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The One Power

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General notes:
- 1 flow does not = one result ie 1 flow of fire does not = only one flame, 
but can be a multitude of flames. So, you can channel all of the candles on 
with merely one flow. (ex (454), TDR (Ch 39))
- A channeler cannot weave if they can't see the flows. <LOC: 13, Under the 
Dust, 237> I presume from what Tarna says that you can't see the flows if 
your eyes are closed...whether you can weave simply by feeling is 

   weaving - manipulating the threads of the One Power.
   channeling - controlling the flows of the One Power. Logically whether 
the channeler is merely holding (touching the True Source/embracing the OP) 
or actively weaving it, she/he still must control the flow (Rand describes
holding the Source as "filled with the male half of the Source, a raging 
flood, every thread he could pull through the angreal in his pocket" <LOC: 
3, A Woman's Eyes, 92> Ergo, you can just hold the source and you must 
control the volume of it that you allow to pass through least 
that's the way I think of it.). Thus this term can accurately be used to 
describe both active and passive use of the OP.
   inverting - something that can be done to the weave so it is hidden.
   tieing off - knotting the mesh of threads that create a weave so that 
it can continue to exist without the constant control and supervision of 
the Aes Sedai who created the weave.
   angreal - Remnants of the AoL that allow anyone capable of channeling 
to handle a greater amount of the Power than is possible or safe unaided.
Rumors of angreal usable by both men and women have never been confirmed. 
The making of angreal is no longer known. Angreal magnify the Power.
   sa'angreal - object from the Age of Legends that allows a channeler to
channel more of the OP than is normally possible or safe. A person with a 
sa'angreal has their channeling ability increased at a comparible rate to 
the amount they increase from normal channeling to when they use an 
angreal. The sa'angreal like angreal merely magnify the Power and the 
making of it is no longer known. There are no unisex sa'angreal, only male 
or female (and no rumors of unisex sa'angreal).
   ter'angreal - Each ter'angreal was made to do a particular thing. Some
require channeling, while others may be used by anyone. Ter'angreal use the 
One Power rather than magnify it. I think it's only that the reason why 
some ter'angreal don't require channlers is because they contain tied off 
weaves within them. We know that intrensically they must use the OP.
   severing - actually the term used for the removal of one's ability to
channel in the AoL. Today it is appropriately termed stilling/burning out 
(depending on how it happened: by trial/accidentily) for women and 
gentleing for men. There are actually two types of severing. In the normal 
manner, the woman can still sense the True Source, but not touch it. A 
woman stilled in this way seldom survives long; she simply gives up and 
dies unless she finds something to replace the emptiness left by the OP. 
The other type mentioned in TGH is described to differ from the first in 
that the woman can no longer even sense the True Source. The only incident 
where this has been mentioned to occur has been when a woman enters the 
ter'angreal used for testing Novices to become Accepted warded. While 
Nynaeve was able to Heal the first type it isn't likely that the second can 
be Healed. The first type had something to work with...the woman could 
still sense the True Source. The second is something different entirely.
   knot - the tied off part of a weaving.
   a'dam - A ter'angreal that creates a corrupted link between two women. 
Instead of of surrendering and leading, one woman is in complete control. 
The sul'dam can feel what the damane feels emotionally and physically (to a 
lesser degree), but the damane feels what the sul'dam feels physcially (as 
in pain) tenfold. (undoubtedly the reason why if a man wears the bracelett, 
the two die screaming is because the a'dam attempts to force a saidin 
weilding channeler to link as a saidar weilding channeler in the 
case of trying to pull fire into oneself if you are a saidar channeler or 
if you try to bore a hole through the pattern to Travel, something 
disastrous occurs)


Air -
  hold people with air - (Ch 15, (186), TDR) Supposedly that hardest in 
channeling. <LOC: 30, To Heal Again, 426>
  fist of air - 
  dome of air (ch 57, (962), TSR & Ch 15, (188), TDR) - Woven of Air. Can 
be opaque or trasparent. Blocks entry.
  carrying sound - simple flows <LOC: 15, A pile of Sand, 266>

(note: can't pick yourself up with the air. Analagous to not being able to 
pick yourself up even if you could pick up a chest that weighs as much as 
you do.)

Water -
  move water - <LOC: 12, Under the Dust, 232> the weave is described as 
simple and rquiring only Water. It draws moisture and maneuvers it. 
Theodrin used this weave to cause a puddle of water to gather into a ball 
which she lifted with air (it wobbled) and moved to let fall outside of her

Fire -
  Invisibility - wrap yourself in light to become invisible...<LOC: 
Prologue, 26> Also described as a bending so that any eye that looks sees 
around. <EOW: 48, 729, The Blight> If a person wearing this weave moves, 
everyone can see it ripple.<LOC: 27, Gifts, 390>(when Rand did it-he 
fastened it to the floor, but it still would ripple if Egwene moved.)

