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Name: Fief

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: White Rose Publishing *

[Deutsch] FIEF: A Look at Medieval' ist der Name eines neuen Quellenbandes von Cumberland Games (Lisa J. Steele). Der Untertitel 'Society from It's Lower Rungs' gibt ein wenig Vorgeschmack auf den Inhalt¸ der im nachfolgenden Text beschrieben wird. Das Rollenspiel erschien am 12.11. und dürfte bis Weihnachten auch in den exotischen Läden hier zulande erhältlich sein.

[Englisch] Enjoy a trip to a world where powerful priests can charge sinners with the death penalty¸ and where knights gather for illegal combat sports ... where thieves can thumb their nose at the authorities from within the walls of a church¸ and where a foraging band of the King's own soldiers is more dangerous than a pack of brigand outlaws. In the midst of all this¸ ordinary people survived to work the land¸ weave the cloth¸ and pray for safety from famine and plague. The real Middle Ages were as brutish and wild as any fantasy world. Fief is a sourcebook that examines the Middle Ages from the viewpoint of the ordinary farmer¸ priest¸ and landholder -- the inhabitants of a feudal manor. It's both a friendly primer on the basics of medieval life¸ and a treasury of hard-to-find details for the student¸ Game Master or re-creationist¸ including: * Lists of historical wages and prices for everything from common beasts to the construction of houses¸ from the price of swords to the cost to hire mercenaries. And the lists in Fief aren't assembled without context: details are tied to a specific year and country Sins¸ crimes¸ and the penalties for getting caught¸ including lists of fines¸ fees¸ and holy penances * Anecdotes and accounts that bring the Middle Ages to life and provide surprising insights into the workings of medieval society * Magic and superstition with a historical slant: Learn the reputed magical powers of blacksmiths and shepherds¸ and the everyday miracles the priests were believed to perform * Details on life on the manor¸ from the brewing of ale to the baking of bread to the clatter of weapons in times of war * Over 70 illustrations¸ mostly historical woodcut art -- and the attractive layout is carefully designed to print cleanly and attractively in either black-and-white or full color¸ to make the most any home or office printer! * And more! Fief is 100 pages long¸ and includes details ranging from dailyintake of calories to breeds of dogs and horses -- all referenced with ahuge 1¸300+ entry index!

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  • FIEF: A Look at Medieval

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