the Shadow, he is __"   Verin reads from a fragment of manuscript to Egwene.  Verin has studied this document for nearly forty years.

Heartfang - wolf name for Ba'alzamon

Hearne - High Lord from Tear who is induced to treason by Balwer, who works for the Whitecloaks

Heirn - Jindo sept of the Aiel, ally to Rhuarc TSR 559

Henren, Lord - Andoran nobleman

Heran, Adan - Governor of Baerlon

Heron Mark Swords - Aes Sedai work from the AOL.  Tam gives Rand the first one, which is destroyed in the fight with Ba'alzamon, but only after Rands' hands are branded with the heron.   Aviendha gives Rand the sword of King Laman, which is equally old.  He keeps the blade only, gives her the jewel encrusted hilt and scabbard back.   The heron mark denotes a blademaster.  He has a new hilt and scabbard made by a man from Taien.

High Chasaline - Holiday when everyone is supposed to think only good thoughts.    Also called the Day of Reflection.   Held in winter.    (ACOS)

High Lord Aracome - From Tear.  Plots against Rand.  Serves under Meilan in Cairhein.

High Lord Hearne - See Aracome

High Lord Gueyam - See Aracome

High Lord Maraconn - See Aracome

High Lord Mielan - Tairen, will take army into Cairhein, leter serves under Mat.  He plotted against Rand in Tear and was banished to Cairhein.    He wants the Sun Throne in Cairhein

High Lord Sunamon - Tairen.  Has guaranteed Rand a treaty with Mayene

High Lady Suroth - Seanchan.  In Cantorin at one point, (Shadow 33), but returns to Seanchan when Rand and Aviendha Travel there.   Darkfriend.  In league with Liandrin to capture Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve as damane.  Plans to capture Rand and a) give him to the Empress, or b) Dark One?  The sides of her scalp are shaved, with dark hair falling down her back.   Her fingernails are an inch long, and the first two on each hand a lacquered blue.  She rallies the Seanchan forces after Falme.    In order to fulfill the orders of the Empress, she must dispose of Rand, so she can retake the ancient Hawkwing lands.(Shadow 34).  She likes animals, and has a menagerie in Seanchan.  She no longer trusts the sul'dam, but without them the damane will be loose in Seanchan.   She, Alwhin, and two others keep a secret not yet known to the Empress.

High Lord Simanon - See Aracome

High Lord Torean - Tairen, plots against Rand, is blackmailed into funding Rand's plans for sending an army to Cairhein to quell the civil war there.

Holdwin, Raimun - A darkfriend who talks to a Fade in a village on the Caemlyn road.  (TEOTW, 521)  He is an innkeeper

Hopper - The wolf who becomes Perrin's guide in tel'aran'rhiod.  A sort of spirit guide, he loves to fly.

Hopwil, Eben - A man who can channel.  Tested by Mazrim Taim.   Has a big nose and ears  (ACOS 141)

Horn of Valere - Hidden in the Eye of the World, the Horn must be sounded at Tarmon Gaidon, the Last Battle, to summon the Heroes of the Ages.  The person who sounds the Horn is thereafter linked to it, and it will be nothing but a horn to anyone else who sounds it.   Padon Fain links the sounding of the Horn to the Breaking of the White Tower.  Since Mat has already sounded to the Horn, he is linked to it, but there is the question of whether his "death" at Rhuidean broke the link, or not.   (Hunt 420).  It is hidden in the Tower, and only Siuan & Verin know where (TDR "The Amyrlin Seat").

Hornval, Master - Taraboner who makes roof tiles.  Refugee in Emond's Field

Howal Gode - darkfriend

Hu - Stablehand at the Winespring Inn, in Emond's Field

Huan - Siuan Sanche's uncle to whom she compares Mat.  (Dragon 183)  He liked to gamble, died pulling children out of a burning house

Huan - of House Aladon (Seanchan) the blond bodyguard of Turak.  His head is half shaved, half braided.

Hulden, Kely - a man who is tested by Mazrim Taim, but who cannot channel

Hundred Companions - the male Aes Sedai who, along with Lews Therin sealed up the Dark One's Prison.  The backlash tainted Saidin

Hunters for the Horn - Men and women who take an oath and search for the Horn of Valere.   Most are nobly born (ACOS 114).  Faile was one when she met Perrin.

Hurin - A sniffer.  He can follow any trail of darkfriends by the scent, and can tell when they have injured someone.  He is a Thief-Taker for King of Shinear. (TDR "Secrets")   He returns to Shienar to take word of events at Falme.

Hurn, Rowan - One of the Village Council in Emond's Field, mentioned at the beginning of "Eye"

Ibrella - Novice in Salidar

Idrien Tarsin - Graying, stocky woman who heads up Rand's school in Cairhein, Built crossbow during seige of Carhein

Iesendre - A beautiful woman who arrives in Cold Rocks hold in the company of darkfriends

Ila - A Tua'than woman, Raen's wife.

Illusion - The trick used by Aes Sedai to appear larger than they actually are.  Moiraine used it at the gates in Baerlon, and Alanna uses it to intimidate the group of girls being taken from the Two Rivers to Tar Valon.

Indirian - a leader of one of the Aiel groups allied with the Shaido

Ingtar, Lord - A Shienaran warrior of House Shinowa, whose sign is the gray owl.    He sacrifices himself to save Rand and the others at the end of TGH, after revealing that he is a Darkfriend.   Rand feels that Ingtar's sacrifice has returned him to the Light.    Ingtar also appears at the darkfriends' ball in the prologue of TGH.

Irella - Accepted in the Tower.  Nynaeve gets in trouble by hitting her (Hunt 455)

Isam - Lan's cousin, captured by Trollocs at the fall of Malkier.  He becomes a sort of super-darkfriend, along with Luc.  Also known as Slayer.   The Trollocs try to avenge him at Emond's Field

Ishamael - Forsaken.  The Betrayer of Hope.  Wears black with white lace at the sleeves.  Real name:  Elan Morin Tedronai.  Is the one who confronts Lews Therin in the Prologue of Hunt.  Killed by Rand in Tear, (we think) when Rand runs him through with Callandor.  Calls himself Ba'alzamon.   Although completely mad when he dies, he was a philosopher and theologian, before being turned to the Dark.   Learned many things through his research regardin the War with the Shadow (LoC 133)   In ACOS 289 Ishamael's orders are referred to

Ishara - First queen of Andor

Isebaille Tobanyi - Domani Aes Sedai who sacrificed brothers whe loved and the throne of Arad Domon on order from the Tower (ACOS 131)

Isendre - A beautiful woman who accompanies the Peddlars into the Three Fold Land.     Presumably part of a plot to entrap either Rand or Mat.

Ispan Shefar  - Black Ajah, from Tarabon like Liandrin, but has dark hair FoH 243.   She is afraid of Nyneave and Elayne with good reason - they capture her in the Rahad at the end of ACOS.

Ituralde, Rodel - One of the great captains, along with Gareth Bryne.  From Arad Domon.  It is not known if he is still alive.

Itruralde, Lord - A visitor to lady Basene (Graendal)

Ivara - One of the Kin

Ivon - Alanna's remaining Warder

Jaegal - a creature from the AOL which has many scales "Threads Woven of Shadow" - LoC

Jaem - Warder to Vandene, one of two Aes Sedai sisters who live and study outside the Tower.

Jahar Narishma - One of the Soldiers of the Asha'man. Very young, big eyes  (Acos 122)  With Rand in Cairhein

Jaim Adarra - Captain of the Snow Goose, where Perrin meets Faile

Jair - wife of Mandelain, sister-wife to Corehuin.    (ACOS 324)

Jak - thug who works for Saml Hake

Jalani - 16 yr old Maiden of the Spear who takes an interest in Dedric

Jalindin - A Seanchan Seeker (female) who put both a son and daughter of the Empress to the question.

Jan - One of Min's 3 seamstress aunts

Jancy Torfinn - from Emonds' Field, is tested and taken to Caemlyn by Verin & Alanna, enroute to the Tower

Janduin - Rand's Aiel father.  Clan chief of the Taardad Aiel, he was killed by Luc (unknown to him, his brother-in-law) in the Blight.

Janine Pavlara - Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.  (ACOS 62)

Janwin -  Aiel cheif, looks as if he is carved from old wood.   Is surprisingly mild tempered, even though his eyes look stormy.   (ACOS 320)

Janya Frende - Brown in Salidar.  Very neat, talks quickly.  Sitter for the Brown Ajah in Salidar

Jar Silvin - One of Gareth Bryne's men

Jaren - son of Adan who throws himself off a cliff when he finds he can channel

Jaric Mondoran - See Tzora

Jarid Sarand - Andoran nobleman, Elenia's husband.  Darkfriend, in Gaebril's court

Jarna Malari - Alviarin's predecessor in the BA, killed by Ishamael (ACOS prologue)  "Publicly Gray, Jarna had never shown any interest in the <i>ter'angreal</i> no one knew a use for -- until the day she became snared in one untried for centuries.  How to activate it remained a mystery still.  For ten days no one could reach her, only listen to her throat-wrenching shrieks.  Most of the Tower thought Jarna a model of virtue"

Javidhra - Red Aes Sedai in the broken Tower, who reportedly found Logaine in Cosamelle, kept his ability to channel secret.  This may be a story concocted by Siuan Sanche to discredit the Red Ajah.

Jearom - Legendary Andoran blademaster  (LOC 68)  Also referred to by Hammar, when Mat defeats Galad with his quarterstaff

jegal - a scaled animal from the Age of Legends

Jehran - leader of the Shaarad Aiel

Jen, Master - servant in Tarasin palace, short, bullish (ACOS 292)

Jen Conel - Merchant who is loyal to Morgase

Jendai Prophesy - Says the Sea Folk will serve the Coramoor; the Coramoore will bring the Sea Folk to glory; All the seas of the wolrd will be theirs.    (ACOS 538)   They believe that a Bargain must be struck with Rand however, in order to accomplish this.      Rand requires that they transport for him, bring him news of the movements of the Seanchan.   They say this will be harder than he thinks.

Jenric - Aiel who gambles with Mat in Rhuidean (FoH 80)

Jeordam - Rhodric's grandfather, Rand's ancestor

Jeral - Children of the Light.  Serves under Jaichim Carridin

Jestian Redhill - Aes Seadi who sacrificed on order from the Tower (ACOS 131)

Jheram - Aiel clan cheif of the Shaarad, Stone Dogs

Jesse Bilal  - Aes Sedai in Broken Tower, head of the Brown's council

Jidar - A Saldaean under Vilnar

Jinjin - A sul'dam (ACOS 431)

Jini - One of 2 Seanchan damane that Rand & Aviendha try to free.

Joinde - A Maiden who marries her gai'shain (FoH 78) because of Rand.    Her clan and his are blood enemies.

Joiya - The name of the child Egwene experiences with Rand during her Testing.  She seems very real to Egwene

Joiya Byir - Oldest of the Black Ajah.  Captured by Egwene.  Had been a White.  Killed by darkfriends to keep her silent.

Jol - An apprentice to Kin Tovere.  He is 2 yrs. older than Rand.

Jolien - Maiden of the Spear.  Salt Flat sept of Nakai Aiel.  Was with Aviendha when she met Nynaeve (Dragon 365).  She is killed At Carihein, and Rand feels great guilt over her death.

Joline Maza  - Green Aes Sedai in broken Tower, slender.  Requests to serve penances issued by Elaida.  Is named a Sitter for the Green in the B.T., then sent to Ebou Dar as penance.    She is pretty, slender, has a nice smile.   Wants to take Mat into custody because he is ta'veren.    She despises all those who broke the Tower and anyone allied with them.  However, she expects Elaida will be deposed.  (ACOS 296, 312, 315)

Jonai - Adan's father, lived through the Breaking.  His wife Alnora was a Dreamer.  His other son Willim could channel, was sent away.  Rand's ancestor.

Joni Shagrin - Gareth's  master at arms.  A big, balding man

Jori - Warder to Morvin

Jorin din Jubai White Wing - Windfinder of the Sea Folk.  She is sister to Coine.  She can channel and she befriends Elayne.  The Sea Folk do not trust Aes Sedai because they fear all their windfinders will be sent to 
Tar Valon.

Josaine - a Green in the Broken Tower who is punished for finding an angreal and not turning it in - part of the BA plot to divide the remaining AS in the Tower.  (ACOS 509)

Joslyn - a name Egwene uses on board the Darter, and in Tear

Juilin Sandar - A thief-catcher from Tear who accompanies Nynaeve and Elayne, along with Thom

Juin - An Ogier in Stedding Tsofu

jumara - one of Aginor's nastier creations, now loose in the Blight, where they are called worms.  Graendal was almost killed by one.   Rand & co. were nearly killed by several jumara when they fled to the Eye of the World,

Juranai - Leader of the Aethan Dor (Red Sheilds).  Slender, has light brown hair with a strreak of white in it.

Juric - a gai'shain who refuses to give up the robes

Kadere, Hadnan - A darkfriend who travels as a peddler

Kairen Stang - Blue in Salidar, Andoran, emmisary to Rand

Kajin, Lord - Shienaran , equal in rank to Agelmar (Hunt 102, 119)  He is tall, lanky and sallow, young

Kandori - men often have forked beards, as Paetram does.

Karaethon Cycle - Contains the Prophesies of the Dragon.   Among them:  The Dragon would be reborn on Dragonmount; He would wield Callandor; The Stone of Tear will fall when Callandor is taken; He will Break the Nations and shatter the world;  "He shall slay his people with the sword of peace, and destroy them with the leaf; He shall bind the nine moons to serve him; He shall heal "wounds of madness"  and cutting of hope;  He shall break chains and put (   ) into chains"; "The blood of the Dragon Reborn on the rocks of Shayol Ghul will free makind fromthe Shadow (Dragon 50)

Kari al'Thor - Tam's wife, Rand stepmother (deceased) She was from Caemlyn

Karind - Andoran noblewoman, very tough, but not smart.  Stolid.  Darkfriend in Gaebril's court, widowed 3 times

Karldin - One of the Asha'man with Rand.   Goes to check the Waygates with Loial on Rand's orders (ACOS 440)

Katerine Alruddin - Red from the Broken Tower.  Also Black Ajah. Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.  Elaida wants to rescue her and the others, is persuaded not to by Alviarian  (ACOS 505)

Kaylin - One of the AS maids in Salidar.   Egwene's maid Chesa mentions her when E. is made Amyrlin.

Keatlin - Novice in Salidar who has a large nose.  She is older than Elayne and resents being order around.

Keille Shaogi - a very large merchant woman who travels with the Peddlars into the Waste.    She moves very lightly for a woman her size.      We find later that her identity is assumed.     (TSR, 411)

Kera -  fair haired and blue eyed Green in theBroken Tower.   She is Tairen.   Mocks Danelle in the ACOS prologue

Kin - Juggler in Valan Luca's show

Kin, The - The group of Wise Women in Ebou Dar who take in Tower castoffs and wilders.  Led by Reanne Corly and the other Wise Women, who wear red sashes.   There are nearly 2,000 of them, and Elayne proposes to take them to Egwene.   The Tower has known of the Kin for centuries, kept them a secret because of the runaways (ACOS 475)

Kinch, Hyam - Farmer met on the Caemlyn Road (Eye)

King Paitar of Arafel - Kiruna Nachiman's brother (ACOS 71)

King Roedran - King of Murandy, which lives on trade.  The capital - Lugard, is a dirty city, very sexually explicit.   Murandy is a fragmented nation, perpetually on the brink of civil war.

kingspenny - the symbol of Bashere's troops, it is a red Saldaen flower that cannot be killed even by Saldaen winters, is the first to bloom after a fire.   (ACOS)

Kirin - A 5 yr old Jenn Aiel who is kidnapped during Rand's vision in Rhuidean

Kiruna Nachiman - Green.  Sister of King of Arafel (one of the Borderlands).  She has 4 warders, is nominated to go to Aiel waste to look for Rand.  She is in Salidar.   Kiruna is presently spending time in the Aiel tents, answering to Sorilea.  

Kisman - An Asha'man. One of Taim's men, whom Taim wants to send to Cairhein with Rand.  Rand refuses him.

