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Fourth Millenium

Name: Fourth Millenium

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1999

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Third Millennium Games

Autor: James Maliszewski

[Deutsch] Bei Fourth Millenium handelt es sich um ein Science-Fiction Rollenspiel¸ welches im Jahre 3002 seinen Anfang nimmt.

[Englisch] The basic drive behind Fourth Millennium is a critical look at the role and value of technology. Unlike many other science fiction RPGs¸ which could just as easily be orks and elves in space¸ Fourth Millennium really strives to be science fiction. In the future¸ mankind advances their technology at a staggering rate¸ and they end up encountering aliens and trading information with them and all of the other standards of the genre. Where Fourth Millennium diverges¸ however¸ is in the fact that technology is not glossed over.

After fighting a war to gain more technological might¸ humanity realizes just what it is sacrificing in its mad grasp for more power¸ more technology¸ more everything. The idea that a society cannot accept¸ integrate and use new forms of technology without also being changed (sometimes slightly¸ sometimes dramatically) is really at the heart of the game. Faced with either a self-imposed technological stasis or a dissolution of mankind's essential humanity¸ the former is chosen. Unfortunately¸ the alien nation of the Psaikhailou advances upon Earth¸ their plan of slowly brining Earth to them through gifts of technology stunted by the Stasis (the hold on technological advancement). The Earth is captured and those humans who support the Stasis are forced to turn to other worlds as homes. There they forge a new society¸ with citizenship based around 'phyles' or different cultures¸ all banded together under the Treaty of Svoboda to uphold the Stasis and oppose the Psaikhailou.

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