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Name: OtherSpace

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: http://os.jointhesaga.com/

Autor: Wes Platt

[Englisch] An original theme science fiction game with online participants from throughout the world. Players become central characters in an evolving¸ developing saga and determine the course of events. Things they do become immortalized in news postings and roleplaying logs. The creator of OtherSpace¸ Wes Platt¸ is also posting installments of his free serialized novel¸ "The Stolen Warriors¸" based on the original story arc. [Thx to UncleBear.com ]

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    2001 Yearbook ( Englisch Abenteuer Taschenbuch 2002 Writers Club Press Coverbild vorhanden [mehr...] )
    End of the World: Arcs IV-V ( Englisch Abenteuer Taschenbuch 2002 Writers Club Press Coverbild vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Revolutions: Arcs I-III ( Englisch Abenteuer Taschenbuch 2001 Writers Club Press Coverbild vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Storm Warning ( Englisch Abenteuer Taschenbuch 2002 Writers Club Press Coverbild vorhanden [mehr...] )

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OtherSpace-Diskussion im DRoSI-Forum [Deutsch]
Homepage: Im DRoSI-Forum könnt ihr all Euere Fragen einem fachkundigen Publikum stellen. Egal ob ihr mehr zu einem Produkt wissen wollt¸ einen Ratschlag zum Spielen sucht... oder geben wollt. Auch Hinweise und Anregungen zum DRoSI sind hier herzlich willkommen!

OtherSpace [English]
Homepage: OtherSpace ist wieder im Netz¸ allerdings unter neuer Adresse.
OtherSpace is an original-theme¸ text-based science fiction saga created by online storyteller Wes Platt. The game has been online since 1998. The game has followed a series of story arcs that have ranged from intimate to intergalactic¸ with governments thrown into upheaval¸ mysteries explored¸ wars fought and scandals exposed. Adventures in OtherSpace have been chronicled in four books so far: OtherSpace: Revolutions¸ OtherSpace: End of the World¸ OtherSpace: Storm Warning and OtherSpace: The 2001 Yearbook. Players are able to fly spaceships¸ join organizations and help shape the overall storyline through cause and effect. But be warned: Sometimes the effect can be detrimental to the personal and professional well-being of your character.

OtherSpace is probably for you if:
1) You enjoy a good story. 2) You've got a bit of improvisational acting in your heart and fingertips. 3) You like to play - and meet - interesting characters. 4) You want a game that's long-established¸ with a steady playerbase and a responsive and creative staff. 5) You don't mind writing character backgrounds to help flesh out the basics of the part you plan to play. 6) You prefer refereed or consent-based combat. 7) You're a self-starter who can show initiative¸ read the guide and find your way to the action - or ask someone for advice on doing that. 8) You enjoy watching the twists and turns of an evolving universe. 9) You can handle consequences¸ good or bad¸ with maturity.

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