Kiyoshi -  A Gray in the Tower who is to be held up as a model of upholding Tower Law  (ACOS 509)  Since this is done on Alviarin's advice, we must question if she is B.A.

kjasic - (Old Tongue) used in the phrase 'kjasic fly speck of a city' by Sammael (ACOS 288)

Kodam - young male Aes Sedai who helped seal the Prison.  Not yet tainted by the Breaking at the time of the Seal

Kwamesa - Gray in Salidar.  Sitter in the Hall

Lady Basene - Graendal's alter personna, a frail Domani woman

Ladwin - One of Mat's scouts, captured by Warders outside Salidar.  Short, stocky and mild-seeming

Laerad - leader of the Moshaine Aiel, grizzled.   A Water Seeker.   Shaido.

Lain Mandragoran - Lan's uncle.  Brother of Akir.  Died in Blasted Lands, husband to Breyan, father of Isam.

Laman - Cairheinin King whose sacrifice of Avensadora led to the Aiel War, also Moriaine's kinsman

Lamelle - A Maiden of the Spear who makes terrible soup and makes Rand eat it

Lamgwin Dorn - Strong man in the employ of Master Gill.  He loves cats and protects Moiraine and co. Becomes one of Morgase's traveling companions after she flees Caemlyn.   Now in Amador, flees Seanchan with Morgase and Sebbin Balwer.     Loves Breane Tarborwin.  (ACOS 422)

Lan - al'Lan Mandragoran.  Hier to the throne of Malkier, which fell to the Blight.  Diademed Lord of the Seven Towers, he was sworn to fight the Dark One in his cradle.  Moiraine's warder, passed to Myrelle on her death.  He loves Nynaeve.

Lanfear - Born Mierlin, Aes Sedai (?) who bored into the Dark One's prison.   She loves Lews Therin/Rand.  Now the most powerful of the Forsaken, next to Ishamael.  Disappears into the twisted doorframe ter'angreal with Moiraine in Cairhein in Fires.  Presumed destroyed or stilled.   See LOC 143 - forshadowing of her reappearance?

Lanita - a Novice who is Black Ajah

Laras - Fat Mistress of the Kitchens at Tar Valon.  Has a surprising past as a flirt, and takes Min under her wing.  She also helps the Amyrlin and Leane escape after they are stilled.  Laras has a good heart, will try to 
protect others, despite her sour reputation.

Laren - servant in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar.  Round woman (ACOS 293) with gray at her temples and a stately way of moving

Larine Ayellin - pretty girl from Emonds' Field, is tested and taken to Caemlyn by Verin & Alanna, enroute to the Tower

Larissa Lyndel - Yellow in Salidar

Latra Posae Decume - the leader of the faction within the Hall of Servants which voted on the "Fateful Concord", which forced Lews Therin Telemon to strike secretly at Shayol Ghul, sealing in the Dark One, but also ensuring the backlash which tainted Saidin.    Latra also was later known as Shadar Nor, or Cutter of the Shadow.   (From The Strike at Shayol Ghul end notes, Balticon 1996)

Laurain - a "volunteer" lady in waiting for Morgase during her exile in Altara.  Wears a permanent simper

Latelle - Bear trainer in menagerie.  Nynaeve gets into a fight with her

Leane Sharif - Former Keeper of the Seal at the Tower, former Blue.  Stilled and in Salidar, she is Healed by Nynaeve.  Leane is a Domani woman who knows how to manipulate men.  She talks about switching to the Green Ajah.  There is a hint in FOH that she may care for Logain. (315)

Leiran - Cosaida Chareen Aiel

Leitha - Tairen lady who hates Aes Sedai & is rude to Moiraine

Lelaine Akashi - Blue in Salidar, close friend of Siuan Sanche

Lenn - A legendary figure who thought he could fly to the moon

Leral - One of Mistress Anan's daughters at the Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar.   Lets Olver hold her hand (ACOS 306)

Leuese Mulan - Tairen fisherman who finds a fortune in Heartstone in his nets, off the Fingers of the Dragon

Lewin - Jeordam's father.  He is the 1st of the Daishan Aiel to take up the spear

Lewin, Adine - related to the other Two Rivers Lewins, she is a self-righteous troublemaker, sides with the Whitecloaks

Lewin, Emry - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

Lewin, Flann - Farmer from the Westwood, he and his family seek refuge from the Trollocs with Jac al'Seen

Lewin, Kimrey - E.F. woman caught with Bar Dowtry in the hayloft.

Leya - the Tuatha'an woman who carries a message to Moiraine, is killed by Trollocs.  Perrin feels great guilt over her death, which was foretold by Min.

Leyn - A Wise One who can channel strongly (ACOS 335)

Liah - scar faced Maiden of the Spear who disappears in Shadar Logoth.     Rand sees her in Shadar Logoth in ACOS, cannot save her

Liandrin - Leader of the Black Ajah and the strongest of them, a former Red who is in league with the High Lady Suroth.  She tries to neutralize the 3 Accepted by having them kidnapped, hates Rand.  In FOH she states that she had sworn herself to the Great Lord of the Dark before she entered the Tower.  She is shielded by Moghedien.  She is not as strong as Egwene.

Linking - the process of combining the power of several individuals who can channel.    A man is needed to link more than 13 women, more than one man is needed to link beyond 27 (LOC 57)  Men cannot link with each other (FoH 75).   Also, Fades sometimes link to Trollocs in order to control them.   When the Fade dies, the Trollocs linked to him die as well .    In Loc 135 Graendal and Sammael are discussing linking.   She would have to initiate it, but with only 2 people would have to turn control over to him and  trust him to end the link.     See also:   Bonding.

Lir Baryn - Darkfriend in Gaebril's court. Andorran noble.  He is slender and wears a sword

Lirine - A Red sister who has been on a "voluntary" retreat from the Tower for 15 years.    She may have been involved in Owyn's death.      (ACOS Prologue)

Listeners - The people who report to the Seekers for the Truth (Seanchan)  Hunt 421

Logain Ablar - A kingly man who became a false Dragon, able to channel.  He was once gentled and living in Salidar, but later escaped.  Present whereabouts unknown.  Min still sees glory to come for him.   In LOC, Nynaeve heals him.  He has said he sides with Salidar, but Nynaeve is sure he hates Aes Sedai for what the Reds did to him.  Described as a tall, darkhaired, handsome man, with curling shoulder length hair.   The ACOS glossary gives his birthdate/place as 972 NE in Ghealdan.   

Loial Kiseran - Young Ogier who becomes friends with Rand.  Travels with Perrin to defend Emonds Field against Trollocs.  Loves books, is writing one about his adventures with Rand.   His mother is plotting to get him married to Erith

Long Tooth - The wolf name for Elyeas Machera, which refers to his knife

lopar - a Seanchan beast.   Morgase sees one when she meets High Lady Suroth in ACOS (430).   His name is Almandaragal, he is half again as big as the largest bear, has no muzzle.    Is a guard animal.

Lopar, Casan - Innkeeper of the White Crescent in Tear

Lopin - Nalesean's round-bellied manservant, who later serves Mat (ACOS 448)   He is to help look after Olver

Lord Culen - Murandian Hunter of the Horn, from Mindea.  Mat defeats him in Maerone

Loya - Servant in tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar.   Slender girl with bee-stung lips who takes care of Olver.  (ACOS 453)

Lost Ones - See Tua'than, Traveling People, also Aiel.  The Aiel and the Tua'than each refer to the other as "lost"

Lord Paers - Murandian Hunter of the Horn, from Mindea.  Mat defeats him in Maerone

Luan, Lord  - One of Morgase's supporters, before Gaebril took over the throne.  Exiled.

Luaine - One of the Aiel who helps Aviendha and Rhuarc rescue Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene from brigands.

Luc, Lord  - This rather complex character is the vanished brother of Tigraine, former Daughter Heir to the throne of Andor.  House Mantear.  Lost in the Blight before Rand's birth.   Reappears as Lord Luc in Emond's Field during the Trolloc attack.  He  was presumed dead, but Tigraine/Shaiel's Aiel husband Janduin was killed in the Blight by a man who looked so much like Shaiel that he couldn't draw his sword.  Luc would be Rand's uncle, now an agent of the DO.  When he appears in Emonds Field there are clues that he is of royal blood.  He also has the red-gold hair and light eyes of the royalty of Andor, as does Rand.  Interestingly, the wounds taken by Isam (Slayer) in Tel'aran'rhiod affect Lord Luc in Emonds Field.     Gitara Moroso is reported to have convinced Luc that the Last Battle hinges on his going to the Blight

Luca - friend of Lewin

Lucellin - Whitecloak, in Taren Ferry with Dain Bornhald

Lucilde - Novice in Salidar brought from the Tower.  Brings Halima Saranov to Delana.  Lanky, timid, always nervous

Luthair - Luthair Paendrag Mondwin, son of Artur Hawkwing.  He took Hawkwings remaining army over the Aryth Ocean, after they had laid seige to Tar Valon, walling Aes Sedai up in the White Tower   Referred to as Luthair Paendrag Tanreall in Hunt.  Except for its border, the Seanchan banner is the same as Luthair's.

Mabriam en Shereed - Female ta'veren who founded the Compact of the Ten Nations after the Breaking (FoH 85)

Machan - warder

Macharan, Lord - Andorran, one of Morgase's supporters massing against Rand

Machin Shin - The Black Wind which inhabits the Ways.  It destroys body and soul

Macura, Ronde - A seamstress in Amadicia who tries to betray Nynave & Elayne and send them to Elaida in Tar Valon. 

Madic - servant in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar.  Balding, square faced, has a self satisfied air, but who can be bought   (ACOS 293, 457) 

Maeric - Seia Doon , leader of one of the Shaido war societies   (ACOS Prologue)   We also see him sent away by Sammael to die at the end of ACOS.  (633)

Mada - One of two sisters at the inn called "The Woman of Tanchico", where Mat finds Thom drowning in drink.

Maecine - a king of Eharon, five hundred years before the Trolloc Wars

Magla Daronos - Yellow in Salidar, big shouldered Illianer

Maglin Madwen - The proprietess of The Nine Rings Inn in Tremondsien, near the huge male sa'angreal.  She is from Lugard (Eye)

Maigan - The other sister of the Blue Ajah who accompanies Siuan Sanche to Fal Dara.  The name is also used when we first see Moghdien.  Jordan laters changes the spelling to keep the two characters separate.

Maighdin Trakand - Morgase's mother FoH 249

Maigran - Lewin's sister, for whom he takes up the spear

Maira - Red haired Maiden of the Spear, 10 yrs older than Rand.  Of the Tomanelle sept.  Is part of Rand's guard which fails, has to carry a doll as penance.  (FOH 291)

k - The name "Caddor" gives Graendal when they visit Sevanna.    She threatens to kill him if he uses that name for her again.    Why?      They are linked during that visit, and Maisia appears very dark, as Caddor is.

Majhere - The head housekeeper of the Stone of Tear

Malena Aylar - Encountered during Nynaeve's Testing, she is the Wisdom from Watch Hill, a darkfriend.  (Hunt 290)

Malind - Green in Salidar, Sitter in the Hall

Malindhe - Aiel Wise One

Malin din Toral Breaking Wave - Wavemistress of Clan Somarin and Sailmistress of " Windrunner"

Mallen, Mavra - The Wisdom from Deven Ride who fills in for Nynaeve

Mallia, Huan (Captain) - Loyal to Queen Morgase,  commands the Gray Gull on which Mat & Thom take passage.  He is a Tairen, plays Daes Daimar well.  Mat doesn't like him or trust him.

Malindare - more rounded than most Maidens, with the darkest hair Rand has seen in an Aiel.  (ACOS 527)

Mandien - One of Rand's Aiel ancestors

Mandelain - Aiel of the Daryne , chosen to guard Rand

Mangin - Aiel about Rand's age.  Rand likes him, but has to punish him for murder in LOC

Mantelar, Lothair - The founder of the Children of the Light.  Wrote "The Way of the Light"

Mar - One of Mat's scouts, captured by Warders outside Salidar, tall, lanky and rough-faced

Marande - sister of the High Seat of House Algoran, powerful in her own right.  She is "volunteered" to be one of Morgase's ladies in waiting during Morgase's exile in Altara

Mara - pseudonom for Siuan Sanche, which she adopted after a childhood friend, Mara Tomanes

Marce Eldin - from Two Rivers, is tested and taken to Caemlyn by Verin & Alanna, enroute to the Tower

Mardaine - female Jenn Aiel, from Rhuidean

Mardecin - A town just over the border from Tarabon to Amadicia

Maresis, Therva - Yellow in Salidar

Marewin - slight, young woman who serves as one of Morgase's ladies in waiting in Altara

Mari, Mistress - One of the names Moiraine assumes as disguise in Illian

Mari - Serving maid at the Stag & Lion in Baerlon, works with Min

Maric - The son Nynaeve forsees she will have with Lan. (Hunt 295)

Marigan - Blue who accompanies Amyrlin to Shienar.  Friend of Moiraine.

Marigan -   Woman on ship to Salidar who follows Nynaeve.  Has 2 sons. She is a healer, accused of being Aes Sedai in Samara.  Min says she and Ariena and Nicola are trouble.  In LOC she is revealed as something altogether different.   She is really Moghedien
Marillin Gemalphin - Black Ajah, formerly Brown.  Loves cats, helped injured animals as Brown.   In LOC she is reputed to be in Caemlyn, keeping an eye on Rand.   LOC 196

Marin al'Vere - Egwene's mother.  Runs the Winespring Inn with Bran.

Maringail - Tairen nobleman who contends for the Sun Throne in Cairhein

Marith Riven - Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.   (ACOS 62)

Marriage Dagger - An Ebou Dar custom.  Queen Tylin wears one.    White sheath denotes widowhood with no intention of remarriage, pearls in hilt indicate sons, firedrops = daughters.   A blue sheath denotes a widow looking for a new husband.   (ACOS 459)  A white setting means the child still lives.   A red setting means the child was at least 16, and was killed in a duel.   A black setting indicates the child died young.   A red or white setting is a source of pride.    Stones of children older than 16 who refuse to duel are removed, and the children are never acknowledged again.     Interestingly, Myrelle wears a collar with marriage daggers in tel'aran'rhiod.     It has 3 daggers  (she married all 3 of her warders, against custom), and a fourth dagger appears and disappears, indicating her tie to Lan.

Marris - Aes Sedai in Tower before breaking.  Involved in gardening.

Marwin, Hu - One of the Companions, TSR 645

Marwin, Elise - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna

Maryim - a name Nynaeve uses on board the Darter, and in Tear

Marza, Therille - Domani seamstress in Emond's Field, refugee

Maseem - the first mention of Mazrim Taim, while Mat is in a tavern on the Maule, TSR.   The odd spelling may be due to the heavy accent of the speaker, or may be a misstep on RJ's part.    (TSR "Rumors" 163)

Masema Dagar - Shienaran soldier who at first hates Rand because he hates Aiel, later proclaims him the Dragon Reborn and sets himself up as a Prophet.  Appears in Fires as a madman who starts civil war.  Opposes Whitecloaks.  Masema prophesies that even the beasts will fight for the Dragon (Dragon 321)

Mashadar - the all consuming hatred which resides in Shadar Logoth.  It was once thought that the hatred would be used against the Shadow

Mashera Donavelle - An Aes Sedai who bore 7 children to a man she hated, under orders from the Tower (ACOS 131)

Masin Caeren - Andorran noble, womanizer.   Darkfriend in Gaebril's court.

Masuri Sokawa - Brown in Salidar, from Arafel, emmisary to Rand

Mat (Matrim Cauthon) - a friend of Rand's from the Two Rivers.  He is ta'veren.  Mins visions of him include: a read eagel, an eye on a balance scale, a dagger with a ruby, a horn, and a laughing face.  Perrin suggests in Eye that Mat could be Aemon come back again (pg 234), "a king and a hero reborn".    Thom warns sharply against that kind of thinking:  "the dead can be reborn, or take a living body, and it si not something to speak of lightly."
Min later sees Mat hanging by his neck from a tree limb, as well as Mat and the Seanchan, and Mat speaking the Old Tongue.   Mat becomes Rand's battle leader

Matilde - servant in Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar, skinny woman (ACOS 293)

Mattin Stepaneos del Balgar  - King of Illian.  Once was captured by Whitecloaks, has an Aes Sedai advisor whom he keeps a secret.  Under Sammael.  His throne is the Laurel throne.  He is ready to join Pedron Niall, even though Sammael in fact controls Illian  (LoC 181)  He istrying to play all sides at once, trying to agree with both the Tower and the Whitecloaks Acos Prologue

Mayam - Aes Sedai in Broken Tower, in Cairhein to subdue Rand

Meciar - An Aiel of the Night Spear

M'Hael - Old Tongue for "leader'.    Taim uses it as his title.   Rand disapproves  

Meisa - Delana Mosaline's servant

Meira - Shaido Aiel Wise One (ACOS prologue) who accompanied Sevanna to see Rand beaten by the AS.  She is grim-faced by habit.

