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Xro Dinn Chronicles

Name: Xro Dinn Chronicles

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2001

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Ionian Games Studios

[Deutsch] The Xro Dinn Chronicles' ist der Titel eines neuen SciFi-Rollenspiels des US-Hobby-Verlags Ionian Games¸ daß im November 2001 erscheinen soll. Das Spiel wird als Hard-SciFi-Rollenspiel in einer fernen Zukunft (+50000 Jahre) beschrieben und spielt nach einem gewaltigen Krieg aller i 'intelligenten' Lebensformen der Galaxie. Das Spiel handelt von einer Beobachter-Rasse¸ die die Entwicklung überlebender und neuer Rassen dokumentiert. Der Autor Matthew Webster betont¸ wie wichtig es ihm war¸ daß alle Waffen¸ Technologien usw. sich an unseren Naturgesetzen orientieren und nur stellenweise phantastische Elemente wie Überlichtgeschwindigkeit eingeführt wurden. [Quelle: Matthew Webster (awakenings@mindspring.com)¸ www.ionianstudio.com]

[Englisch] The Xro Dinn Chronicles is an epic hard science fiction game set in the far future where the mysterious Xro Dinn gather information about the up and coming races within the Frontier. Many believe they have a mysterious purpose though. Why are they gathering information and why are they so interested in dimensional experimentation? The Sharr'Dann¸ perhaps the most powerful race in the Frontier¸ have been pushed away noticeably easily. Many have asked why. Story aside¸ the players play one of the younger races within the Frontier that have just recently (within the last 1000 years)¸ made their way into space. While the background story is part of the game¸ game masters may choose to focus on any element they desire. The game is also a storyteller's system. It offers great flexibility in terms of character creation and campaign settings as well as a simple yet flexible rule system Advertising: Dreamation 1997 and 1998¸ Dexcon 1998¸ EmpireCon 1997¸ East Coast Games fair 1998¸ GenCon 2001¸ Games Quarterly Catelogue - September 2001 Sales and Marketing Bonuses - The only far future hard science fiction role playing game on the market - Cover by Jason Engle - Great for those who LoVE technical gadgets and real world science! - Additional ideas by Erick Wujcik of Phage Press and Aaron Rosenberg of Clockworks - eGroups forum to discuss the Xro Dinn Chronicles - Beautiful artwork throughout the book including Steve Ellis from White Wolf and Steve Bryant (R. Talsorian¸ and others). - Each race has their own unique technology! - Simple skill resolution system! - 5 player character races and 12 professions

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    Xro Dinn Chronicles: RPG - An epic hard science fiction role playing game set in the far future ( Englisch Grundregeln Buch 2001 Ionian Games Studios Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

    Xro Dinn Chronicles 2: New Horizons ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Hardcover 2004 Ionian Games Studios Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

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