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Name: Incursion

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

SciFi - Space¸ High adventure Across the Galaxy. Space the Hard Way: The Galaxy Waits For You! First you saw the lights in the sky¸ then woke up on an Alien Starship. Long before recorded human history¸ the Earth was discovered by alien travellers known as the Anshani. Gentle in their ways¸ and with an incredible level of technology¸ they expanded their interstellar empire across this Galaxy. Welcoming many into their fellowship¸ they nonetheless had a few requirements for admission. Upon discovering the Earth¸ they stationed a Sentinal Drone in the Sol System to protect developing humanity from outside interference¸ and from the more warlike races who travelled the stars¸ until Earth was technologically ready for contact. The Anshani held the galaxy in peaceful coexistence for many millinia¸ and then mysteriously vanished¸ leaving behind a galaxy in chaos. As interstellar empires rose and fell¸ humanity developed in a safe harbor in a sea of crumbling interstellar chaos¸ protected by a sentinel that watched and waited. Now¸ as you begin the fight of your life¸ you realize there is no turning back. 1945 AD: When the first nuclear warhead flared into incadescent existence over the New Mexico desert¸ scientists knew the world had changed¸ and that a new age had begun. Little did they realize that the Sentinel Drone had detected the detonation and was headed home to tell the Anshani that the Earth was ready to be opened to the Galaxy. You are equipped with modern and advanced hardware¸ the best in weapons¸ alien technology¸ and a starship like no other. NOW: With the Sentinel Drone gone¸ the Earth was open to alien contact. Earth has been found by pirates who command an ancient Anshani ship with amazing technologies. Realizing they have an untapped treasure trove on Earth¸ the pirates steal and enslave with every visit. As Mankind nears the 21st Century¸ Earth inhabitants hardly realize that thousands of people are vanishing every year. You were one of those until you were woken from cryo sleep by a 4 foot tall cockroach and was asked "Help us!" You are a part of a small group of desperate humans lost in a fallen alien empire of a hundred million inhabited worlds. You can save the Earth¸ but first you must find it again!

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1992

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Tri-Tac Systems

Autor: Richard Tucholka

[Deutsch] Regelbuch a 190 Seiten

[Englisch] Incursion is a complete roleplaying game¸ 192 pages in length¸ 40 different races¸ complete rules for generating new worlds and star systems¸ and much¸ much more.

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