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Name: Etherscope

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2005

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Goodman Games

Meta-System: D20-System
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[Englisch] Etherspace adventures in an age of industry¸ intrigue¸ and industrialism! In 1876¸ Harold Wallace discovered something that changed the world: Etherspace. The might of Victorian industry drove forward¸ breaking down the frontiers of technology. Steam engines became smaller¸ weapons became more powerful¸ and cybernaughtics replaced limbs lost in bloody imperial wars. Then mankind learned to step into Etherspace itself. Cyberpunk Victoriana. Now it's 1984. In this alternative world of out-of-control technology¸ Etherspace is the new frontier. Punk scope riders fight evil industrialists while occult investigators war against Etherspace demons. Mysterious System Agents lurk in the shadows as treasure hunters raid Lemurean ruins for lost secrets. Jack in¸ scope up¸ and get ready¸ because the options for an Etherscope game are endless!

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    Etherscope RPG¸ Revised & Expanded ( Englisch Grundregeln Softcover 2007 Goodman Games Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

    Etherscope RPG ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Hardcover 2005 Goodman Games Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Etherscope: Upload¸ Etherpunk ( Englisch Quellenmaterial 2006 Goodman Games Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Great Metropolis ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover 2006 Goodman Games Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Mysteries of the Occult ( Englisch Quellenmaterial Softcover 2006 Goodman Games Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

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