Melaine - Red haired Wise One of the Aiel who can channel.  She is one of the Dreamwalkers, married to Bael.   Min's viewing tells her that she will have twin girls

Melia - Hurin's Shienaran wife

Melindhra - A Maiden of the Spear, of the Jumai sept of the Shaido Aiel.   Her loyalties are divided.

Memara - Red Aes Sedai in broken Tower.  Sent to counsel Queen Tenobia in Saldea

Meneril - high ranking Cairhienin, with Rand in Caemlyn

Mera - An Aiel woman visiting her daughter, who is apprenticed to a W. O.

Mera'din - "The Brotherless" - The Aiel who have succumbed to the Bleakness and have run off to join the Shaido.   They have no clan, no society.    (ACOS)

Merana Ambrey - Gray in Salidar, Andoran, emmisary to Rand, now has sworn fealty to Rand.  She has light brown eyes, flecked with yellow.   She is appointed to speak for the Salidar contingent, even though Verin, Kiruna, and Bera tried to seize power from her.   She tells Rand the Aes Sedai need him, but don't realize it.   (ACOS 322) One of the 5 AS Min says Rand holds in the palm of his hand  (ACOS 534)

Meresin Daganred - Cairheinin commander in Mat's army

Merilille Ceandevin - Gray sent to Ebou Dar to gain support for Salidar, and ordered to search for the bowl ter'angreal.  She leads the Salidar contingent in Ebou Dar.

Meri - A refugee who is recruited by Romanda to spy on Egwene in the Salidar camp (ACOS 160)

Merinloe - city in Seanchan

Mervin - builds a steam engine at Rand's school (LOC 297)

Mesaana - Female Forsaken who hides in the White Tower.   She is uneasy around Semirhage, but is matched with her in strength.   She was once denied a place in the Collam Daan, relegated to teaching.     This would indicate that she might be masquerading as a Brown   (See Prologue, LoC, also LoC 138).      Presumably she would have known Mierin (Lanfear) from the Collam Daan.    She is described in the ACOS prologue as a tall woman of dark shadow and silver light, who has a habit of tapping her steepled forefingers against her lips.   Alviarin cannot sense the ability to channel in her - possibly a side effect of her disguise, which is woven of the Power.    The Brown sister Nesune has been suggested as the possible AS identity for Mesaana.  

Metwyn - Redarm in the fight with the gholam (ACOS 502)

M'hael - Title Taim uses at the Black Tower with his men.    Means "leader" in the Old Tongue.   Rand disapproves of it.

mia'cova - "my owner" in the Old Tongue.   The title Moghedien uses on Shaidar Haran (ACOS 416)

Micara - the Shaido Wise One assigned to maintain Galina's sheild.  (ACOS 624)

Miera - One of Sevanna's Shaido Wise Ones at Dumai's Wells.   Probable Darkfriend.  

Mierin Sedai - See Lanfear

Milo, Soran - Author of 'Killers of the Black Veil', a book about Aiel (TSR 250)

Min Farshaw - Also known as Elmindreda, young woman who has the ability to see auras and predict coming events, but who cannot channel.  Loves Rand, friend to Egwene & other Accepted.  She is basically a tomboy who becomes an accomplished flirt as part of her disguise as Elmindreda under the tutelage of Laras.  Knows Gawyn from the Tower, frees Siuan and Leane after they are stilled.  She was born in the Mountains of Mist, in the 
mines.  Raised by 3 seamstress aunts, Rana, Jan and Miren,  but she cannot sew .  Loves Rand.   Can read auras

mindtrap - see cour'souvra

Miren, Aunt - Min's aunt who understood Min's nature and the fact that she might not be willing to be stuffed into a dress after 10 years of wearing boys clothes in the mines

Modarra - Shaido Aiel WO, as tall as most men.   She is at Dumai's Wells with Sevanna (ACOS Prologue)  Is probably one of the DF WOs who killed Desaine.     Tall, tries to mother everybody.   (ACOS  348)

Modrellein, Queen - mother to Tigraine, Rand's grandmother.   Gitara Moroso was her advisor (FoH 252)

moghedien - a tiny spider from the Age of Legends.  It's bite was poisonous and killed within seconds

Moghedien - Female Forsaken known as "the spider" for her scheming in the background.  She is collared with an a'dam by Nynaeve, escapes, vows to hunt down Nynaeve, Elayne, and Birgitte (TSR52, 864, 599,  LoC Epilogue 697-8; FoH 311)    We do not know what her former occupation was

Moir, Hal - Youngling with Gawyn in LOC

Moiraine Damodred - The Blue Aes Sedai who sets the weave of the pattern in motion when she finds the 3 taver'en.  She is from Cairhein, a connsumate player of Daes Daimar, friend of Siuan Sanche.  She and Siuan 
were with Gitara Moroso when she predicted Rand's birth, then died.  There is speculation that she may also be a darkfriend - was absent from Fal Dara at the same time Ingtar was, when he attended the gathering at Shayol Gaul.  Even though she knows it it dangerous to the pattern, she uses balefire against the Forsaken.  She once made the statement to Egwene that she "knew the name of the man she would marry better than Egwene ever could". 
She is Taringail's youngest half sister (which makes her Elayne's aunt), she is also the neice of King Laman's (who cut down Avendoraldera and started the Aiel Wars) .  She and Lanfear disappear into the doorframe ter'angreal at the end of FoH.   Min has had a viewing which says that Rand cannot succeed without Moiraine, is lamenting that Moiraine is dead (probably not).

Moonhunter - wolf name for Lanfear

Mora - Wise One from Colrada Hold who trained Bair.  She was reported to be 300 years old when she died from the bite of a bloodsnake

Morelin Samared - Elayne's assumed Cairheinin identity when she is with the menagerie

Morsa, Lady - A Seanchan noblewoman

Mordeth, Jeral - The lone inhabitant of Shadar Logoth, whose evil destroys everything it comes in contact with.  He is described as "a sleek, somewhat overfed man, with drooping eyelids.  Short and completely bald."   If he can capture a visitor to the city he can take on new flesh and leave the confines of Shadar Logoth.  Padan Fain uses this name in ACOS, so presumably he and Mordeth are one.      He has no aura to Min's eyes.

Morgase - exiled queen of Andor and Elaynes' mother.     She is presently in Amador in the Fortress of Light.   She has abdicated her throne to Elayne, in secret.   Now a prisoner of the Seanchan, but Sebbin Balwer says he can get her out of the city.     Was forced to sleep with Eamon Valda.   Hates herself for it.   (ACOS 422)

Moridin - means "death" in the Old Tongue.   A tall, broad shouldered man, about 20.    Very blue eyes.   He holds Moghedien's cour'souvra.   His colors are black and red, and he requires her to wear these colors as livery when she is acting on his orders.    He can appear to Moggy anytime  (ACOS 483)

Morin - A woman of the Jenn Aiel.  She is the 1st woman to take up a spear to rescue her daughter.  She becomes Jeofram's wife.  Rand's ancestor
Morith - A woman from the Tower.  Elayne threw a cup at her (Hunt 529)

Morr, Fedwin - a man who can channel, tested by Mazrim Taim.  (ACOS 141)

Morvin Sedai - Brown sister in Salidar

Mosiara, Liale - Carpet weaver from Tarabon in Emond's Field who knows how to make rug looms

Mother Guenna - (Alwhin)  Wise Woman/Herbalist in Tear.  The 3 Accepted room with her for a time.  She is attacked by the Black Ajah.

Muadh - One of the Children in the command of Geofram Bornhald.  He was Once captured by darkfriends and is badly scarred.

Muelin - A woman who works for Valan Luca.  A contortionist.

Mulaen - See Mulvin

Mull, Alpert - the kind farmer who gives Rand & Mat scarves when they are on the road to Carmlyn

Mulvin - Seanchan woman in charge of the damane quarters in Falme.  She is the first to put Min in a dress   TGH 503).   Another spelling which appears in TGH 593 is Mulaen.

Muradin - A man of the Shaido Aiel who entered Rhuidean just before Rand.   He does not return, and his brother Couladin blames Rand for his death

Murandians - Lean, bony people (Fain is from Lugard) who wear long coats.

Mutch - a groom at the Stag & Lion in Baerlon.   He is a darkfriend

Myrelle - A Green Aes Sedai with whom Moiraine makes arrangements to pass Lan's bond upon her death.  These arrangements are made before Lan and Moiraine leave for Emond's Field, indicating that Moiraine has some foreknowledge of things to come.  Myrelle has 3 warders, and is married to all 3, against custom.  She is head of the Green Ajah in Salidar after the Tower is broken.     Interestingly, Myrelle wears a collar with marriage daggers in tel'aran'rhiod.     It has 3 daggers, and a fourth dagger appears and disappears, indicating her tie to Lan.    This  would indicate that she is from Ebou Dar, a fact which has not been noted elsewhere in the series.   She is noted for her volatile temper, even amongst the Greens.    Myrelle equates any connection with Mat's Band as treason - possible threat to Egwene?  (ACOS 223)      When Egwene discovers that Myrelle holds Lan's bond, Myrelle says she intends to pass it to Nyneave, that was her agreement with Moiraine.

Nad - Thug who works for Falion Bhoda (B.A.)

Naean Arawn - Andoran noblewoman.  Pale beauty.  Darkfriend in Gaebril's court     In ACOS, she has been banished by Dyelin (ACOS 151)

Nae'Blis - the one who is second only to the Great Lord of the Dark.  See LOC 183 for Rand/Nae'blis speculation

Nalesean Aldiaya  - Square faced, blocky Tarien nobleman who leads the calvary in Mat's army

Nameless - Another word for the Forsaken.   All are uneasy hearing their names spoken (TGH 276), and Ishamael claims to have forgotten his true name.    Why?

Nandera - A Maiden of the Spear, graying, sinewy and handsome

Nangu  - A Shienaran soldier who rides with Uno

Narenwin Barda - Yellow Aes Sedai in Broken Tower, heads Yellow spy network before Break.  Mistress Macura's courier pigeons go to her  (FoH 160).    A quiet, thin woman who lets children bring their pets to her for Healing.

nar'haha - a 'Fool Box'.   Sammael presents one to Sevanna, tells her it is a Traveling Box.    It is useless (ACOS 632)

Narishma, Jahar - Young man, about 20 who was born with the spark to channel  (LOC 405)  He is from Arafel.   Shows up again at Dumai's Wells, chosen to go with Rand to Cairhein (ACOS 122)   Has big dark eyes.

Narisse - female Jenn Aiel from Rhuidean

Naron, Berylla - Black Ajah, manipulator, plotter (Blue?), lean and scrawny FoH 243

Natael, Jasin - Another name for Asmodean

Natti Cauthon - Mat's mother

Neald, Fargar - an Aha'man (ACOS 443)

Negara, Lady - Andorran noblewoman who supports Morgase

Neida Sidoro - The innkeeper at Easing the Badger in Illian.  She is a big woman, with her hair in a roll at the nape of her neck.  She sends pigeons to Moiraine, has a big nephew, Bili, who acts as bouncer   Neida doesn't believe that snow can be real.

Nem, Admer - the Andorran farmer who accuses Siuan of setting his barn on fire

Nem, Maigan - Admer's wife.  She would make life hard for Siuan

Neres, Agni - Captain of the Riverserpent, which takes Nynaeve & Elayne to Salidar.  He is a smuggler, openly dislikes women, even though he is married and has children.]

Nerilea - Square faced Maiden (ACOS 144)

Nerim - Talmane's valet, who tends his clothing & sews up wounds.  Stitches up Mat

Nerrine - Colline's mother, also mother to Alijha & Charlin, Da'shain Aiel

Nesta din Reas Two Moons - Mistress of the Ships of the Atha'an Miere.    On a level with a queen.   Bargains with Nyneave and Elayne over use of the Bowl of the Winds.

Nesune Bihara - Brown from the broken Tower.  Kandori, photographic memory.  Part of the Tower delegation to Rand.   The only one out of all of them who notices Egwene's saidin-shielded presence during the interview

Neverborn - wolf name for Myrdraal

Niall, Pedron  - Lord Captain Commander, Children of the Light in Amador, the center of Whitecloak activity.   He is actively plotting to unite the world under him, using the spectre of Rand's madness as a lever, but he is old, Fain is his advisor, and he discounts rumors of the Seanchan.    He is behind the armies of Dragonsworn marching through Altara & Murandy, soon into Andor.   He also spreads the "rumor" (which he does not believe) that the Tower has split and the B.A. has taken control.     Therefore, Rand would be a puppet of the Black Ajah.    He is also spreading the rumor that the Salidar contingent are renouncing being Aes Sedai, because of horror and shame of the Black Ajah, and that they have approached Niall for mercy.    Niall also wants Elayne & Gawyn found.   He is in his mid 80's in ACOS, when Omerna kills him.   He has already issued orders for Carridin to kidnap Elayne out of Ebou Dar.

Niande - Aes Sedai advisor to Galldrian.  Disappeared after his death.  Gray.   She shows up again in ACOS, in the camp of the rebels in the Black Hills.    She is with Cadsuane and Samitsu.     (561)

Nicola Treehill - Young, unmarried woman on ship to Salidar who remains with Nynaeve.  She is a weaver.  Min says she is trouble.  She remains in Salidar and is accepted as a novice.  She knows too much about Nynaeve 
and Elayne.     Her Talents are Foretelling and seeing ta'veren.     She also does an interesting Foretelling in LoC, tries to blackmail both Egwene and  Myrelle in CoS.     Possibly DF because of her blackmailing.     Ariena is in league with her on the blackmailing.

Niella - Aiel weaver, Aviendha's sister, now Gai'shain

Nightriders - Myrdraal

Nildra -A servant in Salidar  (LOC 467)

Nisao Dachen - Yellow in Salidar.  Tiny woman

Nisura - lady in Shienar.  One of the ladies in waiting to Amalisa, sister to Lord Angelmar.

Noam - See Simion

Notdead - wolf name for Gray Men

Norine Dovarna - White in the Broken Tower who resents Alvarian.    She is friendless   (ACOS prologue)

Norlea - A Shaido Aiel Wise One (ACOS Prologue)

Norowhin - Whitecloak who masquerades as one of Ailron's guard, keeping Morgase prisoner

Norry, Halwin - Chief clerk at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Nuhel Dromand - Illianer warder bonded to Myrelle

Nurelle, Havien - Mayener, Lord Lieutenant of the Winged Guards.  Slender & pink cheeked

Nynaeve - The former Wisdom of Emond's Field who is possibly the most powerful Aes Sedai in over a thousand years.  In the early books she considers the One Power dangerous and addictive, and this may be a large part of her block, along with her hatred of Aes Sedai in general, and her upbringing, which makes use of the OP anathama to her.  She can only channel when she is extremely angry.    She considers herself  promised to Lan, wears his ring.  She is small, dark, and pretty.  Has a fearful temper, and tugs her braid when angry or upset.  She is also a first rate tracker and is at home in the woods.   She is 26.    She is a healer and becomes a Yellow.  She intends to Heal the wound in Rand's side (FoH 145)    The Seafolk have made her make some sort of vow which gives Lan a hold over her.   (ACOS)

Oath Rod - a ter'angreal which binds Aes Sedai to the 3 Oaths.  There is speculation that it may be one of the Nine Rods of Dominion mentioned in conjunction with the Age of Legends, and/or that it may have been originally used to bind criminals.   See also:   Binding.   Sammael brings Sevanna an oath rod in ACOS:   "slimmer than her wrist, smooth, symbols on one end.   Very coot to the touch.   Caddor got it only 1 day previously (Oath Rod from the Tower??)   An Oath Rod can also be used to release a woman from her oath, but Sammael says this is more painful than the binding.   It only works on women who can channel (ACOS 631)   Does not work on men who can channel - or so Sammael says.     Sevanna intends to use the Oath Rod on 'Masia" and break her away from Caddor  (ACOS 631)

Of the Blood - Seanchan nobility.   Presumably direct descendants of Luthair Paendrag.    High Lady Suroth is of this class.

