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Name: Nobilis

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1999/2002

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Guardians Of Order (vormals Hogshead Publishing / Pharos Press / Plainlabel)

Autor: R. Sean Borgstrom

Erhaltene Awards:

  • Grog d'Or 2002 - Bestes Rollenspiel des Jahres, Platz 1 , Nobilis
  • Origins Award 2003 - Best Graphic Presentation¸ Book Format, Platz 1 , Nobilis

[Deutsch] Bei Nobilis geht es um Meta-Wesen¸ die sich um die Kontrolle von Kreation und Realität bekriegen. Spieler übernehmen die Rolle eines in seinen Mächten einzigartigen Menschen¸ der für den Imperator auszieht¸ um das Gleichgewicht zu bewahren und manchmal auch zu zerstören. Geplant ist ein Hardcover mit etwa 160-200 Seiten¸ zum Preis von ca. $25 oder weniger. Das englische Rollenspiel von R. Sean Borgstrom wird nun unter Lizenz von Hogshead Publishing veröffentlicht. Die aktuelle Version von Pharos Press wird bald aus dem Druck genommen. Im August soll dann die erweiterte und korrigierte Version des Regelwerks samt Erweiterungen und Quellenbänden erscheinen.

[Englisch] Nobilis¸ a role-playing game by R. Sean Borgstrom¸ originally published by Pharos Press¸ has been completely revised and substantially expanded for the new Hogshead edition. Nobilis will be a large format¸ heavily illustrated 'coffee table' style book. Hogshead Publishing changed owners in early 2003¸ and Nobilis moved to Guardians Of Order¸ but it is being maintained by the same production team and remains the same stylish game that Hogshead brought back to life in 2002.
In Nobilis¸ players take on the roles of the Sovereign Powers¸ each the personification of one single aspect of reality: perhaps Greed¸ or Roads¸ or Fire¸ or Murderers. Once human¸ each character has been forever twisted and changed by the addition of a single soul-fragment from their Lord or Lady Imperator: giving them awesome power and terrible responsibility. Heaven and Hell¸ Yggdrasil the World-Ash¸ the Angels and Devils¸ the Giants and the Old Gods¸ all are real; each with aeon-old plots and rivalries. All are united in the Great War against the Excrucians¸ whose goal is to destroy all Creation¸ but divided by their own rivalries and feuds.
'We're also talking about other games in the same background¸ and possibly even fiction¸' said James Wallis¸ director of Hogshead Publishing. 'This may seem premature¸ but Nobilis is the most stunningly original and brilliant game I've seen in many years. If it's not a huge success then the RPG market has no taste.'
'It's been wonderful watching the product develop¸' said R. Sean Borgstrom¸ the creator of Nobilis¸ 'I've had the opportunity to polish and improve the game mechanics and setting; to put in substantial new material; and to incorporate the feedback of a legion of great playtesters. Bruce Baugh did a marvellous job editing the result. The art¸ layout¸ and presentation look to be positively glorious. I said the last time a press release came around that I was looking for miracles and wonders in terms of product design¸ promotion¸ and overall line direction; they seem to have arrived.'
Bruce Baugh is the line-editor for Nobilis. Baugh¸ a long-time industry professional best known for his work for White Wolf on projects such as Wraith: the Great War¸ Hunter: the Reckoning and Trinity¸ has worked closely with Borgstrom on revising and expanding the original rulebook.
The Hogshead edition of Nobilis is a hard-cover book of around 304 pages (exact page count TBD)¸ retailing for $42.95. The unusual format (11' x 11') is complemented by a stunning cover image of the Sphinx Mysterieux by Art Nouveau master Charles van der Tappen¸ and beautiful full-page interior art by major fantasy artists including Bryan Talbot¸ Michael Kaluta¸ Martin McKenna¸ Denise Garner¸ Lee Moyer¸ among others.
Hogshead will be regularly supporting the Nobilis line with three supplements each year¸ the first of which¸ A Society of Flowers¸ is to be released later this year.

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