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Murphys World

Name: Murphys World

Genre: Humor

Sprache: Englisch

Abgedrehte Fantasy-Parodie über einen Planeten¸ auf dem die Gesetze der Wahrscheinlichkeit verrückt spielen (frei nach Murphy"s Law).

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1995

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Peregrine

Autor: Kevin Davies with David Brown

[Deutsch] Kann in alle Kampagnen eingebunden werden¸ optional ohne Regeln¸ eigene Systemregeln oder Fremd-System-Regeln¸ sehr witzig geschrieben¸ schöne Illustrationen.

[Englisch] ...ALWAYS GET WORSE!
This is the Place Your Mother Warned You About!
REMEMBER LONG AGO¸ all those creatures that once lived under your bed? The Ogres in the closet? The way your clothes¸ thrown haphazardly over the back of a chair transformed without warning into a horrible monster once the lights were turned out... and nobody else could see what you saw waiting in the shadows?
You somehow knew there was a universal law which said that you were safe as long as no part of your body stuck out from under the bed sheets. If you could only hold out until morning¸ all would be fine.
Even when you got older¸ a sock or shirt occasionally went missing. Where did they go? Was there some supernatural force that transported old left socks¸ loose buttons¸ and items placed 'where I know they'll be when I need them¸' to a weird and mystical place?
Most of us stopped believing in closet monsters¸ and the intergalactic left sock cemetery when we got day jobs and had to deal with worse horrors like the 'incompetent boss' and 'coffee from hell'.
However¸ if you're the type whose mind remains a bundle of uncertainty and believes in the subjectivity of reality¸ or if you're simply someone with a knack for getting lost in strange places¸ the best spot to begin your search for whatever it is you're looking for is Murphy's World.
Murphy's World happens to be the junk-heap of the universe. If you've lost something or someone¸ there's a good chance that they were swept through a Dimension Gate and deposited in this place of chaotic whimsy.
So how do you go about reclaiming lost property and friends? (And what about getting your hands on some of the great stuff that other people have lost?) Where do you find a Dimension Gate¸ and how do you operate it? Well¸ that's where the adventuring comes in....
MURPHY'S WORLD is a silly place where you can roleplay light-hearted adventures. It can be used with any existing system of rules -- you don't have to generate a new Character to use this book! Characters from other campaigns can be brought to Murphy's World for adventures¸ and Characters from Murphy's World can be transported to other campaign worlds. Murphy's World is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to take a break from the serious business of forging empires and amassing personal fortunes. For Gamemasters who are tired of Characters that breeze through scenarios which have taken hours to prepare¸ it's just the thing. Murphy's World has been created to let the Gamemaster have as much fun as the players!
Murphy's World is actually the Realm of Faerie¸ the Land of Myths and Legends¸ the place of popular folklore and dreams (with a dash of pop culture) -- comically twisted¸ yet maintaining an internal sense of 'logic'. It operates according to Murphy's Laws. The real culprit is the planet's sun¸ Ludo. The strange distorting energies with which this amber orb assaults the little planet effectively toss any sense of predictability of natural laws or supernatural forces right out the metaphysical window. Murphy's World also happens to be in possession of an extensive but rather faulty network of interdimensional teleportation gates (through which many of the inhabitants have unwillingly arrived)¸ connecting Murphy's World to just about everywhere. Thus¸ many residents of the planet are like Murphy -- reluctant alien immigrants. New arrivals can pop up (in¸ down¸ or sideways) anywhere; confused¸ embarrassed¸ and wondering how to get home. Unfortunately¸ spaceships usually crash upon entering the atmosphere¸ and return gateways are often invisible¸ faulty¸ or out of order.
What's Inside? Everything You Need to Start Adventuring!*
* Descriptions of the planet¸ its sun Ludo¸ and the strange effects on the forces of nature¸ the geography of the civilized lands¸ and the Teleportation Gates. Magic and technology function in a rather unique way on Murphy's World¸ which translates into more opportunities for fun during your adventures!
* Lots of races and cultures described via their: Physical Characteristics & Abilities¸ Special Traits & Powers¸ Language¸ Geographic Distribution & Settlements¸ Customs & Lifestyle¸ Skills & Labor Practices¸ Religion & Superstition¸ plus a focus on several actual settlements and kingdoms.
* A wacky magic system that the Gamemaster may use to torment spellcasting Characters. Also provided¸ for those who don't wish to use Murphy's World with another roleplay system¸ a brief set of basic rules.
* Tons of GM Tips on how to design adventures and set-up an extended campaign. Ample specific adventure suggestions¸ plus lots of nifty tables to help generate silly places¸ things¸ creatures¸ and people. Sample characters¸ creatures¸ places¸ and things are provided.
* A Complete Adventure: Robyn's Summer Romance in Asgard (or Robyn & Her Merry Sven).

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