Ogier - The huge, non-human race which produces scholars and stonemasons.   They are passive, ecologically minded, and slow to anger, but fierce in battle.  They live on Stedding, are sensitive to the presence of the Forsaken.   They live a very long time.

Ogier-Built Cities:   Tar Valon, Tear, Illian, Cairhein, Maradon, Ebou Dar, and Manetheren.    Rhidean is being rebuilt by Ogier at Rand's request (FoH)

Ogier Names for Cities:   the names the Ogier use for cities are the old names, which have been shortened in many cases - Mafal Dadaranell (Fal Dara), Ancohima, Londaren Cor, Hai Ecoimon, Iman, Aridhol (Shadar Logoth), Manetheren (Two Rivers), Aren Mador, Shaemal, Deranbar, Braem (perhaps near Braem Springs or Braem Wood, in Andor), Condaris, Al'cairhein'eillen (Cairhein),  Barashta (Ebou Dar)

Olver - child Mat saves in Maerone.  Very ugly, orphan.  He hates Aviendha and tries to stab her

Omerna, Abdel - Whitecloak.  Officially spymaster for Pedron Niall, is really a decoy to hide the activities of Balwer, Niall's secretary.  He brings the Illuminators from Tarabon.  He kills Pedron Niall in ACOS, and is in turned killed by Eamon Valda.

oosquai - Aiel name for whiskey

Osana - a servant of Graendal

Orban - Braggart who claims to have fought 20 Aiel.  Captured Gaul & put him in the cage.

Ordeith - Wormwood (Old tongue).  See Padan Fain

Osan'gar - Chosen by the Dark One (male).  Possibly a reincarnation of Aginor.  Name means right hand dagger, which is coated with a slow poison   (LOC 60)

Owyn - Thom Merrilin's nephew who could channel and was captured by Red Aes Sedai.  Owyn was Thom's only living relative the only son of Thom's only brother.  He died of gentling about fifteen years before the story takes place.    (TGH 327)  According to the ACOS Prologue, Elaida has personal knowledge of several of the men who were gentled, but whose names were not recorded in the Tower records.    Owyn may be one of them.

Padry - servant of Lord Culen and Lord Paers

Padwhin, Master (Tuck)  - Carpenter in Emond's Field who fights Trollocs TSR  645

Paetram - The blond, fork-bearded fellow with a ruby the size of a pigeon's egg in his ear, whom Mat meets in Tear.  He passes Mat the word that the Whitecloaks are in the Two Rivers.    His forked beard marks him as Kandori.   TSR 163.    He belongs to a Merchant's Guild in Kandor.

Paitr Conel - Andorman from Market Sheran.  Rand meets up with him and punches him when he learns Paitr is a Darkfriend.   Morgase meets him later in the series, when he says he and his uncle can help her escape.    He is later hung by Whitecloaks.

Panarch - the ruler in Tanchico

Panarch's Palace - part of it was built during the Age of Legends, has walls with friezes showing no living animal

Pedra - Accepted in the Tower before break.  She is short, wiry, and brisk.  Egwene doesn't like her.  (TGH 299)

Peilivar,  Coelan,  Lord - One of Morgase's supporters, before Gaebril took over the throne.  Exiled.  Now plotting with Ellorien against Rand.

Perrin Aybara - a blacksmith from the Two Rivers who is ta'veren.  Min's visions of him are:  a wolf, a broken arrow, flowering trees.  Later visions are of a falcon and a hawk, both female, sitting on his shoulders.   She also sees him with a beard, leading a pack of wolves which stretches as far as the eye can see.   Perrin can speak with wolves, has gold colored eyes.    Leads the Two Rivers against the Trollocs.

Petra - The strong man in Valan Luca's menagerie, husband of Clarene

Pevara - The Red who is Seaine's friend.  Became a Red because her parents were killed by darkfriends, but likes men, was punished for whishing publicly that she had a Warder (ACOS 515).  Very plump, not tall, quite pretty with a ready smile.  Kandori, dark eyes.    Will help Seaine with the task assigned by Elaida.

Pevin - A banner bearer for Rand.

Phaedrine Sedai - Brown sister in Salidar

Pol - Merilille's maid.  Slender, gray haired, with dignity (ACOS 477)

Portal Stones - spire-like monuments which are the gateways to the Worlds Which Might Be.  Hunt 184.  Surrounded by steps of colored stone which represent each Ajah, but the stones are actually from the Age beofe the Age of Legends, even though the Aes Sedai used them  (TSR 250)   Even A.S. in A.O.L. didn't know the true use of them.    4 in Tear, 1 in Tarabon, 1 in Rhuidean

Pura - An Aes Sedai named either Rhyma or Ryma (both spellings occur) who is now a damane to the Seanchan.  Egwene knows her from Falme.  She is a Yellow.  She appears again in Shadow, serving the High Lady Suroth.  She is questioned about the way the Tower will deal with Rand.   She is now in Amador with High Lady Suroth (ACOS 431).   Morgase meets her.

Questionners - The Hand of the Light, the Inquisitors for the Whitecloaks.    Niall, Valda, and most of the other WCs  neither like of trust Questionners.   Asunawa leads them, and all are determined to kill Morgase.    Valda reflects that Questionners never meet an enemy unless he is chained and disarmed.   They hold themselves apart from the Children, not even wearing the flaring sun on their cloaks - but only the red shepherds crooks.    They think their work is the only true work the Children do.

Rad al'Dai - bannerman for Perrins group, carries the Red Wolfhead banner  (ACOS 91)

Raen - A Mahdi (Seeker) of the Traveling People, the Tua'athan.  They are pacifists who will not touch a weapon, even in self defense.

Rafela Cindal - Blue in Salidar,  plump, Tairien, emmisary to Rand. One of the 5 AS Min says Rand holds in the palm of his hand  (ACOS 534).  Rafela knows about Min's viewings.  (ACOS 539)

Ragan - Shienaran soldier with an arrow scar on his cheek.  He stands guard with Masema at Fal Dara (Hunt 20).  Ragan is easygoing and likes Rand.  Ragan and Uno escort Nynave to see the Prophet

Rahima Kerenmosa - Amyrlin during the Trolloc Wars (former Green) who killed many Shadowspawn

Rahvin - Forsaken who likes to toy with women.  Described as "handsome as Galad" (FoH 671),  tall, dark haired, with white in his hair.  Responsible for Morgase's downfall  (FoH 55, 672, 948).    Rand balefires him at the end of FoH.    

Ramsid - Brother to the Domani King.  He, the kings' wife and daughter, are prisoners of Graendal

Rana - One of Min's 3 seamstress aunts

Rand al'Thor - the ta'veren hero of the story.  Mins visions of him are:  a sword that isn't a sowrd, a golden crown of laurel leaves, a beggar's staff,  Rand pouring water on sand, a bloody hand, a white hot iron, 3 women standing over a funeral bier with him on it, a black rock wet with blood.  She also sees lightning around him, coming at him, coming from him.   The prophesies say that the Dragon Reborn will Break the world again. (See Shadow 39.)

Rand's Aiel Ancestors - revealed during his trip through the columns in Rhuidean:   Charn (Da'shain Aiel who served under Mierin (Lanfear) when the Bore was opened;  Coumin (led resistance to Aes Sedai during the Breaking); Jonai (Child of the Dragon, enters the Hall of Servants); Adan (believes in the Way of the Leaf, entrusted with ter'angreal on way to Rhuidean); Lewin ( 1st Aiel to take up the spear, also present when the first woman becomes Far Darieus Mai); Jeordam; Rhodric (water rights to Cairhein); Coman (found Ogier Stedding in the Dragonwall & starts trade with them); Mandien (helped build Rhuidean)

Raolin Darksbane - A false dragon who was controlled by Tar Valon

Reader - Another name for Wisdom or Wise Woman

Reimon - young, broad shoulderd Tairen commander in Mat's army

Renaile din Calon Blue Star - Seafolk Windfinder, dignified, white in straight black hair.   Handsome rather than pretty, middle years, beautiful eyes (ACOS 609)   She is present at the meeting of AS, Wise Women and Windfinders that Mat speaks to at the end of ACOS.   Mat insults her, and she seems eager to have him "walk a rope for her".

Reanne Corly - a very old Wisewoman in Ebou Dar.    Leader of the Kin.    She is as strong as Sheriam, says she will be 412 on her next birthday.   (ACOS 395)

Rendra - Proprietress of the Three Plum Court in Tanchico.  She looks a lot like Liandrin.

Renna - Seanchan sul'dam who leashes Egwene

Resara - A roguish Domani woman, Leane's favorite aunt

Rhea Arvin - from Emond's Field, loves Wil al'Seen

Rhea - Da'shain Aiel, ancestor of Rand.  

Rhiale - One of the select group of Shaido Wos that Sevanna keeps close to her in the ACOS Prologue.  One of the DF group that killed Desaine  (ACOS  349)

Rhiallin - Maiden with bright yellow-red hair who grins a lot.  She is plump, for a Maiden (ACOS 325)

Rhian - A Maiden of the Spear, in Stedding Tsofu

Rhodric - A forbear of Mandien, encountered in Rhuidean.  he remembers when the world was green

Rhuarc - A Red Sheild Aiel

Rhuidean statues - "remote controls" for the larger male and female statues on Tremalking and at Tremondsien which can break the world.   Rand and Asmodean fight over the male ter'angreal during their battle in Rhuidean, each channelling half the power of the larger sa'angreal in Cairhein.     Rand later hides them behind a special panel in Rhuidean (FoH 122, protected by traps.   He tells Asmodean they are destroyed, and Asmodean says "the Dark One will consume you alive"(FOH 77).    Lanfear is aware that they still exist, but we don't know if she is still alive.   A broken duplicate of the female ter'angreal is on display at the Panarch's Museum, in Tanchico.   Egwene discovers it during a visit to Tanchico in TAR  (TSR 147).

Rhyagelle - (Old Tongue) Those Who Come Home.   (TGH "Seanchan")   See Hailene

Rhyma/Ryma  - Yellow Aes Sedai who Egwene meets in Falme.  She is the damane called Pura, is not released. (See  also Pura)  She is now in Ebou Dar with High Lady Suroth

Rianna Andomeran - Black Ajah.  Has black hair with a white streak in it. Formerly a White.  She is described as a "coldly arrogant killer"

Riatin, Toram - (LOC 297) presumably an hier to King Galldrian (Darkfriend).   He and Caraline Damodred are plotting against Rand in their camp in the Spine of the World.     He says he is going to marry Carlaine, she says not.    Very tall for a Cairheinen, slender, good looking, strong chin, some gray at his temples.   He is a blademaster, carries a Heron mark sword.   Padan Fain is his companion.      He tries to kill Rand.   (ACOS 553)  

Riselle, Lady - One of Tylin's attendants in tarasin palace who helps take care of Olver.  She has a spectacular bosom  (ACOS 464,496)

Rissen - A Saldaean under Vilnar

Rochaid - An Asha'man.    One of Taim's men, whom Taim wants to send to Cairhein with Rand.  Rand refuses him.

Rodera - A Shaido woman, gai'shain

Roedran - King of Murandy

Rogad, Gorin - A False Dragon mentioned by Logain (presumably contemporary) LoC 169

Rogosh Eagle Eye - One of the Heroes of the Horn, bound to the Wheel.   Description TGH 558.

Roidan - An Aielman of the Thunder Walkers, a leader.  He is gray, with thick shoulders.

Romanda Cassin - Yellow in Salidar, eldest sitter of the Yellow Ajah.   She has come out of retirement to be in Salidar (ACOS Prologue)

Romara - Black Ajah

Ronelle - Accepted in Salidar

Rosel of Essam - See TDR 186, surviving page from a manuscript "A lie is our sheild".

Roshan - Samitsu's Warder

Rulan Allwine - innkeeper

Saal - One of two sisters at the inn called "The Woman of Tanchico", where Mat finds Thom drowning in drink.

Sad Bracelets - the name given by the newsgroup to the device intended to control a man who can channel, which Nyn recovers from the Panarch's museum in Tanchico.     They are cuendillar, and Elayne is unable to destroy them, so Nyn asks Bayle Domon to throw them overboard in a deep part of the sea.    He says he will toss them overboard near the Aile Somera TSR 639.      Moggy tells Nyn that when a woman wears them to control a man who can channel, the man will still go mad, and in the end the woman will need him to remove the braclets as much as he needs her to remove the collar.

Saeric - An older Aiel man who teaches the Asha'man at Rand's farm. He is of the Red Water Goshien, has only 1 hand

Sahra - Novice in the Tower before the break who is banished to the country during the break, because she knows too much about Elmindreda.  Is killed.

saidin - the male half of the One Power.    It is tainted with the backlash leftover when the DO was sealed in his prison, and male channelers eventually go mad.      Interestingly, while men are stronger in the OP than most women, one weakness of saidin is that men are limited in the size of a bridge of air they can constuct.   Even the weakest woman channeler can do better (ACOS 535)    There are hints that Rand means to clease saidin of the taint.

Salita Touenes - Yellow in Salidar, Tairien, almost as dark as the Seafolk

Samalin - Green Sitter in Salidar

Sammael - One of the Forsaken.  Be'lal and Sammael were both leaders in the fight against the DO before they forsook the Light.  His real name is Tel Janin Aellinsar.  He was always jealous of Lews Therin.  "After Sammael betrayed the Gates of Hevan he carried the Shadow down into the Rorn M'doi and the heart of Satelle.  Hope seemed to die that day.  Culan Cuhan wept."  (Fires of Heaven)  He is searching for usable angreal and s'angreal.  He wants a shocklance very badly, has a scar from hairline to beard, given him by Lews Therin.   He is blond, shorter than The Dragon & self conscious about it.    Why does Sammael offer Rand a truce?  (LOC 280)  Brags to Graendal that he almost has his hands on a cache of sa'angreal  (LOC 347)  Ebou Dar?    Disguises himself as "Caddar" - a very tall Black man, when he visits Sevanna.      He disappears at the end of ACOS, but we don't know if he is truly dead or not.   He is very much a city man, stumbles in the woods  (356)

Samitsu - A Yellow AS who appears at the camp of the rebels in the Black Hills, with Cadsuane.    Cadsuane describes her as 'perhaps the best Healer ever", but she is unable to heal Rand of the twin evils of Shadar Logoth and the DO.     Offers to have Damer Flinn's children if he will show her what he did to Heal Rand.   She is Arafellen (ACOS 561 - 565)

Samon, Lord - Ishmael (Tear).    Killed by Rand, with Callandor, which strikes him in the chest

Sanduin - a True Blood, about the same age as Egwene.  Sorilea tries to match him with Egwene.  Scarfaced, but well set up

sa'angreal - see ter'angreal

Sara - the cook who works for Master Fitch in Baerlon.  She threatens to quit when patrons complain that her cat Cirri is leaving dead rats around, but Master Fitch begs her to stay.  She bullies Fitch unmercifully.

Sarainya Vostovan - A Wisewoman in Ebou Dar.   She is strikingly handsome.    Arafellen, she could have been a woman of power in her own country, would not have served even one year as a Wisewoman, if she had been able to make herself return home after she was cast out of the Tower.   (ACOS 405)

Saralin - Da'shain Aiel, Lewin's mother, ancestor of Rand

Sareitha - Aes Sedai in Ebout Dar.  brown eyed, Tairen, Brown (ACOS 476)

Saren, Einor  - Questionner, Children of the Light.  Second to Jaichim Carridin.  (May also be Bors)

Sarene Nemdahl - White from the Broken Tower, has a temper, but cold & logical.  Ironically, she has a weakness for poetry.    Taraboner with dark hair.   Part of Elaida's emmisary to Rand, now under guard by Wise Ones.

Sarek - A Seeker (Seanchan), perhaps the one who shadows Egeanin.  He is mentioned if FoH as "being above himself".     See also TSR 527.  This sounds like the same man who went to Egeanin's place.    One of the Blood in vastly reduced circumstances.     Pale blond hair.    He appears at the inn where Nyn and Elayne are staying in Tanchico, is knocked out by Juilin.     Tries to rob Juilin earlier on the streets, appears again in Ebou Dar when Mat mentions the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

Sarena, Lady - Altaran noblewoman with a scar on her cheek.  Talks with Logaine in Salidar (LOC 168)

Sarin Hoigan - Warder to Nisao Davhen.   He is bald, with a thick black beard.

