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Dark Soviet

Name: Dark Soviet

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Black Powder Games

[Englisch] Dark Soviet. Guerrila adventure in a cyberpunk genre.
Undersea enclaves¸ the earth wasteland¸ orbital junkspace¸ the Martian jungles; you will fight in these places for the honour of the future.
Space never seemed cold ...
Death to the Protectorate.
Dark Soviet - A new breed of RPG
The year is 05 Post-Earthfall.
Our planet was ravaged in the battle of Orbital 4. All that stands after the destruction are Pacifica¸ the Western Arcologies¸ and a seemingly endless wasteland.
Death to the Protectorate for this crime.
A make-shift habitation ring circles the planet. This myriad tangle of stations¸ jury rigged orbital cities¸ and Dark Soviet fortifications is coyly called Junkspace by its inhabitants. The Dark Soviet hold power as barons of Sol¸ driving the corporate industrial machine onward by the heel of their boots. Valuable resources remain on Earth which they extract into space and to the surviving Earth life-zones.
Rebels fight a tense battle against the D-Soviet lords¸ caring not to chafe under a hard yoke.
Mars has been has been terraformed at itís north and south poles; lush red jungles filled with hopefull colonists. Too bad the runaway genetically engineered eco-system is so hard to tame and control. Jupiters moons¸ Luna¸ and Saturns rings have also been made into homes for the human and risen sentient races.
The D-Soviet have an eye on Mars Nations as an enemy to their rule. Rumours of another war are brewing.
And deep on the edge of Sol System lies the Plutonian fort of the Protectorate¸ the rogue Earth general who fights his battle to take Sol. Take it as his own from the usurpers who brought the UN to its knees.
Dark Soviet - Currently in development by Black Powder Games
Featuring in the first handbook!
A mapped out Earth orbital habitation system.
Near future character enhancements like smart guns¸ genetically placed claws¸ and mnemonic data recievers.
A fully realized socio-geopolitical system.
Choice of character species.
Robotic lifeforms including Free A.I.¸ programmable sentry guns¸ and A-Life.
and ...
the Corpora Sol Cybernet (CSC) where role-playing with isn't a problem for non-cracker players.
Written by a 10 year veteran of the Canadian Intelligence service. His apologies to those he hurt.

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    Dark Soviet RPG ( Englisch Grundregeln Buch 2004 Black Powder Games )

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