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Name: Recon

Genre: Historisch

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1982/1986/1999

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Palladium Books

Autor: Erick Wujcik

[Deutsch] Meines Wissens ein Vietnam-Rollenspiel von Palladium mit den bekannten Regeln. [Oliver Booms ]. The Revised RECON (Regelbuch)¸ Advanced RECON (Supplemental Rules and Adventures) Compendium of Contemporary Weapons von Palladium Books; ein Rollenspielsystem mit Söldnern und Schußwaffen

[Englisch] Recon starts with the following words: Sometimes it comes as a shock to realize that most of the buyers of this game¸ youngsters under the age of 21¸ have only a dim idea of the Vietnam war. Regardless of what you may have heard¸ the soldieers who served there¸ and the soldiers that died there¸ were brave and gallant and served their country gloriously. The real shame of the Vietnam era is that our veterans were abused and ignored.
The Deluxe edition collects the Revised RECON(r) RPG and Advanced RECON(r) sourcebook into one attractive package. A dynamic new cover¸ some new interior art and artful repackaging makes the re-release of this highly requested classic a beauty. Deluxe Revised RECON(r) is a complete role-playing game written by Erick Wujcik¸ and includes Joe Martin"s original miniature combat rules. It also includes several adventures and adventure ideas for Vietnam era combat.

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    Recon ( Englisch Grundregeln Buch 1982/1983/1991 RPG Inc. * OOP )
    The Recon RPG Deluxe ( Englisch Grundregeln Buch 2003 Palladium Books Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

    Advanced Recon: Supplemental Rules and Adventures ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Buch 1987 Palladium Books OOP Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Headhunters¸ Ltd. ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Buch 1984 RPG Inc. * OOP )
    MD's Screen ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Buch 1983 RPG Inc. * OOP )
    San Succi ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Buch 1982 RPG Inc. * OOP )
    Sayaret & Track Commander ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Buch 1983 RPG Inc. * OOP )

    Haiphong H.A.L.O. ( Englisch Abenteuer Softcover 1983 RPG Inc. * OOP )
    Hearts & Minds ( Englisch Abenteuer Softcover 1983 RPG Inc. * OOP )

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