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[This was posted to rec.arts.sf.written by Michael Major The article was written by him with
help from Chad C. D'Amour Orzel]

Concerning the situation at the end of TFOH,
has anyone figured out the military balance of the world?
There seem to be armies being built everywhere.

This is how I see the situation
(with help from Mr. Orzel, i.e.,
who corrected many of my numbers after I sent this via
email for his view- numbers in () are his, comments
in () are mine.).
1)  The official Army of the Dragon

Conventional Forces
400,000 Aiel   -   light infantry / special forces

 (30-40,000) Tairens  - mixture heavy infantry / light cavalry
 20-30,000 Cairheinen  -   "      "       "     /  "      "
                          (reduced numbers due to civil war)
 10,000? Mayenens - standard army mixture
                    (on the march for linkup w/ rest of forces)
  9,000 Saldaeans    - light cavalry
  5,000 Band of the Red Hand - 1/2 heavy inf. / 1/2 light cavalry
                                special missions force
                                (Note: from TFOH, it was stated
                                       at 3,000 after several battles
                                       and the resultant casualties.
                                       After the Battle of Cair.
                                       volunteers returned this unit
                                       to full strength. Thus, the
                                       5,000 estimate.)

(I'm assuming no Andorans since Rand just took the castle
so none of the Andoran army knows that he is tentatively in
charge.  Also, I figure that he won't be doing much with
the army anyway because it is 1) infiltrated with corrupt
personnel, 2) widely scattered, and 3) Elaine would be ticked
off to return to find the nobles ticked off with her, while
her army is off doing Rand's bidding. :) )

Strategic Forces
1 male channeler    - class AAA
2 female channelers - class A
(20-30) female channlers - class C  (non-offensive)

Command Structure
Chief Commander   -  Rand al'Thor

Chief Tactician,
Commander of BotRH,
Commander of "Wetlander" forces    -  Mat Cauthon
                                      (forced into all these roles)

Tactical Advisors,
Aiel divisional
leaders           -  Aiel clan chiefs

Tactical Advisor,
Saldean commander -  Davrim Bashere *


2)  Army of the Exiled Aes Sedai  (Blue Army)

Conventional Forces

  5,000? mixed nationality - probably mostly infantry
    (200)  Warders           - elite warrier force

Strategic Forces

      1 female channeler  - class AA
      1 female channeler  - class A
(200) female channelers - classes B - D

*Note: temporarily threw Elaine and Nyneave here

Command Structure

Commander  -  Gareth Bryne *


3)  Army of the Towered Aes Sedai  (Red Army)

Conventional Forces

(2,000 Tar Valon Guards, etc.) - infantry
100  Warders           - elite warrier force
                         lots of reds, so lower number
(O(100))  Younglings        - equiv. to warders
                         (Chad, thanks for reminding me of these)

Strategic Forces

(200) female channelers - classes B - D

Command Structure



4)  Couladin's Former Aiel Army on the Run

Conventional Forces

  (30,000-40,000) Aiel -  light infantry / special forces
                          (I had initially guessed 80K.
                           My quick assumption was 50% casualties
                           for both sides. This is
                           probably closer.)

Strategic Forces


Command Structure

confused if existent at all


* Member of Who's Who of Randlandian Generals


other opposing armies that I know exist but can't detail

Illianer Army - (30-40,000)
Whitecloak Army - (30-40,000)
Seanchan Army
The Shadow Army - (beyond count)

forces yet to (officially) choose a side

% Andorans
Shienarians [sp.]
+ the other nations

%-not as of end of TFOH

I hope this provides some new discussion fodder
other than the X is also Y discussions.
Besides, all these armies should be making some very
interesting fight scenes in the next book.

(I apologize for any wrap around problems that may occur.
 My editor exhibits unusual behaviour in this regard.)

In closing this lengthy post,
Michael Major