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Dragonball Z

Name: Dragonball Z

Genre: Anime

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1998/1999

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: R. Talsorian Games (Nexus Games)

Autor: Mike Pondsmith

[Englisch] THEY are the DragonBalls; seven mystical orbs which¸ when brought together¸ can grant their possessor infinite mastery of the cosmos. On the trail of this great treasure-- two ruthless warlords with the ability to destroy entire worlds¸ and who will stop at nothing to attain the power of the Dragon Balls. Opposing them- a tiny band of Earth"s greatest martial arts heroes-determined Krillin¸ reckless Yamcha¸ brave Tien¸ cowardly Yajirobe and the alien Piccolo. Their leader-Goku¸ Saiyan warrior born to battle and destruction¸ now sworn defender of his adopted world. Pure of heart¸ with super-honed battle skills and mental powers of extraordinary magnitude¸ he is a walking one-man nuclear war. Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball Z; the incredible phenomenon that has conquered television¸ comic and video game fans worldwide with its powerful one-two punch of nonstop action and heroic characters. Now you"ll take the power of the cosmos into your own hands with the Dragon Ball Z Anime Adventure Game. Whether you enter the battlefield as one of the Defenders of Earth¸ or create your own mighty Dragon Ball Fighter with its own amazing abilities¸ the Dragon Ball Z experience can now be yours as you travel across the cosmos meeting the most powerful beings ever and pitting your skills against them in mortal combat. Your weapons will be blurring speed¸ hypersonic flight¸ deadly energy blasts that can level mountains¸ and the most potent martial arts training in a dozen realities. But like Goku and his friends¸ you will face the most terrible adversaries ever¸ in a universe where only your courage and determination will allow you to survive. Will it be enough? Can you win against the Ultimate Power?

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