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Name: Kinetic

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

In the light of thirty stars the Empire was born as the last barriers between mankind crumbled. The Empire looked back to the days of nations¸ shaping itself as a nation of worlds behind the only possible leader. For sixteen decades the Empire thrived on the bountiful natural resources of the galaxy. The monarchy was slow to react when it became evident mankind was not alone. The Empire split in the defense of humanity¸ imperial aristocracy ruling a handful of safe rich worlds called the Federation as a military coup defends mankind from the foe. Civil government never returned to the Empire as it expanded to conquer new alien worlds. The Empires military leaders using the same methods to pacify their populations as the alien civilizations they conquered. Fleeing the Imperial tyranny and the eugenics of the Federation is a growing group of rebels who call themselves Free Thinkers.

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: http://users.breathemail.net/m.r/MyDocs/RPG/Kinetic/Kinetic.html

Autor: Matthew Rye

[Englisch] Allows players to play practically any alien you can imagine in addition to 3 varied classes of humans. Flexible rule systems allows you to go into as much depth as you want or go as fast as you need. Free to download! Large background resource (easily adapt plots from any other sci-fi) Thanks to M.R.
A gritty sci-fi RPG¸ using a class-based system (Imperial¸ Federal¸ Rebel¸ Alien). Resolution is by rolling 2d6 under stat. 40 pages rules (Word 2000 or HTML)¸ plus timeline and other background. Some odd HTML formatting.

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