Sarinde - a Wise One from Red Springs Hold, Clan Codarra.   She says the Wos will run with the algai'd'siswai (Acos 323)  This represents a real break from tradition.

Satelle Anan - innkeeper of the Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar.    Mothers Mat and Olver.    Leads Nyn and Elayne to the Wise Women (ACOS 272)   

Satina - Accepted in Salidar

Sea Folk - The Ath'an Miere.  They trade all over the Aryth Ocean.  They sell a tea called Tremalking Black.

Seaghan - the owner of the act in Cairhein where Rand finds Thom  (TGH 322)

Seaine Herimon - White who suggested Siuan Sanche for Amyrlin (ACOS 161), because of her youth.   She is approached by Elaida to conduct an investigation on treason against the Amyrlin within the Tower (ACOS 511)   She is from Lugard, Likes, cats, Was raised to the shawl the year Sereille Bagand was raised Amyrlin Seat (ACOS 512)  Blue eyed.

Sealdre - Mandien's wife, ancestor of Rand, a dreamwalker

Seals - 7 altogether.   Taim gives 1 to Rand, who has 2 more hidden.  Nynaeve brings 1 to Salidar (broken), Moiraine finds 1 at the Eye of the World, Bayle Domon had 1, which was confiscated.    Of the 7, 4 are broken.  Moiraine finds 1 in Rhuidean, it is now on the wagons in Cairhein.

Seanna, Seana - Wise One of the Black Cliff sept of the Nakai Aiel.  Grandmotherly but tough.  One of the Dreamwalkers.    The second spelling is used in the letter Moiraine received from the Wise Ones which sends her to Rhuidean and summons Aviendha back to the Three Fold Land.  Seana is killed by Draghkar at Cold Rocks hold.

Seanchan - The descendants of Artur Hawkwing's army which fled across the Aryth Ocean at the Breaking of the World.  They are dedicated to Return, use leashed Aes Sedai as weapons in battle, and ride strange animals.  
Their system of government is autocratic, ruled by the Empress.

Secret Library of the White Tower -  Mentioned by RJ during a June 1995 interview in Sweden.    Evidence for its existence may be found in Verin's notes (TDR 186-7).  She has one surviving page of a 500 page manuscript which she says "held secrets the world could not face".   Only the Amyrlin, the Keeper, and the Sitters of the Hall know of its existence.    Also, Sheriam, as one of the Sitters, confides to Egwene during her Testing that there are "secrets of the Tower"  ('Sealed' TDR).

Seeker - Another name for a Wisdom (in Tear)

Seeker for the Truth - A sort of KGB employed by the Raven Tower (Seanchan).  Seekers are tatooed on each shoulder with the raven tower.  The tatoos are inherited.  Seekers and the Deathwatch Guard have similar duties.

Sefela - Maiden of the Spear

Sei'cair - title Feraighin uses to Perrin (ACOS)  Seeker?

Seidre - Adan's wife, Aes Sedai

Seirin - Young Airlman of the Shorara sept of the Tomanelle, about Rand's age.

Selame - A Tairien maid who was recruited by Lelaine to spy on Egwene in the Salidar camp (ACOS 160)

Selande Darengil - A Carheinin woman who is sent to seduce Rand by Colavere.   Rand is forced to frighten her away when she persists in trying to seduce him.  She later takes up the sword and cuts her hair, as the Cairheinin do in imitation of the Aiel.   Guards Faile.  (ACOS 114)

Selandrin - Proprietess of the Garden of Silver Breezes in Tanchico

Selene - See Lanfear

Seleisin - See FoH 134 "Redbird in Selseisin" 

Semaradrid Maravin - high ranking Carihienin

Semirhage - Female Forsaken who was a great healer before she turned.   She is black, taller than most men.  Always calm.  Does needlework.  Delights in turning the strongest Aes Sedai to the DO  (LOC 139).    Takes great pleasure in cruelty.   Mesaana thinks Semirhage wears black often because Lanfear wore white.      Semirhage was once Aes Sedai, but she now hates them (presumably due to her sentence received as a result of her perversion, before she went over to the DO).      She was one of the first to turn to the Dark.   Semirhage is almost as poor at handling the weather as Asmodean (FoH 350)

Seonid Trighan - Green in Salidar, Cairhienen, emmisary to Rand

Serafelle - Brown Aes Sedai who studies Paden Fain in Fal Dara with Verin.   She is one of the A.S. who Heal Mat in the Tower (TDR 162)

Serancha - a Gray whom Pevar describes as a prig  (ACOS 516).  Pevara and Seaine once powered Serancha's shift with itchoak.   

Serengada Dai - A Seanchan woman on whom Sarek has designs.  She is above him socially.

Serenla - Min's assumed identity.  Means "stubborn girl" in the Old Tongue

Sergase, Lady - One of Morgase's supporters, against Rand

Seri - A Seanchan damane whom Rand and Aviendha try to free

Seta - Seanchan sul'dam who is captured by Nyneave & Elayne in Falme, then leashed as a damane and left to the Seanchan.

Sevanna - Couladin's widow, grudgingly accepted as a Wise One of the Shaido Aiel.   After the Shaido defeat at Dumai's Wells, she decides to use the cube ter'angreal on Rand, to force him to marry her.    Darkfriend.

Sevlana Meseau - a famous Gray  ACOS 339

Shadowbrother - wolf name for darkhounds

Shadowrunners - Aiel name for Darkfriends.  Aiel kill them as soon as they are found (ACOS 366)

Shaene, Elver - A skinny captain who takes Rand and his retinue out to visit the Sea Folk (ACOS 533)

Shaidar Haran - 'Hand of the Dark' - a huge Myrdrral who reports directly to the Dark One.  Unlike other Fades, this one can smile.  There is a lot of speculation about his role.  See LOC 1443 - considerable speculation about him by Semirhage.   At the end of ACOS he watches Sammael open the gateways to send the Shaido through.   He can smell the difference between saidin and saidar, as no other Myrdraal can.   He also wants to break free of Shayol Ghul.  (ACOS 637)

Shaiel - The Aiel name taken by Rand's mother, Tigraine, an outlander who travels to the Three Fold Land to become Far Dareis Mai.  She died at Rand's birth on the Dragonmount.    See Tigraine.

Shalon din Togara Morning Tide - Windfinder to Clan Shodien (ACOS 536)  Meets Rand

Shana - White in Salidar who interviews Aviendha.  Pop eyed.

Shane, Mili - a DF who goes by the name Lady Shiaine, (ACOS 284).    She once tried to kill Mat.    He recognizes her in Ebou Dar and follows her to Carridin's palace.  She is the daughter of a saddler in a village near Whitebridge.   She went to the Tower at age 15, but could not learn to channel.   She is one of the best assassins available.

Shanelle - Yellow in Salidar

Shaofan - the man who was to marry Chiape and become Sh'botay of the lands beyond the Aiel Waste (which may be Shara).  He is the son of a woman who channels, Ayyad.  Presently under compulsion to  Graendal.

Sharbon - servant of the Children of the Light

Sharina - Mentioned in Nynaeve's testing, perhaps an Aes Sedai or a nurse attached to the royal court.  (Hunt 295)

Sharmad Zeffar - Domani woman in Emond's Field, plump, loves Wil al'Seen

Sharom - The floating white sphere, 1,000 ft in diameter, which hanges over Paaren Dizen.   Disintegrates when Mierin opens up the Bore to the DO's prison.

Sh'botay/Sh'boan - the rulers of the Ayyad, from beyond the Aiel Waste.    Each ruler stays in power 7 years, then dies, to be replaced by their mate. They are very dark skinned people, controlled in fact by those in their culture who can channel.  Loc 136-7)

Shemerin - Yellow Aes Sedai in broken Tower.  Weak, demoted to Accepted, later fugitive from the Tower, hunted by Elaida.  Plump.  She may be the runaway that Vandene and Adeleas are hunting in Ebou Dar.

Shen an Calhar -   (Old  Tongue ) The popular name for Band of the Red Hand - Mat's Army.    Named after the ancient army of Manetheren. Myrelle equates any connection with Mat's Band as treason - possible threat to Egwene?  (ACOS 223)    Some refer to the Band as "Dragonsworn", even though they have no connection with Masema.

Shendar, Avi - spy for the Yellows (FoH 165)  He sends messages by piegeon, but the messages also go to someone else.    He is a double agent.

Sheriam Bayanar - Redheaded Saldean Mistress of Novices in the Tower.  Blue, goes to Salidar.  Becomes Keeper of the Chronicles to Egwene.   Present at Egwene's Testing (TDR) Knows secrets of the Tower.  Is not telling Egwene all she knows.   Elaida has marked Sheriam for stilling, should she ever return to the Tower.

Shiaine, Lady - a DF who is in reality Mili Shane (ACOS 284).    She once tried to kill Mat.    He recognizes her in Ebou Dar and follows her to Carridin's palace.

Shimoku - Kandori Accepted in Salidar

Sierin Vayu - A Gray raised to Amyrlin shortly after Rand's birth   Alviarin wonders if Ishamael had anything to do with Sierin's death after she had been Amyrlin only 2 years (ACOS prologue)

Silviana - New Mistress of Novices in broken Tower.

Silvie - An ugly old woman who warns Egwene on one of her first visits to tel'aran'rhiod.  She warns of plots.  May be able to change her appearance (Dragon 257)  Silvie acts like an old family retainer and refers to herself as such.  She seems to know Egwene.  She is probably Lanfear, tries to grasp the ter'angreal from Egwene and hurts her in the process.  Her name may be taken from Lanfear's favorite colors:  silver and white

Simaan - High Lord from Tear who is induced to treason by Balwer, who works for the Whitecloaks

Simion - a servant at Harrilan's Leap, in Jarra.  His brother Noam has become a wolf

siswai'aman - Aiel warriors dedicated to Rand

Siuan Sanche - Formerly the Amyrlin Seat.  Friend of Moiraine, former Blue who weaves plots, uses people as tools.  She is described as of medium height, dark haired, and plain faced.   One of her Talents is the ability to see ta'veren.  She is stilled when the Tower is broken, travels to Salidar, takes Logain with her.  She becomes head of the spy network for the Salidar Aes Sedai, is healed by Nynaeve, becomes low ranking Blue again.    Min says she must remain near Gareth Brynne if she is to live.  There is an indication that she and Gareth Brynne will somehow become involved with each other.

Slayer - See Isam.  Wolf name for Isam.   There may be a particular significance to the fact that he kills wolves.   (TSR 322).    He also left tracks which Abell Cauthon saw, so he does exist outside the Wolf Dream (TSR 351).   This brings up the question of how he is tied to Lord Luc.

Snowghost - A creature from another age to which Birgitte compares Nynaeve.  They had terrible tempers

so'jhinn -  (Seanchan) the hereditary upper servants of the Blood, with upper ranks called  the  Voice of the Blood.
(Shadow 35)

Solain - One of the Kin (ACOS 473)   She has no time for men, and no patience with them.

Solinda Sedai - Along with Oselle and Deindre, worked with Callandor and the banner of the Dragon at the Breaking.

Soman, Espara - herbalist from Toman Head, refugee in Emonds' Field

Somara/ Somera - A Maiden of the Spear.  Has flaxen hair (ACOS 527)

Someryn - Shaido Aiel WO who shows even more clevage than Sevanna, at Dumai's Wells (ACOS Prologue) She is quite strong in the Power, and Graendal is wary of her strength.    ACOS 356  Someryn has never met anybody as strong as she is - except Semirhage.  (ACOS 353)

Someshta - The Green Man.  Nym set to guard the Eye of the World by Solinda & others at the Breaking

Sorda - A type of rat which lives in the Aiel Waste.    Even cats won't eat it, because it is so rank (FoH 93)

Sorilea - An Aiel Wise One.  She is bony and white haired, even older than Bair.  The other Wise Ones defer to her.   She is the WO of Shende Hold.  Her green eyed stare can knock a horse down at 10 paces (FOH 293)

Sotarin - WO guarding AS under Sorilea (ACOS 95)

Souran Maravaile - Artur Hawkwings' greatest general, husband to Ishara

Spar - One of Cully's men.   Fights Mat (ACOS 471)

stasis box - from the Age of Legends.  Intended to preserve items even through the Breaking.  The Forsaken want one very badly, because it may contain items they need, like shocklances.   The cache in Ebou Dar may contain a stasis box

Stedding - the Ogier homelands which are scattered throughout the world.   Something in the steddings sheilds those who can channel from the OP.   Shadowspawn will not enter a stedding.   Elder Hardan lists them for Rand in LoC:   see appendices

streith - transparent mist used to make clothing in the Age of Legends, worn by the Forsaken.  Its color changes with the mood of the wearer.   One of the characters remembers streith as "old fashioned"

Strom - thug who works for Saml Hake

Sulwin - Leader of a group which opposes Adan.  He and Adan are charged with hauling the ter'angreal to safety after the Breaking.  

Sulin - One of the oldest Maidens of the Spear.  She berates Rand publicly, also serves as his chambermaid during her time as gai'shain in Caemlyn.

Sunalin - Green in Salidar

Surahdha -  Aiel Wise One in training, Apprenticed to Sorilea.  She can channel as strongly as any Aes Sedai.  She is 5 years older than Egwene

Surela - Seanchan woman who can apportion punishment to the sul'dam.  (Head Sul'dam?)  Shadow 36

Surine - TSR 515, a sul'dam who stayed behind in Falme.   Egeanin has been ordered to hunt for her.   She looks a lot like Nynaeve, but is a head taller.

Susa al'Seen - From Two Rivers, is tested and taken to Caemlyn by Verin & Alanna, enroute to the Tower

Swovan Night - Holiday in Ebou Dar, just after High Chasaline (winter)   ACOS 302

Tabitha - Novice in Salidar

Tabiya - Novice in Salidar.  Green eyed and freckle faced.  About 16.  She was brought to Salidar from the Tower

Tad - Stablehand at the Winespring Inn, in Emond's Field

Tad Kandel - dark complexion, despite being Andorran.  (ACOS 589).    He is with Chel Vanin.   

Taeric - One of the Chavanas Brothers from Valan Luca's menagerie

Tai'daishar - "Lord of Glory in the Old Tongue.   Rand's warhorse, purchased from Kiruna  (ACOS 531)

Taim, Mazrim - False Dragon still on the loose who can channel and is very strong.  The Black Ajah has plans to set him up as the Dragon against Rand.  He is from Saldea.  Reported to have made the sun stand still as he fought Bashere's army.   Lews Therin's voice tells Rand to kill him.   Later captured by Reds, escaped due to Liandrin.  His escape is part of a Black Ajah plot.  Davram Bashere is sent after him, but Rand says he will offer protection to men who can channel.  Rand uses Taim to create an army of men who can channel.  He is described a almost as strong as Rand.  Liandrin meant to use him as a weapon.  There is speculation that he may in fact be Demandred.   The dragons on his coat sleeves are an unnatural blue, Rand notes  (LOC 540)  Taim defies Rand's order to stay out of Cairhein.    Lews Therin tells Rand to kill Taim.   Taim is willing to kill the Salidar Aes Sedai in Caemlyn for Rand.     See also Maseem

Tairens - People are dark when compared to Cairheinin and Andormen.   Julin Sandar is described as dark, but Siuan Sanche, who is also from Tear, is not.    Tairen lords wear silver-worked boots.

Taisa - sul'dam who serves the Seanchan High Lady Suroth.

Takima - Brown in Salidar

Tallanvor, Martyn - Lieutenant of the Queen's Guard, loyal to Morgause, but wants her to be more than his queen
An officer of the Queens Guards was present at the DF Ball, but when Tallanvor takes Mat before Morgase, there is every indication that he will kill Mat if he feels there is a threat to his queen.  Also, he hates Lord Gaebril (Rahvin)  The entry in the ACOS glossary says he loves Morgase more than life or honor.     Presently with Morgase in exile.

Talmanes - Carheinin nobleman loyal to Mat

Talene Minly - Green in Broken Tower who was once a friend of Seaine.   (ACOS 514)   Golden haired and statuesque.   Lovely, stood to depose Siuan.   

