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Wrestling d20

Name: Wrestling d20

Genre: Action

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Fantages-Studios.com

Meta-System: D20-System
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[Deutsch] Fantages Studios veröffentlicht ein d20 Wrestling RPG. 'Wrestle uses the newly released d20 Modern from Wizard's of the Coast¸ and is the first release from Fantages Studios. A version of Wrestle which takes the game from the real world¸ and ties into the fantasy realm known by the name Dragon Earth. Dragon Earth¸ developed by Alan Kellogg¸ is described as 'An alternate Earth where magic works and the creatures of D&D exist alongside Man. Your next door neighbor is an elf¸ the bus driver is a gnoll¸ and your boss is an ogre (the last being not all that different from real life)'. Wrestle is currently being released in five stages. The first module retails for $2.50. Upon the release of Module 5¸ a complete product will be available¸ in addition to the individual modules.' Planned Release Schedule: Module 2: Wrestling Moves and Combat - Friday¸ January 17¸ 2003. ($2.50) Module 3: Ring Equipment - Friday¸ January 24¸ 2003. ($2.00) Module 4: Circuits¸ Reputation¸ Rewards¸ Goals - Friday January 31¸ 2003. ($1.75) Module 5: Wrestlers and Storylines - Friday¸ February 7¸ 2003. ($2.50) [Quelle: Fantages-Studios.com]

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  • d20 Wrestling RPG

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