(note: A female channeler cannot absorb Heat into herself and then have it 
dissipate out into her surroundings with the Fire as a male channeler can 
do. She must snuff out fire with Air or Water. <TSR: 7, Playing with Fire, 

Spirit -
  hiding channeling ability - a very complex weave (p643, LOC)
  entering TAR in the flesh (saidar) - Create a place that is so similar to 
its reflection in TAR that there is no difference. (p465, LOC) Create a 
shimmering curtain of Spirit (p466, LOC)
  Traveling - weave a thin curtain of spirit and it lasts only a moment 
before snapping together in a vertical line that is suddenly a slash of 
silvery blue light. The light widens quickly or turns, into a doorway
that opens into the other place. Theoretics: Make two places in the Pattern 
  cut weaves/sever flows - Use a keen-edged weave of Spirit. <TSR: 54, Into 
the Palace, 628>
  Shielding - A blunt edged weave of Spirit which is termed a "shield" can 
block a woman channeler from touching the Source or cut her off from the 
Source while she is channeling. If the shield is knife-sharp, it can be 
used to sever the other channeler. <TSR: 54, Into the Palace, 628>
  bonding - (400, LOC) complex but not as complicated as Healing. Physical 
touch is necessary.

(note: if a woman tried to make a gateway as a man does, she would be 
sucked into the space between the threads of the Pattern...Person probably 
wouldn't last long and wouldn't come back.)

Combinations -
  eavesdropping - Moiraine and Egwene use a stone for a focus, whether this 
is necessary or not, I don't know. The weave uses mostly Air, with a touch 
of Fire. Anyone can hear whatever you eavesdrop on if they are close enough 
to you. The volume can be controlled. <LOC: 25, Like Lightning and Rain, 
  Illusion - Fire and Air. The disguises are easier the closer they 
stay to how the person really looks. (p643 LOC & Ch. 54, (p911), TSR)
Illusion is actually stronger in TAR than it is in the waking world. (p393, 
FOH) Illusion can include touch, but only the most subtle use if it. (p132, 
  Delving (p268, TDR) - Checking a person's health. 
  Healing - Water, Air, and Spirit. Physical touch is necessary.
  Compulsion - Water, Air, and Spirit. Compulsion has many limits, but a 
command to do what someone wants to do in their inmost depths will hold for 
a lifetime. (p395, FOH) Like Illusion is stronger in TAR than in the real 
world (p393, FOH).
  stimulate pain & pleasure centers - Spirit and Fire (p139, LOC)
  A steady wind-Air and Water. Those strong at this can handle cable-thick flows. 
The weave is intricate, almost delicate and reaches as far as the eye can 
see across the waters, a web drawn across the sky. 
  Ward that prevents eavesdropping - Mostly of Fire and Air with touches of 
Water <LOC: 12, Questions and Answers, 229>..."a flat dome...shimmering to 
her eyes over the entire building...(it was held by a knot)" You can walk 
through it without anyone sensing you and without sensing anything.
 probing--I believe you can use any element of the One Power as a probe. 
Nynaeve used all of them in unison to probe Logain. <LOC: 29, Fire and 
Spirit, 417>
 Healing Gentleing--Fire and Spirit. <LOC: 29, Fire and Spirit, 418>
 Healing stilling--Fire and Spirit, probably with a mix of Water or Earth 
would Heal the female channeler completely as Fire and Spirit alone do not. 
<LOC: 30, To Heal Again, 424>

 Teaching -
     Useful Analogies for the Proper Mental State for Channeling=
 The flower bud, and the riverbank = "You are a flower bud feeling the 
warmth of the Source, ready to open to the warmth. Saidar is the river, you 
the bank. The river is more powerful than the bank, yet the bank contains 
and guides it. Empty your mind except for the bud. There is nothing in your 
thoughts but the bud. You are the bud..." <LOC: 13, Under the Dust, 233>
 The summer breeze and the babbling brook
 The dandelion seed floating on the wind
 The earth drinking in spring rain
 A root inching its way through the soil
 In a lover's arms

Questions -
more on wards

When in TAR in the flesh =
     gateways can be opened to Travel from place to place within TAR (p453, 
LOC). To leave TAR, only a gateway from the spot's reflection to the spot 
in the real world can be made. Movement by simply thinking ones self there 
isn't possible. You can move faster than you normally move, but still you 
have to physically move yourself.

   saidin channelers senseing saidin channeling - <LOC: 3, A Woman's Eyes, 
92> "There was no glow such as women could see  around one another, only a
sense of force and menace, but rand could feel it clearly, and judge it."
   saidin channelers sensing saidar channeling - <LOC: 18, A Taste of 
Solitude, 304> "Briskly he rubbed his forearms through his shirtsleeves, 
reminding her that she held saidar; close like this, he would be feeling it 
as a faint tingle."

Air - simple weave wraps up an object and stops it <LOC: 1, Lion on the 
Hill, 68>

Combinations -
   globe of light--Fire and Air. <LOC: 28, Letters, 399>
   ward - "He began waving saidin aroudn the Waygate, using all Five Powers, 
even lifting the segment soft fence back into place....What he wove and then 
inverted was a vicious sort of trap..A ward..Humans could cross it 
unharmed, perhaps even the fForsaken-he could ward against humans or 
Shadowspawn, not both-and even a male Forsaken could not detect it. Should 
any sort of Shadowspawn pass through...They would not die right away; they 
might even live to make it beyond the cit walls. Long enough for the dead 
to be far off, not here to frighten the next Myrddraal that came. Long 
enough for a Trolloc army to exit perhaps, picking up their own deaths as 
they did."

"grasp the Source"
"seize saidin(/saidar)"<LOC: 1, Lion on the Hill, 68>
"Saidin flooded into him" " "