Tam al'Thor - Rand's adopted father.  A skillful tracker and hunter.  He farms near Emonds' Field.  Fought in the Aiel War and gave Rand the sword.  Served in Whitecloak War and rose to Second Captain of the 
Compaanions.  May have acquired the Heron Mark Sword when he rescued Mattin Stepaneos from the Whitecloaks.

ta'maral'ailen - (Old Tongue) The web of destiny

tama't - Aiel name for tomatoes

Tammuz - Illuminator.  Knows Aludra

Tamra Ospenya - the Amyrlin before Sierin Vayu, who was raised to Amyrlin shortly after Rand's birth.    She died in her sleep and the Forsaken thought the B.A. had done her in.     Alviarin and others in the B.A. were tortured by the Forsaken before it was determined they had no hand in Tamra's death (ACOS prologue)

Tamyrlin - Referred to in the Prologue of Hunt.  Head of the Servants, who are apparently the male equivalent of Aes Sedai  (Servants of All).  Summons the Nine Rods of Dominion in the Hall of the Servants in Paren Disen.   It seems that the Tamyrlin is the male Amyrlin.

Taraboners - People from Tarabon.     Call themselves the Tree of Man, and claim descent from rulers and nobles in the Age of Legends. (see Dark Prophecy, TGH, Blood Calls Blood )

Taringail - House Damodred, Cairheinien.  Married to 1) Tigraine of Andor, and after her disappearance,  2) Morgase.  Father to Galad by Tigraine, Elayne and Gawyn with Morgase.  Died in a hunting accident.   While Galad uses the House name of his father, Elayne and Gawyn use the House name of Morgase:  Trakand.  He meant to depose Morgase and make himself Andor's first king.  Thom Merrilin may have had something to do with his death.  Taringail is Moiraine's half brother.  He was in line for the succession to Cairhein's throne, and through him Galad still has a claim to it.    His relationship with Morgase was cold and distant  FoH 252.  

Tarna Feir - Red, emmisary from Elaida to Salidar. Pale hair, prominent chin, wilder who was unblocked when Galina beat her (probable darkfriend)

Taron, Elwinn - Wisdom from Deven Ride

Taval din Chanai Nine Gulls - Windfinder of White Apray (ACOS 536)  Meets Rand and Min.  No older than Rand.

Tavolin, Elricain - Cairheinin who commands the guards who escort Rand from Tremondsien

tcheran - a game played in the AOL (LoC 143).   Apparently something like chess.

Teadra - A name used by Birgitte in another Age.

Tedosian - Tairen who shot High Lord Carleon.  Led faction which tried to kill Rand in Tear, is induced to treason by Balwer, who works for the Whitecloaks.  Hides in Haddon Mirk.  He is married to High Lady Altima
tel'aran'rhiod - the Dream World.  Perrin calls it the Wolf Dream.    Only wild creatures appear in TAR, not domestic animals, and only those humans who dream themselves there.    Egwene is  taught  to use it by the Aiel Dreamwalkers.     One does not have to be able to channel in order to Dreamwalk, (TSR 272), but the Dreamer enters the Dream fully, so her injuries are real upon awakening.   Cannot be entered into from Rhuidan, but is the reality encountered by Aes Sedai during the Testing, and apparently by the Wise Ones who enter the Rings in Rhuidan.  Rand also enters it during his battle with Rahvin and other Forsaken.    To enter the Dream completely is to lose touch with the flesh, and the flesh dies (as Faile almost did when trapped by the hedgehog ter'angreal).   Entering the Dream in the flesh is considered eveil, since one loses a part of ones' humanity each time it is done.
Anyone who dies in TAR dies forever, cannot be born again.   (TSR 323).   The Heroes of the Wheel reside in TAR between lives, but there are presepts against talking with those who visit TAR.   Birgitte breaks these rules.     The rules for TAR are found in TSR 272.

Tell Lewin - One of the Companions, Flann's nephew.  Carries the Red Eagle banner of Manetherin for Perrin (ACOS 91)

Tema - a subservient groom in Shienar

Temaile Kinderode - Black Ajah, former Gray.  Likes to hurt people - imprisoned the Panarch.

Ten Nations of the Age of Legends - Essenia, Aridhol (Shadar Logoth), Manetheren, Hardan, Goaban, Carralain,  Almoth, Kintara, Coremanda and Maredo.   

Tenobia - Queen of Saldaea.  Related to Faile,  has gone into hiding to avoid Elaida's emissary.  Omerna tells Niall in ACOS prologue that Tenobia has left Saldaea.

Tervail, Dura - Warder to Beonin

Teryl - One of Seonid's 2 Warders

Tesen, Mil - Peddlar who appears in prologue, LOC.  Brings Gawyn news of Morgase's "death".   Gawyn then vows to kill Rand.

Teslyn - Older Red in broken tower, nearly as severe as Elaida.  Illianer.  In the ACOS Prologue it is revealed that she was the head of the Red Ajah for 15 years.   She is sent to Ebou Dar on Elaida's whim.     Wears black all over, looks like an old bramble.  Habitual scowl .  She grinds down whatever is in her path  and sees all men as rabid wolves  (ACOS 296, 312)

Thane, Berin - Jon Thane's brother.  His house was burned in the initial Trolloc attack on Emond's Field, mentioned again TSR 645

Thane, Jon - mill owner in Emonds' Field, well-off

Thane, Lem - son of Jon, Rands' age.  Saw the Fade in Emond's Field in Eye

Tharne, Duranda - Lugard woman who bests Siuan, humiliates her in tavern

Theodrin Dabei - Accepted in Tower before breaking.  She is kind to Nynaeve, was a wilder too.  Goes to Salidar.  She tries to help Nynaeve break the block which prevents her from channeling at will. A Domani with coppery skin.  Is raised with Nynaeve & others by decree in Salidar.   She is the "apple cheeked Accepted" formerly seen in the Tower.

Thera - Amathera, Panarch.    She escaped the riots in Tarabon, is now a servant for the Seanchan in Amador.  (ACOS 434)

Therin Lugay - Man hired by Ronde Macura to take Elayne/Nynaeve back to Tar Valon.   Finds Ronde asleep and decides to go to Altara or Murandy instead  (FoH 165)

Therva Maresis - Yellow in Salidar

Thervara - Shaido Aiel Wise One, close to Sevanna

Thomdril (Thom)  Merrilan - a gleeman who is much more than a gleeman.  Min's visions concerning him are:  a man (not Thom) juggling fire, and the White Tower.   Moiraine's letter to him contains the names of the Reds involved in Owyn's death.  Once Royal Bard to Morgase and her lover, she exiled him because he disappeared without a word, then returned and told her she was a spoiled child (FoH 253).     She never learned where he went.  In TGH (324) Thom reveals that he knew Hurin the Sniffer before Rand met him.   In "Winds Rising", (TSR 230) we see some of Thom's inner thoughts.    See also Jain Farstrider.

Tialin - Aiel Wise One

Tiana Noselle - Gray, new Mistress of novices in Salidar

Tigraine - The former daughter heir of the throne of Andor.  She disappeared after her brother Luc vanished in the Blight.  (The same Luc who later appears in Emond's Field)  She then traveled to the Three Fold Land to become Shaiel, a Maiden of the Spear.  She did this on the advice of the Aes Sedai Gitara Moroso, who fortold Rand's birth.  She is Rand's real mother.  Elaida is right, the key to the world lies with the royal line of Andor, through her

Timolan - leader of the Miagoma Aiel.   He is a widower, but the Wise Ones are working on it.  (ACOS 324)

Timora, Lady - one of Amalisa's attendants (Shienaran)

Tion - Shaido Aiel Wise One (ACOS prologue) who accompanied Sevanna to see Rand beaten by the AS.  She is stout.  Probably a Darkfriend

Tol, Master - the farmer whose cart and mules are conscripted by Cadsuane to take Rand back to the Sun Palace after his fight with Fain.   (ACOS 568)

Tolmeran - Cairheinien noble.  Logical

Tolvar - An Asha'man who sneers at Rand, is disciplined by Taim.  Taraboner

Tomada - An Ogier at the time of the AOL who hears the news that Artur Hawkwing and the Companions have sealed the Bore at Shayol Ghul.

Tomaka - see Shara

Tomas - Verin's warder

Toram - A'than Miere husband of Coine din Jubai.  He is cargomaster, wears glasses.

Torfin, Jaime - One of the Companions of Emond's Field who follows Perrin  (Also spelled Torfinn TSR 645)

Torfin, Jancy - One of the Two Rivers girls being taken to Tar Valon by Verin & Alanna.  She is only 14

Torfinn, Leof - one of Perrin's Companions, and the bannerman for the wolf's head banner TSR 497

Torfinn, Thad - Two Rivers farmer involved in a boundary dispute

Torval - An Asha'man. One of Taim's men, whom Taim wants to send to Cairhein with Rand.  Rand refuses him.

Tovans - a stark and disapproving people, absteminious to the point of pain  (ACOS 363)

Tovan Councillor - see Tovans.    Apparently like a Puritan Preacher.

Tovere, Kin - lens master who now teaches in Cairhien

Toveine Gazal  - A Red Sister who has been fifteen years away from the Tower, until Elaida summoned her back .  She and  two other Red Sitters  gone into a  "voluntary" retreat from the Tower. Lirene and Tsutama, Toveine had only hardened in her solitary exile.   (Acos Prologue)  She has been ordered to eliminate the Black Tower, and is abandoned to her fate when Elaida learns the true numbers of the Asha'man, on Alviarin's advice (ACOS 508)

Tower of Ghenjei  - Rand sees it from the Arinelle River.  Mat rouses up and comments that there must be treasure inside.   Tower is from the Age of Legends, stands 200 ft. high, with walls 40 ft thick.  No door.  (Eye 356).  This may be the same tower used as an escape route by Isam when Perrin persues him.  Hopper says it is dangerous for men, hard to leave.  Doorway to Aelfin & Eelfin, the people on the other side of the doorframe ter'angreals according to Birgitte.  The only way to win against them is to cheat.    Birgitte knows the truth of the Tower of Ghrnjei, and her knowledge may be useful in later books   (TSR 323).     Hopper says the Tower is is evil, everybody knows this (TSR 323)

Towers of Midnight - Mentioned in TGH ("Damane") as near the seat of the Empress.   Renna tells Egwene the story of Deain.

Trakand, Maighdin - Morgase's mother, Elayne's grandmother.  Lini was her nurse also.    Died young of fever and left Morgase in succession for the throne

Traveling People - Tuatha'an, Tinkers, have the same roots as the Aiel, and are allowed to cross the Three Fold Land without interference

Trayal - An Ogier who was touched by Machin Shin

Treekillers - Aiel name for Cairheinin.  Refers to Laman's Sin in chopping down the tree of Life to make his throne, which started the Aiel War  

Tremalking Splice - a tavern in Tar Valon where Mat wins traveling money to deliver Elaynes note to Caemlyn

Trom - A Whiteclak who knows Galad

True Power - Much like the One Power, but comes from the Dark One.    Can only be channeled with his permission.     The Forsaken use it on occasion, as does Halima Saranov, and the Watcher in the Woods, Moridin.    ACOS 358.   Can not be detected by those who weild the OP.    Causes black flecks called saa to float in front of the eyes.   Far more addictive than the OP   (ACOS 412)

Tsutama  - A Red Sister who has been fifteen years away from the Tower, until Elaida summoned her back .  She and  two other Red Sitters  gone into a  "voluntary" retreat from the Tower. (Acos Prologue)

Tuatha'an - The Traveling People, they are pacfists and vegetarians.  They follow the Way of the Leaf.  They are related by blood to the Aiel.  Both groups refer to each other as "the Lost Ones".

Tuel - A Seanchan woman on whom Sarek has designs.  She is above him socially

Tumad, Ahzkan - soldier, cavalryman under Davram Bashere  (LOC 73)

Tuon - The Daughter of the Nine Moons, who will marry Mat.  Tuon is the Empress' second daughter, and her favorite for the succession to the Crystal Throne, according to Turak.   (Hunt 420)   There is considerable speculation about her, because Suroth has said she put both a daughter and a son of the Empress to the Question.

Turak - Seanchan commander of the Hailene.  Killed by Rand when the Horn is recovered

Turol - An Aielman of the Stone Dogs

Twisted Ones - wolf name for Trollocs

Two Legs - wolf name for people

Tylin Quintara - Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar (ACOS 298)  who is friendly to Nyn & Elayne, doesn't like Whitecloaks.    She seduces Mat, calls him her "duckling".   She is old enough to be his mother.

Uno - Commander of the Shienaran army who works for Lord Agelmar.  He has only one eye, wears a patch over the other.  Is quite ugly, swears a lot, likes to leer at Birgitte.  She leers back.

Urien - Aiel of the Two Spires sept of the Reyn Aiel.  He is a Red Shield, meets Verin's party in the mountains, claims to be searching for the Dragon.  Later joins up with the other Aiel, goes to Carmlyn

vacuoles - places outside the Pattern, wher time can be manipulated.   Moghedien knows that great research was done in them in the AOL (ACOS 417).     They can close up, break off, and drift away.   Anything in them is gone forever.

Valan Luca - owns the menagerie where Nynaeve and Elayne work, vows he loves Nynaeve and tries to get her to travel with him

Valda, Eamon  - Lord Captain, Children of the Light, second under Niall.   Sees Niall as a failing old man.  Niall in turn sees that Valda has only one strategy:  the charge.  Valda does not like Questionners.  Kills refugees as well as Dragonsworn.  Rigid.   Kills Omerna when he discovers that Omerna has killed Niall.   Valda is determined to storm Tar Valon and clean out the "witches".    He is now Commander of the Whitecloaks.  He also carries a Heron mark sword.   He sees Balwer, Niall's master spy, as a useless scribbler. (Acos Prologue)

Vandene Namelle - Green who lives with her sister Adelas outside the Tower.  Studies the Prophecies of the Dragon.  They have the largest store of knowledge outside the Tower.  They travel to Salidar  (TGH 274), later to Ebou Dar.

Vanin, Chel - a master horsetheif in Mat's employ as a spy for the Band.    Fat, can ride anything with 4 legs, moves very lightly for a large man.    Hates nobles in general, but is devoted to Elayne  (ACOS 305, 449)

Valinde Nathenos - White in Salidar, Illianer, emmisary to Rand

Varadin - A rug seller who is an agent of Pedron Niall, set up as a wealthy merchant in Tanchico.   He and Niall use a code which Balwer does not know, and Varadin does not work through Balwer.  He advises Niall about the Seanchan, but Niall discounts the report as that of a madman.

Varilin - Gray in Salidar who learns the making of ter'angreal from Elayne.  As tall as Logain, slender, red hair

Verin Mathwin - Brown Aes Sedai who studies Fain in Shienar, then travels to Emonds Field to assist in the battle.  Moiraine suspects her motives.   Verin, like Elaida, remembers the tie between Siuan Sanche and Moiraine as novices.  Moiraine's thoughts reveal that Verin is a threat to her.  (Hunt 94)   Verin, like Moiraine has her own agenda.  She tells a lie when she says Moiraine sent her after Rand.  Moiraine had left before Verin.  Aes Sedai are not supposed to be abel to lie.  She gives the twisted ter'angreal to Egwene to explore tel'aran'rhiod without Siuan's consent or knowledge.  She follows Rand, despite Siuans' orders that he be left alone.  She is present when Alanna bonds Rand against his will.  One of the 3 original Aes Sedai who guessed the truth about Rand and allowed him to go free anyway, she is the only one remaining who has not been neutralized in some way.  Verin considers burning Corianin Nedeal's papers pertaining to the ter'angreal she studied.  Why?   (Also see FAQ)    She is also present when Mat is Healed (TDR 162)   In ACOS we hardly read anything at all about Verin, except that she is spending time in the Aiel tents.     She has sworn fealty to Rand, but is not one of the 5 about which Min has a viewing.

