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Suzerain-Mortal Realms

Name: Suzerain-Mortal Realms

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2000

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Suzerain: Mortal Realms

Autor: Philip M. Cohen

[Deutsch] Das englische Rollenspiel 'Suzerain: Mortal Realms' erschien bereits 2000 als Deluxe-Hardcover bei Savage Mojo in England. Nun hat das Spiel mit 500 Kopien den Sprung nach Amerika geschafft - also eher fraglich ob man es in Deutschland überhaupt bekommt (308 Seiten¸ $).

[Englisch] A multi-genre¸ multi-era role-playing game based on mythologiesthroughout history. Designed for beginning and experienced players alike¸with table- top¸ live-action¸ and on-line interactive components. Originally released at UK GenCon then previewed at GAMA as a Limited Edition product¸ Suzerain: Mortal Realms was heralded as a revolutionary new RPG¸ taking classic concepts and streamlined game mechanics to the ultimate in role-playing flexibility. The basic premise in SMR is that players create either a character loosely based on themselves- something called 'avatar gaming' in certain circles¸ or a totally fictitious one. Either works equally well¸ though avatar gaming is somewhat simpler for new gamers without losing any of the fun. These characters are yanked out of the real world (the 'Mortal Realms') and become trouble-shooters for certain gods from various mythologies. The characters are known as Reincarnates¸ since as they travel through various time periods in the Mortal Realms they are effectively reincarnating over and over. To help them out¸ the gods give each character a Telesma¸ a magical jewel in the form of a talisman¸ which grants its wearer certain supernatural powers¸ or Arcana. Armed with a Telesma each¸ the intrepid group of trouble-shooters is returned to one time or another in the Mortal Realms on a mission for the gods. [Quelle: Wizards-Attic.com]

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