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Name: HardNova

Sprache: Englisch

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    2006-09-04: HardNova 2

      Take to the stars and smuggle exotic goods across the galaxy¸ solve mysteries aboard space liners¸ or explore the frontier. HardNova ][ includes alien races¸ starships¸ exotic abilities¸ ready-to-play scenarios¸ reference sheets¸ and numerous character¸ robot¸ and starship templates. Even Disposable Dice are included. HardNova ][ is very flexible and can be used for one-shot adventures or as a foundation for your own campaign. The included setting can be easily discarded and replaced by that of your favorite movie¸ television program¸ comic¸ or novel. Designed to be versatile¸ HardNova ][ is a toolkit for your own space opera adventures - only your imagination can limit your enjoyment. Optimized System & File - HardNova ][ uses the genreDiversion i rules¸ which provide intuitive and dynamic mechanics¸ utilizing 2 six-sided dice. The design of the PDF file has also been optimized¸ so you can download and print it more quickly than similarly-sized products. While the rules are straight-forward and easy to learn¸ we recommend that at least one player understands the concepts of roleplaying and gamemastering.

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