Vilnar Barada - Saldaen policman who follows Temaile, under Bashere

Vitalin - Warder to Sarene, who writes poetry about him

Wat - One of the Redarms, bald headed, narrow-eyed Andoran (ACOS 456)

Watcher in the Woods - ACOS character who spys on Sammael & Graendal when they visit Sevanna.   Wears fancloth (an indication that he may know something of the AOL, when fancloth was used).      Also knows about callboxes.     There are a couple of possibilities for the identity of this character:   1)    the mysterious stranger Rand encounters in Shadar Logoth who uses the True Power,  2) Moridin.   They may also be one and the same.   ACOS 358

White Lions - remnants of the Queens Guard who served under Gaebril, now turned brigands

Weiramon, High Lord - Tairien, not smart.  Used as a dupe by Rand

Win Lewin - Flann's son, one of the Companions

Wind - a)   A wolf of the same pack as Hopper and Dapple    b)  Olver's horse

windfinders - the Sea Folk women who can channel.   They manipulate the winds on the Atha'an Miere ships.    Some are present at the meeting at the end of ACOS.    Mat notes that they seem "smug" in the presence of Aes Sedai.    They are the reason AS are refused the Gift of Passage on Sea Folk vessels - they fear the AS will haul their girls off to the Tower.

Wise Women - the women in Ebou Dar who can channel.   A WW in Ebou Dar can walk the streets in safety where others cannot.   Wear red sashes.     Almost all are Wilders (ACOS 317), but they do not like to take other Wilders in.    See Kin.  

Wit Congar - One of the troublesome Congars from Emond's Field, who along with the Coplins stirs up trouble.  He is Daise's husband

Wolf Dream - Perrin's name for tel'aran'rhiod.   Birgitte appears to warn Perrin away fromthe Tower of Ghenjei (TSR 323).     Perrin has a clear sense of smell in TAR, sees "windows" while there, which show the future.    Hopper says being there in the flesh is a thing from long ago, (TSR 323) and that Isam (Slayer) is there in the flesh.

Wuan - Questionner, Children of the Light (Hunt 350)

Yarin Maeldan - Bayle Domon's second in command (Eye 355)  Brooding, storklike

Young Bull - wolf name for Perrin.  His axe resembles the curving horns of an enraged bull

Yurian Stonebow - A false dragon who was controlled by Tar Valon

Zaida din Parede Blackwing - part of the Seafolk delegation which Rand slights

Zara board - a game from the Age of Legends.  Pieces were once human

Zarene Bashere - Hunter of the Horn, Perrin's wife, from Saldea, daughter of Davram Bashere.  She is a noblewoman, related to Queen Tenobia

Zarya Alkase - A Wise Woman in Ebou Dar - knows Satelle Anan (ACOS 395)

zemai - Aiel name for corn (maize)

Zenare Ghodar - Yellow in Salidar

Zera - Proprietess of the Bunch of Grapes in Cairhein.  Knows Thom well and protects him.  The inn is in the Foregate (Hunt 321).  Her hair is white.



AS who have sworn fealty to Rand:

Bera Harkin
Faeldrin				Min says Rand holds these five in the palm of his hand  (534)


AS who have sworn fealty to Egwene:

Faolain Orande

Aes Sedai in Ebou Dar

Joline   (Elaida)
Teslyn (Elaida)
Sareitha   (Egwene)  *
Merillile   (Egwene)  *
Careane Fransi  (Egwene)  *
Adeleas	(Egwene)   *
Vandene  (Egwene)   *

*     These five have decided to defer to Elayne and Nyneave, once the Bowl has been found.    They look to the younger women for guidance and direction.   

Aiel Societies:  Stone Dogs =Shae'en m'taal, 		Aiel Clans
Thunder Walkers = Sha'mad conde				Goshien
Maidens of the Spear = Far Dareis Mai			Taardad
Red Shields = Aethan Dor,				Shaarad
True Bloods = Tain Shari, 				Shaido
Brothers of the Eagle = Far Aldazar Din, 			Miagoma
Dawn Runners = Rahien Sorei				Shiande
Knife Hands = Sovin Nai,					Cocharra
Black Eyes = Seia Doon					Daryne
Mountain Dancers = Hama n'Dore				Reyn  (FoH 126)
Water Seekers = Duadhe Mahdi'in
Night Spears  =Cor Darei

12 tribes plus the Jenn Aiel = biblical parallels and also connections to western mythology

Aiel Clans Allied with the Shaido:			Shaido Societies:
Shiande							Sovin Nai
Cocharra						Moshaine

Elaida's emmisaries to Rand - Travel to Cairhein to bring Rand to the Tower.   Are involved in Rand's kidnapping,  subsequently placed under guard with the Wise Ones, headed by Sorilea.     Nesune Bihara, Erian Boroleos, Katerine Alruddin, Coiren  Saeldain, Sarene Namdahl, Elza Penfell,  Beldeine Nyram, Marith Riven.   Galina was leader of the delegation, but she escaped at Dumai's Wells.

Heroes of the Ages - Heros whose stories cut across national boundaries and are told down through the ages.  They are tied to the Horn of Valere and must return when it is sounded to help fight the Last Battle.  Their 
names include:  Gaidal Cain, Birgitte, Michael, Patrick, Oscar, Artur Hawkwing, Rogosh Eagle-Eye, Blaes and Lews Therin Telamon (Kinslayer).  (From the end of TGH)     Mikel of the Pure Heart, Shivan the Hunter, who wears a black mask, "herald of the end of the Ages", destruction of what had been and the birth of what was to be.   He and his ister Calian, called the Chooser, who rode red-masked at his side.   Amaresu, with the Sword of the Sun glowing in his hands, and Paedrig, the golden tongued peacemaker   (ACOS 362)

Holidays in Randland:

High Chasalaine   (winter)
Swovan Night       (winter)
Day of Repentance
Festival of Birds   (Ebou Dar)
Festival of Lights 
Bel Tine
Feast of Teven - (Illian with contests for gleemen.  The Great Hunt Starts here)

Horses in the Wheel of Time:   Horses in this series are significant when they have names.   Their names frequently reflect something about the personality of the owner.  Aldieb (Westwind), Moiraine's white mare; Bela - brown,  Belongs to Rand and Tam, is mount for Egwene and Siuan Sanche; Cloud, grey  (Rand); Gaidin, black  (Nynaeve) named for Lan; Jeade'en (Rand)  name means True Finder' or he who returns home (named after Jain Farstrider's horse); Mandarb, black  (blade) warhorse owned by Lan; Mist - Egwene's gray mare; Moonflower (Leane); Piesa - paint mare belonging to Tuatha'an woman; Pips, brown gelding(Mat) named for markings on dice; Red, bay (Rand); Skulker (Julin Sandor); Stepper, dun or buckskin  and Stayer, bay  (Perrin); Swallow (Faile); Traveler, bay  (Gareth Bryne); Wildrose (Min); Wind (Olver)  Lion is the one exception to this rule.  He is owned by Lord Orban, who captures Gaul in Remen.     Daishar (Glory) is Egwene's roan gelding when she is made Amyrlin. (ACOS 218)    Tai' Daishar  (Lord of Glory) is the black warhorse, formerly owned by Kiruna, which Rand rides back from Dumai's Wells.   He pays her 1,000 gold crowns for the horse, more than 10 times what the best Tairen stock costs.   (ACOS 531)   Seiera (the name of a flower) is the mouse colored mare Min rides back from Dumai's wells.   Rand gives the mare to her.   The seiera is called a 'blue eye' in the Mountains of Mist, very hardy.

Inns  of Randland

inns - play a central role in unifying the series.  Major action takes place in them, and new characters are often introduced.  The names may prove to have particular significance as the series evolves, particularaly as references to happenings in the AOL and in Andor.    Winespring Inn, Emonds' Field, Bran al'Vere; Stag & Lion, Baerlon, Master Fitch.  Where Min and Nynaeve are introduced;   abandoned inn in Shadar Logoth:  Mordeth; Wayfarer's Rest, Whitebridge, Bartrim, Darkfriends search for Rand & Mat;   Queen's Blessing, Caemlyn, Master Gill:  we meet Loial;  Dancing Cartman, Four Kings, Saml Hake.  Rand channels 1st time;   The Queen's Man, on Caemlyn Road, Master Inlow, Darkfriends try to kill Rand & Mat;  Easing the Badger, Illian, Neida Sedoro,  we get to know Bayle Domon, and other characters pass through the inn later, in particular, Moiraine goes off without Lan;   The Nine Rings, Tremondsien, Maglin Madwen, Rand touches the Source through the huge male statue, Selene (Lanfear) disappears.  The inn name is a reference to a story;  The Defender of the Dragonwall, Cairhien, Cuale.  Rand becomes involved in Daes Dai'mar, finds Thom is alive;   The Great Tree, Cairhein, Mistress Tiedra.  Verin knows her well.  The Bunch of Grapes, Cairhein, Zera.  Where Dena is murdered;   Harilan's Leap, Jarra, Master Harod, where Perrin sees the mad wolf-man;  The Woman of Tanchico, Tar Valon, where Mat finds Thom and sobers him up;   Wayman's Forge, Remen, Furlan, where Perrin frees Gaul from the cage & meets Faile;  Star, Tear, Jurah Haret, where Faile is trapped by the B.A. hedgehog;   Garden of the Silver Breezes, Tahcnico, Selandrin.  We meet Egeanin.  Note also that the action in Salidar centers around the old inn, which is now A.S. hq, and in Rhuidean, Rand stashes the small statues in a room which may be part of an inn.     The Good Queen's Justice, .   The King's Lancer, Sienda, The Light of Truth, Sienda, Mistress Jharen; Bellon Ford Inn, Bellon, Mistress Alfara.   Siuan Sanche is forced to face the reality of being stilled in  The Good Night's Ride has a sign showing Lady Godiva (Lugard) owned by Duranda Tharne.  Other Lugard Inns:  The Dancing Bear, the Silver Pig, The Domani Wench's Kiss, The Farrier's Hammer, the Wagon Seat.   The Nine Horse Hitch is also in Lugard.  White Crescent in Tear; Tremalking Splice (tavern) in Tar Valon.  Golden Stag in Maerone, owned by Mistress Daelvin, where Olver appears.   Culain's Hound, in Carihein, where Rand is bonded by Alanna.  The Ball and Hoop, where the Seafolk delegation lodges,  the Long Man, where Egwene and Gawyn meet, The Crown of Roses, where the 9 A. S. of  the Salidar Delegation lodge in Caemlyn,  later joined by Alanna & Verin.  In LoC (117) there is reference to the Fox and Goose and the Three Towers, also in Maerone.    The last may be a foreshadowing for later books.    The Silver Swan in Caemlyn houses 9 Aes Sedai who arrived after Rand was taken (ACOS 152).   The grimiest tavern in Ebou Dar is the Queen's Glory in Radience (ACOS 269), The Golden Crown of Heaven is in the Rahad, marked only by a blue door.   The Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar is run by Mistress Anan, who leads Nyn and Elayne to the Wise Women.    (ACOS 272)  Oarsman's Pride from which Moghedien balefires Nyneave (ACOS 483),   The Stranded Goose in Ebou Dar (ACOS 393); The Rose of the Elbar in Ebou Dar, where Mat and his men drink terrible wine and worse tea (ACOS 472)

Places in Randland:

Aile Dantara - destination of Coine and the Wavedancer (not shown on map)

Aile Jafar - Island destination of the Sea Folk

Aleth-loriel - a place from the Age of Legends, which fell after the deaths of Prince Caar and his wife Rhea.

Amador - Capital of Amadicia, built after the Trolloc Wars, Whitecloak center of power

Ancient Cities - Some remain, but the names have changed beyond recognition.    From LoC "From the Stedding"
Mafal Dadaranell (Fal Dara), Ancohima, Londaren Cor, Manetheren (The Two Rivers), Aren Mador, Aridhol (Shadar Logoth), Shaemal, Deranbar, Braem (presumably near Braem Woods, in Andor), Condaris, Hai Ecorimon, Iman.   Barashta (Ebou Dar)  Al'cair'rahienallen (Cairhein).

Ancient Countries - All mentioned in LoC "From the Stedding" Hardan, Maredo, Caralain, Almoth, Mosara, Irenvelle.

Andor - The nation which encompasses the Two Rivers.  Morgase is its Queen and Elayne will inherit the throne.   Has wars with Cairhein.  Captain Mallia says Andor produces horses nearly as fine as the Tairen stock     There are good mines in the Mountains of Mist, including gold mines.

Ankor Dail - Town in eastern Shienar, near Aiel Waste

Aridhol - Once one of the Ten Nations and an ally of Manetheren, it is now known as Shadar Logoth.    "Dome as big as a hill outside, and one monstrous room inside"; "a walled place, open to the sky and big enough to hold all of Emond's Field, surrounded by row upon row of stone benches

Arien - the next village from Master Grinwell's farm on the road to Caemlyn (TEOTW)

Aringill - A town in Andor, just across the River Erinin from Maerone, in Cairhein.

Asar  Don -  A place from the AOL where the Forsaken were defeated (FoH 241)

Atuan's Mill - Village near Falme, where such violence was commited that Hurin becomes sick, and won't enter the place.

Bandar Eban - a port along the coast of Arad Domon.  Gets trade from Saldaea.   Moiraine says it is built on ruins of a city destroyed in the War of the Hundred Years.

Barashta - Elder Haman's name for Ebou Dar.    LoC 324

Bellon - town on the Gaean River in Amadicia, 20 miles below Amador

Breen's Spring - town on the Caemlyn Road

Caemlyn - The capital of Andor

Caemlyn Road - Is described as "cutting through hills, with a slow southward curve"  It sounds a lot like a superhighway..... perhaps a remnant from another Age?

Cantorin - Sea Folk island, with an Athan'an Miere governor, until the Seanchan moved in.  Also the staging point for the Seanchan Return.

Cary River - At Carysford

Carysford - a village on the Caemlyn Road (The Last Village) TEOTW

Chachin - city in Kandor built after the Trolloc Wars

Chaendar - Mountain above Rhuidean, in the Aiel Waste (TSR 672)

Chelsaine Palace - in Ebou Dar (ACOS 282).   The palace Carridin has made his headquarters while in the city.

Circuit of Heaven - a race track north of Ebou Dar

Cliffs of Dawn - In Shara (LOC 289)

Co'damsin - see Shara

Collam Daan - a university in Paaren Dizen (AOL)

Comelle - An ancient city in the mountains, overlooking the sea, in the AOL.  Jonai's home.   Carmel, CA?

Comfrey - a small village north of Baerlon

Coremanda - A powerful country from the time of the Trolloc Wars.  One of the Ten Nations, ally of Manetheren (See LOC 112)

Dal Calain - a city which vanished in the Trolloc Wars (ACOS 299)

Dantora - Island visited by the Sea Folk, (not on map)

Dragonmount - the volcano formed when Lews Therin destroys his family and then himself with the One Power.  It is near Tar Valon, and is where Rand is born

Ebou Dar - A seaport city  which holds a sa  'angreal which Nynaeve and Elayne need.  Ebou Dar contains a large number to ter'angreal.  A very dangerous place to travel around in.     In TDR "Wolf Dreams" Perrin encounters Lanfear in TAR in a place which sounds very much like Ebou Dar.   She is in a windowless room, studying a manuscript, and she tells him he will ruin many plans by being there.  See also Barashta.  Women in Ebou Dar duel with daggers, Wise Women can walk safely in even the most dangerous quarters, and there is a guild for every profession - even begging, which has a "Fellowship of Alms" which rescues Mat and his men from Cully and his thugs.(ACOS 471)

Eharon - One of the Ten Nations, along with Manetheren

Eianrod - small town in Cairhein which is deserted when the Shaido reach it.   Rand is using it as his base when The Far Snows takes place.

Elbar River -  in or near Ebou Dar (ACOS)

Essenia - One of the Ten Nations, renowned for its philosophers and seats of learning before the Trolloc Wars  (LOC 112)

Fal Moran - City in Shienar built after the Trolloc Wars

Four Kings - town on the Caemlyn Road where Mat and Rand meet Darkfriends (TEOTW)

Fryall - town affected by Rand:  crops failed, but the mayor dug up coins minted in Manetheren

Gaean River in Amadicia, 20 miles below Amador

Great Rift - In Shara (LOC 289)

Haddon Mirk - The forested area north of Tear where Tedosian and Estanda have joined Darlin, rebels against Rand.    They are being secretly directed by Niall's agent Balwer.

Hardad Dahar - Capital city of the former nation of Hardan, one of the Ten Nations

Hardan -  one of the ten Nations before the Breaking

Illian - Country which is constantly at war with its neighbors.  The Tairens hate Illianers and disparage Illian's "putrid olives".   The Maredo Causeway runs out of Illian.

