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Name: Fringeworthy

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Im Jahr 2008 finden japanische Forscher in der Antarktis ein Sprungportal zu Aliens und fremden Welten.

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1981/1984/1990

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Tri-Tac Systems

Autor: Richard Tucholka

[Englisch] A Hundred Million Other Earths Portals to Infinity await for you ! 2008: A Japanese research team in the Antarctic finds a gateway to Alien and Alternate Earths. Sayuri Tanuma became the first Fringeworthy¸(a person with that certain special something that lets one use the Fringpaths)¸ as she explored our local system and our nearest Alternate Earths¸ meeting an Alien¸ named Schmert. 2010: The UN forms the United Nations Interdimensional Survey Service¸ UNISS¸ along with IDET¸ InterDimensional Exploration Teams¸ to oversee the administration of the Fringepaths and their exploration. As a member of IDET¸ you will help explore other worlds¸ help other alternate worlds with their problems¸ and face down the menaces that exist on the fringepaths. You"re one person in 100¸000 who has the ability to use the equipment left behind by a race named the Tehrmelern. They created the pathways¸ called the fringes¸ that lead to other worlds and other places. A lot of fun¸ and a bit dangerous¸ as the Tehrmelern left their cherished paths under duress. This duress is called¸ the Mellor.

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