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Dice Wars

Name: Dice Wars

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Dark Omen Games

Autor: Seth and Crystal Ben-Ezra

[Englisch] Have you ever wondered what your dice when you're not using them?' You're about to find out - whether you want to or not.
Basically once you've got a taste for the game's concept the rest will quickly become obvious: Your dice are alive. They form societal units based on their die sizes and types ('a black die probably won't get along with a sparkly pink die¸ for what should be obvious reasons'). There's a fairly well-developed and semi-extensive (given the short nature of the rules) section on die-type personalities: 'The four-siders are the craziest of all dice...' 'The d10s are the shock troops of dice wars. Many defenses have crumbled before formations of d10s...' 'd8s¸ as a rule¸ suffer from an inferiority complex...' And so forth. My favorite is the section on 'Monstrosities': 'Legend speaks of other dice. Dice that have been mutated beyond recognition. Old dice whisper stories of dice with 16 sides¸ 30 sides¸ and even 100 sides.

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