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Godsend Agenda

Name: Godsend Agenda

Genre: Superhelden

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2002

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Khepera Publishing

Autor: Jerry D. Grayson¸ Brian Vinson¸ Kimara Bernard¸ and Matt Drake

[Deutsch] Godsend Agenda' ist der Name des neuen Superhelden-Rollenspiels von Khepera Games (50 DM). Das 200-seitige Softcover enthält neben einem Comic¸ alles was man zum Spielen braucht. Godsend Agenda spielt in einem typischen Comic- Superhelden-Hintergrund¸ der jedoch über zahlreiche Verschwörungen und einen differenzierten Meta-Plot verfügt. [Quelle: rpg.net]

[Englisch] The GODSEND Agenda is a story of Super humans who positioned themselves as gods thousands of years ago on earth. About a race of oracles on the islands of Atlantis who foresaw a desolate future dominated by a race so alien they could not completely comprehend what they were. The tale of a human offshoot genetically superior to their cousins¸ but doomed to die fighting to save an Earth that treats them like pariahs. The account of an alien blight that slowly and insidiously conquers the planet.

The GODSEND Agenda not only looks at super humans and how they affect the world¸ but also how we worship them now and in times past. Features a complete 40 page comic. 220 pages black and white

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  • Godsend Agenda - Play gods among men in the compelling super-heroic role-playing game GODSEND Agenda

    - ( Englisch Grundregeln Buch 2002 Khepera Publishing Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

    Godsend Agenda: U.S.E.R.'s Most Wanted ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

    Godsend Agenda: GodMaker ( Englisch Abenteuer Softcover Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

Aktuellste Neuigkeiten (Supported by archont.de)

    2009-10-15: Godsend Agenda: GodMaker (Abenteuer)

      GODSEND Agenda! Godmaker takes the players from the sleep hills of middle America to the scorching deserts of Egypt in the hope of finding the secrets of lost artifacts and a three way power grab by beings as ancient as time itself. A comprehensive overview of the storyline and adventure Several pre-generated villains for use during the adventure 6 pre-generated player characters for quick start games. Can be easily used with both Champions and Superlink products.

    2009-10-15: Godsend Agenda: U.S.E.R.'s Most Wanted (Quellenmaterial)

      The threat dossier used by the United States Eugenics Research program. Included are over 60 of the worst villains the world has ever seen complete with full write ups. This book is a must have for any player or GM of the GODSEND Agenda

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