Irenvelle - A vanished country mentioned by Elder Haman (LoC 322

Islands of the Dead - The Sea Folk claim they lie on the other side of the Aryth Ocean.  Verin speaks of them in connection with the Armies of Artur Hawkwing.  She also makes reference to old writings which refer to "Lands under the Shadow, beyond the Aryth Ocean, beyond the setting sun, where the Armies of the Night Reign.   (Hunt 91)

Jarra - A village in Ghealdan, not far from Amadicia, where a rash of weddings breaks out after Rand visits.

Jehannah - A town in Ghealdan where Moiraine has spies.  She sends Uno there, with the rest of the Shienarans.  

Jurene - A town in Andor where the 3 women board the Darter on the way to Tear.  Jurene is on the River Erinin.

Kigali - see Shara

Kore Springs - a village in Andor, where Gareth Bryne's estate is located

Maerone - A small town across from Aringill in Cairhein, on the river Erinin, where Mat finds Olver

Manetheren - The original name of the Two Rivers, fought Trollocs & won a great battle against them.   One of the Ten Nations before the Trolloc Wars.  Every queen of Manetherin was an Aes Sedai and her king was her 
warder.  Possible future of Nynaeve/Lan, or of Elayne and Rand?  Manetherin covered most of  Ghealdan & Andor.  Capital was in the Mountains of Mist, rivaled Caemlyn and Tar Valon for beauty.

Manetherndrelle - The White River.  In the Old Tongue:  Waters of the Mountain Home

Mar Haddan - the nation which once stood where Haddon Mirk is now

Maracru - a city in Tarabon TSR 579.   Rendra speaks of it

Maredo Causeway runs out of Illian

Market Sheran  - town on the Caemlyn Road where Paitr tries to capture Mat and Rand

Mayene - The City-State of which Berelain is the ruler.  Captain Mallia disparages Mayene, saying it is "even less a country than Murandy, one city and a few leagues of land."   However, Mallia (and Tear) are very envious of Mayene's oilfish shoals.

Medo - Village on the banks of the Mora River, which is the border between Shienar and Arafel, where the Amyrlin and the Shienar contingent board ships for Tar Valon.    (TGH 228) 

M'jinn - A place from the AOL with changeable weather (LoC 134)

Mol Hara - The large square in front of Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar (ACOS 450)

Mora River - The border between Shienar and Arafel.  It flows into the River Erinin

Mosra - a town in Altara, on the border with Amadicia.   Ailron wants to annex it.   Deserted since the Whitecloak War

Mos Shirare - Town in Shienar

New Bream - a border town in Andor, on the Caemlyn Road

Nor Chasen - a small village on the coast, east of Ebou Dar (ACOS 310)

Ogier-Built Cities:   Tar Valon, Tear, Illian, Cairhein, Maradon, Ebou Dar, and Manetheren.    Rhidean is being rebuilt by Ogier at Rand's request (FoH)

Ogier Names for Cities:   the names the Ogier use for cities are the old names, which have been shortened in many cases - Mafal Dadaranell (Fal Dara), Ancohima, Londaren Cor, Hai Ecoimon, Iman, Aridhol (Shadar Logoth), Manetheren (Two Rivers), Aren Mador, Shaemal, Deranbar, Braem (perhaps near Braem Springs or Braem Wood, in Andor), Condaris, Al'cairhein'eillen (Cairhein),  Barashta (Ebou Dar)

Paaren Dizen - the city of Aes Sedai before the Breaking  (Paradise?)    The Forsaken felt victory there (FoH 241)

Paerish Swar - the stretch of forest, south of Two Rivers

Reisendrelle River - south of Lugard, in Murandy (ACOS 222)

Remen - the town in Altara where Perrin frees Gaul from the cage, and also where he meets Faile - (TDR)

Rhuidean - the only city in the Aiel Waste,  unpopulated until Rand opens it up and creates a lake nearby.   The hiding place of many angreal, ter'angreal and sa'angreal from the AOL, and where the only surviving Chora tree lives.  Rand is having the city rebuilt by Ogier.

River Cary - Rand and Mat pass over it at Carysford, on the Caemlyn Road (TEOTW)

Salidar  - a town in Altara, on the border with Amadicia.   Ailron wants to annex it.   It is also the temporary headquarters for those who fled the Broken Tower.  It it located 15 day's ride west of Lugard

Samaha - town where all the wells dried up because of Rand

Seandar - The city in Seanchan where the Court of the Nine Moons is located (TGH "Seanchan")

Selean - large town at the west end of the Jangai Pass.  Sacked by Couladin

Shadar Logoth - Aridhol.   May be connected with Demandred.   Rand weaves a barrier around the Waygate there.    He creates a vicious trap for Shadowspawn that will not harm humans.  The Forsaken may be able to cross it.   The city is east of Baerlon, several days' ride above Whitebridge (LoC 324)

Shaemal - referred to as "the court of Shaemal", LoC 112, in Coremanda, during the AOL.

Shara/Shamara  - A destination of the Sea Folk, east of Mayene in the mostly uncharted lands.  Outsiders are put to death if they try to enter Shara.  Not on map.  Source of ivory & silk.  Also called Co'dansin, Tomaka, Kigali.  Only Aiel & Sea Folk trade with them.   The people of Shara are unscrupulous in trade, known for lying.  They claim their land has been untouched by war for centuries, but in LOC we learn that there is fighting in Shara because of a split over Rand.    (LOC 289)

Shara Pass - is mentioned in one of Thom's stories.  Presumably a way into Shara?  (TGH 317)

Shol Arbella - city in Arafel built after the Trolloc Wars

Sienda - Village in Amadicia, where Luca's menagerie is fined when the boar-horses tear up the inn.  East of Amador

Silk Path - the road which goes through the Jangai Pass.   The trade route with Shara once used by Cairhein.  The road near Taien is 50 paces wide (FOH 289)

Silver Circuit, The - a racetrack in Ebou Dar where Olver races Wind.

So Eban - a town in Altara, on the border with Amadicia.   Ailron wants to annex it.   Deserted since the Whitecloak War

Taien -town at the east end of the Jangai Pass.  Sacked by Couladin

Talidar - site of Hawkwing's greatest victory (The Hunt Begins, TGH).    Monument a hundred spans high with the names of those who fell, and a golden sun on top.   The monument was torn down after Hawkwing's empire fell.     There is only a mound left.

Tarasin Palace - The palace of Tylin in Ebou Dar.   Description ACOS 292

Tomaka - see Shara

Tower of Ghenjei  - Rand sees it from the Arinelle River.  Mat rouses up and comments that there must be treasure inside.   Tower is from the Age of Legends, stands 200 ft. high, with walls 40 ft thick.  No door.  (Eye 356).  This may be the same tower used as an escape route by Isam when Perrin persues him.  Hopper says it is dangerous for men, hard to leave.  Doorway to Aelfin & Eelfin, the people on the other side of the doorframe ter'angreals according to Birgitte.  The only way to win against them is to cheat.    Birgitte knows the truth of the Tower of Ghrnjei, and her knowledge may be useful in later books   (TSR 323).     Hopper says the Tower is is evil, everybody knows this (TSR 323)

Towers of Midnight - Mentioned in TGH ("Damane") as near the seat of the Empress.   Renna tells Egwene the story of Deain.

Tremondsien - Village near Kinslayer's Dagger where the huge male sa'angreal is being unearthed and is scheduled to be transported to Cairhien.   When Rand first encounters the statue he feels "the Power to Break the World.    Lanfear hints that he nearly inadvertenly kills everyone when he channels near it. (pg 255 TGH)  Note that Tremalking and Tremondsien, where the 2 huge statues are located, both have the suffix "tre".  Significance?
See also Hunt 385.  Also see FoH 123.  "Key" statue is now in Cairhein.   Made after the DOs prison was resealed.

Tremalking - a Sea Folk Isle.  Bayle Domon told of a huge stone hand holding a crystal sphere, which protrudes from the soil on the island.  The female sa'angreal which is one of the most powerful in the world.  (Eye 356) Verin says that of the women who can channel, only Moiraine, Siuan (before stilling), and Elaida, plus the 3 new recruits, are strong enough to use it.  This comment was made before Aviendha appeared, so we have to assume she could use it, as well.  (TGH On The Scent 385)  The statues were made to be used as weapons, with men and women channeling in unison.  Together, they might be strong enough to Break the world again.  Note that Tremalking and Tremondsien, where the 2 huge statues are located, both have the suffix "tre".  Significance?

Tzora - the city before the Breaking where the Da'shain Aiel tried to stop Jaric Mondoran (another mad Dragon?) from killing, by singing to him.
Wayman's/Wayland's Forge - the Inn in Remen where Perrin meets Faile (both spellings occur in the same section of the hardcover book - editing error)

Willar - town where a dry spring flowed again because of Rand

Previous Amyrlin Seats:    Discussed in the ACOS prologue - Alvairan had risen to head the Blach Ajah  because Ishamael killed her predecessor in his wrath at discovering what Jarna Malari had begun, yet it had not ended for another two years, after the death of another Amyrlin.  She often wondered whether Elaida had had any hand in the death of that one,  Sierin Vayu; certainly the Black Ajah had not.  Jarna had had Tamra Ospenya, the Amyrlin before Sierin, squeezed like a bunch of grapes -- obtaining little juice, as it turned out -- and made her appear to have died in her sleep, but Alviarin and the other twelve sisters of the Great Council had paid in pain before they could convince Ishamael they had no responsibility for it. know Marith Jaen, Tamra Ospenya, and Sierin Vayu ruled, but there were a couple of others.    Anghara was made to go to Isabele of Dal Calain (one of Mat's memories ACOS 299)

Listing of former Amyrlin Seats in order 

   Rashima Kerenmosa, green, Trolloc War 
   Tetsuan, red, end of Trolloc War 
   Bonwhin, red, Artur Hawkwing's reign 
   Deane Aryman, blue, beginning of 100 years war 
   Serenia Latar, ?-306NE, hung after death by whitecloaks 
   Cemaile Sorenthaine, circa 700NE, gray, had grand plans CoS prologue 
   Kirin Nelway (Brown) 922-950 NE 
   Noane Mosadim (Blue) 950-973 NE 
   Tamra Ospenya (Blue), 973-979 NE
   Sierin Vayu (Gray), 979-984 NE  (Alviarin reflects that Sierin was only Amyrlin about 2 years - ACOS    	prologue)
   Marith Jaen (Blue), 984-988 NE 
   Siuan Sanche (blue), 988-999 NE 
   Elaida (red), 999NE - 
   Egwene (no color), 999NE -     

Sereille Bagand - see ACOS 512)

Shaido Wise Ones - Therava, Norlea,  Dairin, Rhiale, Tion (who is stout), Dorailla, Alarys (who has black hair), Someryn, skinny Belinde, and Modarra (as tall as most men) Dosera and Meira (she has a long face)  are among the 13 Wos  who accompanied Sevanna to see Rand  beaten and put back into the box by the Aes Sedai.     These WOs also killed Desaine, whom Sevanna uses as a rallying point to goad the Shaido on.    (ACOS Prologue)

Ships - Major action sometimes takes place on ships, and their names are often connected with the central characters:  Spray (Bayle Domon; River Queen, Gray Gull (Huan Mallia), Snow Goose (Jaim Adarra); Blue Crane (Captain Ellisor); Darter; River Serpent; Wavedancer (Coine din Jubai Wild Winds)   Windrunner (where Land and Nynaeve are married), White Spray - the ship Rand boards to meet with the Sea Folk

Stedding in current use:   Shangtai, Quichen, Jentoine, Taijing, Sanshen, Tsofu, Cantoine.  Cantoine is just above the River Iralell.  Taijing is east of Cantoine, in the Spine of the World (TGH"Among the Elders). Stedding Jentoine, is in the Black Hills (ACOS Prologue)  Loial is from Shangtai, says he came from the north, near the borderlands (TGH).    Abandoned Stedding:   Almoth Plain, near Paerish Swar; 1 in the mountains along the northern part of Toman Head; Arafel, on the edge of the Blight; Sherandu and Chandar, both now in the Blight; also in Andor, east of the River Arinelle, where Hawkwing planned to build his city.     Altogether there are many stedding:   13 in the Spine of the World, 1 of which is in Kinslayer's Dagger;   Mountains of Mist contains 6;  Shadow Coast; Black Hills; Forests above the River Ivo; Mountains above River Dhagon, north of Arad Domon.   There are 7 Stedding in the Borderlands.

Ten Nations of the Age of Legends - Essenia, Aridhol (Shadar Logoth), Manetheren, Hardan, Goaban, Carralain,  Almoth, Kintara, Coremanda and Maredo.   

ter'angreal, angreal, sa'angreal  - items from the Age of Legends which use the One Power.   Because of their rarity, several groups are searching for them now, including the Forsaken.    Some ter'angreal must be made to work by Aes Sedai.   Others do not require channeling (like Mat's foxhead, or the twisted doorframes) to work  (TGH 282).  

After the following were stolen by Black Ajah , the Tower put guards and wards on the storeroom, and the items are checked 4 times a day - 
rod of clear crystal, 1 ft long, 1" in diameter - use unknown 
statue of nude woman in alabaster - use unknown
iron disc engraved with spiral              "
wooden carving of hedgehog - induces sleep, used to trap Faile
Fluted black rod - produces balefire
carved cluster of six dice, joined - suspends chance
placque with raised figure of woman - recovered from Joiya Byir, used to 
enter tel'aran'rhiod.

ter'angreal from Rhuidean:
twisted doorframe which Moiraine takes back to Cairhein
Mat's foxhead medallion which he wears to ward off channeling
Statues from Rhuidean, one male, one female which Rand hides  Ref FOH 122,  now hidden in his bedroom in Carihein (ACOS 518)

also the broken duplicate of the
female statue, which is now in the Panarch's Palace in Tanchico  (TSR 675)
Mat's spear (?)
the row of columns which is used to raise Aiel clan chiefs,  and as the final test for Wise Ones (FoH 134) ,that Rand passes through in his journey backward in time
a red crystal chair  (this may be the Binding Chari Sammael mentions)   ACOS 631
2 child sized statues of a nude mand & woman
The 3 interlocked rings which the WOs use, which is probably related to the Testing ter'angreal in the Tower

Other ter'angreal:
Egwene's twisted ring
The Arches which Accepted must pass through in the Tower
A statue of a nude woman, covered only by her hair, in the Panarch's Palace in Tanchico
black cube - in Sevanna's posession
The first twisted doorframe which Mat, Rand, and Moiraine use, in Tear (ter'angreal)
the adam Elayne makes for Moghedien
the copies of the stone ring Elayne makes
Also the iron disc and the plaque of the sleeping woman taken from Joiya and Amico
by Elayne and Nynaeve, which were duplicated by Elayne in Salidar, and are now in use by the Salidar A.S.
Sevanna's callbox from Sammael
The oath rod Sammael gives Sevanna

owned by Bayle Domon:   Bought in Maradon - dark carving of a man holding a sword
Moiraine's woman in robes  (angreal)
Rands' man with sword, found in storeroom (angreal)    (Missing in ACOS)
Lanfear's acrobat angreal (end of FoH), brought from Rhuidean.   bracelet of an acrobat whose hands are bound to his feet 

Note for discussion on the large statues, see TGH "On the Scent"
rods of bone, ivory & black
The Oath Rod in the Tower - sa'angreal
The fluted white rod used to Heal Mat of the dagger - one of the most powerful sa'angreal in the Tower
The Bowl of the Winds in Ebou Dar 
The Tremondsien (male) statue
The Tremalking (female) statue (still buried)
one other that a man can use, unidentified.    May not still exist.   Mentioned by Lanfear.

The Stone of Tear and Ebou Dar contain large numbers of ter'angreal, as do the Tower and Rhuidean.   Some of the items from Rhuidean are now in  Cairhein, brought there at Moiraine's request  (LOC 58).   The Great Hold in the Stone of Tear was warded by a woman (Moiraine or Lanfear?)

Throne names - Like inns, may have a bearing on the plot.   Andor is the Lion Throne, Altara is the Throne of the Winds,  Illian has the Laurel Throne (later known as the Crown of Swords),  Amadicia has the Guardian of the Southern Gate as the title of its king, Cairhein has the Sun Throne,  Seanchan the Crystal Throne, Saldaea the Broken Crown, Malkier the Golden Crane.

Wise Ones


Shaido Wise Ones (some are Darkfriends)


Wise Women in Ebou Dar

Reanne Corly
Janira (killed by Gholam)
Melore (killed by Gholam)
Zarya Alhase