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Zone RPG

Name: Zone RPG

Genre: Endzeit

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: http://www.john.tynes.com/rl_thezone.html

Autor: John Tynes

[Englisch] The Tunguska blast in Siberia during 1908 was something more than just a comet exploding a ravaging a huge area¸ it was a dissolving of the barriers of time and space¸ with catastrophic effects. At first¸ Russia keeps the location secret¸ but then things come through - and then a woman comes through - and then the plague. In 1996¸ some creature comes through bearing a disease that turns out to be remarkably deadly to humans. Desperate to find a cure¸ Russia turns to the rest of the world¸ and a team is assembled to go through the portal into whatever lies beyond. Heavily armed and trained¸ they cross over - into what seems to be the future¸ a post-apocalyptic world of violence and superstition¸ where the temporal and spatial anomalies that typified the Zone have spread across the entire world¸ and people are forced to live with the knowledge that they may disappear at any time¸ only to pop back into the world some time later.

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