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Name: Zero

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1997/1999

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Archangel Entertainment

Autor: Steve Stone & Lester Smith

[Deutsch] Zero (Archangel Entertainment) ist ein Rollenspiel in einer düsteren Zukunft. Die Spieler spielen Biomechs (biomechanische Lebensformen)¸ die in einem Kollektiv zusammenleben. Wenn das Spiel beginnt¸ werden die Spielercharaktere aus dem Kollektiv ausgestossen und gejagt. Das System ist ungewöhnlich und der düstere Hintergrund erinnert an die Borg aus StarTrek.

[Englisch] Zero is the game of the Anti-Borg. You play this happy little biomechanical humanoid¸ wandering through the underground facility you call home¸ when suddenly your psychic connection to the collective goes away. And then¸ even though you want¸ and I mean really want to rejoin¸ you can't. Worse¸ everyone is trying to hunt down and kill the mutant freak.
On the flip side¸ you now have a chance to be an individual. While before you did have your own mind¸ it constantly had the input of a ten or twenty thousand other individuals. (Talk about a support group.) With that mental link severed you can now see the world through your own eyes and realize that life wasn't as nice as you'd expected.
Queen Zero seems to have no regard for your fellow biomechs and orders them to various kinds of death with no hesitation. You can see that the food you used to consume so happily was an incredibly bland form of kibble and your nice little dorm room is actually covered in grime and looks like a prison cell.

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  • Zero

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