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Kleine Aengste / Little Fears

Name: Kleine Aengste / Little Fears


Sprache: Deutsch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2001

Verlag: Deutsche Ausgabe: Feder&Schwert - Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Key 20 Publishing

Autor: jason@-SPAMSCHUTZ-key20.com

[Deutsch] Little Fears - das Rollenspiel kindlicher Alpträume soll das neue Rollenspiel von Key 20 Publishing heißen. Den wahren Horror der Kindheit sieht der Verlag z.B. im Schrankwand-Land¸ wo sich die übelsten Kreaturen rum- treiben. Ob das ganze eine Verarschung (Ente) sein soll¸ konnte ich nicht rausfinden. Datum der Veröffentlichung soll Mitte 2001 sein.

[Englisch] Remember all those things that used to scare you as a child? The scritch-scratch sound against your window pane? The monster in your closet who was just waiting for the lights to go out? The crazy old man next door who buried kids in his backyard? Just because you stopped believing¸ doesn't mean they went away. The children are screaming in pain and the only hope they have... is themselves.
'Little Fears ~ the role-playing game of childhood terror' is Key 20 Publishing's first rpg release and will make its debut at the Origins Game Fair on July 5th¸ 2001. This 144-pp¸ haunted¸ hardbound book will rip the covers off the horrors of childhood and place the players into the footsteps of those the monsters seek: the children. With no one to turn to¸ the players must utilize everything at their disposal to thwart off the advances of the Kings of Closetland and make it to adulthood with their mind¸ body¸ and soul intact. Due to the subject matter¸ Little Fears is recommended for mature players only. Little Fears KYP 1000 $20.00

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