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Stargate SG-1

Name: Stargate SG-1

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1999/2003

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Alderac Entertainment Group

Autor: John Tynes

[Englisch] In January of 1998¸ I was hired by a company known as West End Games to design and write a new roleplaying game. WEG was known for their Star Wars game¸ among others¸ and they had bought a license to the television series Stargate SG-1. This show is based on the movie Stargate¸ a largely terrible movie with terrific production design.

As it turned out¸ the television series was much better than the film. I saw most of the first season (at that time screening on the Showtime cable channel) before starting work on the game¸ and found that a couple of episodes were genuinely terrific¸ most were passably entertaining¸ and a couple stunk. On the whole¸ their batting average seemed to be in the same league as later seasons of X-Files¸ and well above out-and-out garbage like Star Trek: Voyager.

More importantly¸ however¸ the premise of the series proved to be tailor-made to roleplaying games. It was really pretty amazing; I can't think of another series offhand that is so completely appropriate for translation into gaming.

To summarize: Stargate SG-1 posits that an ancient alien civilization set up high-tech teleportation/wormhole gates on planets across the galaxy. You set the coordinates¸ walk through the gate¸ and boom¸ you're on another planet. Much later¸ a parasitic race finds these abandoned bits of technology. Since they use humans and other races as host bodies¸ but prefer humans¸ this parasite race deposits humans on hundreds of these linked worlds¸ so that wherever the race travels¸ they'll always have more host bodies. This kidnapping/relocation occurs in a vaguely defined period of 'ancient times¸' so you find colonies taken from Greece¸ Egypt¸ Mongolia¸ and on and on.

In the movie¸ one of these stargates has been found on Earth. Some government explorers travel through the gate¸ briefly fight the aliens¸ and come home.

In the series¸ it's a year or so later. The government sets up nine teams--SG-1 through SG-9--to begin exploring the various worlds reachable from the Earth stargate. Their main priority is to gain information and technology and allies to fight the evil parasite aliens¸ but they also want to explore¸ learn stuff¸ and do all that sort of thing.

The teams are where this really turns into great gaming fodder. SG-1 is the first-contact team¸ and it's a typical gaming party: about six people¸ including a soldier¸ a linguist¸ an anthropologist¸ and even an alien¸ just for good measure. They're the first team to explore any given locale¸ and they have most of the fun.

So clearly¸ that's a great gaming premise right there. But the other teams offer other options. One team is a pure military/special ops group¸ to fight evil aliens; one team is full of academics¸ who move in after SG-1 is done to do deep exploration; one team negotiates treaties; and so forth. Basically¸ this series lets you play just about any kind of campaign you want¸ with just enough genre rationales to vaguely explain why you can walk through a stargate and experience some sort of ludicrous adventure.

Anyway¸ I wrote about 30¸000 words worth of stuff¸ adapting WEG's house game system--the 'D6 System'--for Stargate. Along the way¸ WEG began to implode¸ the people I was working for were fired¸ and the project was cancelled. I never saw a dime.

Oh well! Here's what I wrote. I think the adaptation I did of WEG's system is pretty good. There isn't quite enough here to play the game--the main things missing are equipment and character templates--but it's almost there¸ and you might get a kick out of it.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the project was that I decided to write the entire rulebook as if it was a big training program for potential Stargate team members. From start to finish¸ the game would never admit it was an RPG you bought it in a store; it's all written as if it's all for real¸ and that the Stargate team is using the RPG format as a training tool to test recruits' ability to think fast in strange situations. This made for some interesting writing.

Anyway¸ here are the files. I doubt I'll ever write another word about Stargate¸ but it was kinda fun while it lasted. -- John Tynes

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    Stargate SG-1 RPG ( Englisch Grundregeln Hardcover¸ vollfarbig 2003 Alderac Entertainment Group Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

    False Gods - Lords Sourcebook ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover 2004 Alderac Entertainment Group Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Sourcebook ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover 2004 Alderac Entertainment Group Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Season 1: Fantastic Frontier ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover 2004 Alderac Entertainment Group Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Season 2: Friends and Foes ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover 2004 Alderac Entertainment Group [mehr...] )
    Season 3: Fallout ( Englisch Quellenmaterial 2004 Alderac Entertainment Group [mehr...] )

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