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World Tree

Name: World Tree

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2001

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Padwolf Publishing

Autor: Bard Bloom and Victoria Borah Bloom

[Deutsch] mit einem Baum als Spielwelt

[Englisch] The World Tree's branches are fifty miles wide and thousands long¸ and their flat upper sides are the home of civilization. The sides of the branches are tangled and untamed; wilderness is never far from even the greatest city. Magic is available to everyone - as sophisticated as any terrestrial technology¸ and as practical. Civilization focuses on the eight prime species¸ created especially by the seven creator gods for reasons of their own. These are the races available as player-characters.
Cani are dog-people¸ loyal and social¸ arguably the dominant species. Gormoror are large bear-people¸ proud and heroic¸ and not common. Herethroy are tall cricket-or beetle-people¸ usually peaceful and agrarian¸ with three genders and six limbs. Khtsoyis are aerial seven-tentacled cephalopods¸ thuggish and brutal¸ ranking somewhere between criminals and monsters in popular opinion¸ but prime nonetheless. Orren are otter-people¸ merry¸ quick¸ careless and inconstant; they become regular otters when they get wet. Rassimel are raccoon-people: clever¸ precise¸ quick to learn¸ and more than a bit obsessive.Sleeth are green-black non-anthropomorphic panthers¸ rare and fierce and scary. Zi Ri are miniature dragons¸ rare¸ immortal and mysterious. There are also many sentient nonprimes¸ whom the primes may regard as merely different types of people¸ as inferior species¸ or as monsters. The relationship between primes and nonprimes is one of the key moral dilemmas of the world. The eight species live together¸ and their civilization is advanced - most like 18th-century Earth¸with occasional bits of far future¸ neither utopian nor dystopian. Countries are typicallycity-states strung like beads along the branches.
Demographics: World Tree is geared primarily toward the experienced role playing gamer¸ although it is easily playable by entry-level gamers as well. Because of the setting and the excellent artwork¸ it also appeals strongly to fans of anthropomorphics (furries). The sourcebook is filled with detailed cultural information and stories and advice from the inhabitants of the Tree¸ making it an engaging read for those who enjoy fictional anthropology and alien worlds¸ as well as for gamers.
The World Tree sourcebook focuses on cultures¸ people¸ and individual lives. Epigraphs and short stories throughout the text tell the reader about life on the Tree from an insider's point of view¸ bringing mechanics together with the setting in a way which holds reader interest¸ helps understanding¸ and supports realistic and detailed characterization and roleplay. Over 150 illustrations by both well-established and up-and-coming artists in the anthropomorphic genre bring the rules and stories of World Tree to life.

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  • World Tree: a role playing game of species and civilization

    World Tree: a role playing game of species and civilization ( Englisch Grundregeln Buch 2001 Padwolf Publishing Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

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