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Name: Cybermancer

Genre: Cyberpunk

Sprache: Englisch

Die Historyline von Cybermancer beginnt im Jahr 2001. Bei Cybermancer gibt es alles¸ was ein gutes Cyberpunk-Rsp ausmacht: Cyborgs¸ Straßenkämpfer¸ moderne Schußwaffen¸ Cyberware¸ Bioware ... Eine geniale Sache !

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Zone/2856

[Englisch] (text-copy from the RPG itself) In the late 20th Century the computer had become so common place that a computer was in every home in the United States and other industrialized countries. Where once televisions were the most common appliance in the home¸ the computer had come to replace it. By the early 21st century¸ everyone has some experience using a computer due to the simple proximity of the machines. With the growing commonness of the computer¸ the computer skills that had once been considered impressive were now mundane skills. Anyone could perform the skills that a traditionally skilled computer user could have accomplished. With the development of a new computer networking protocol¸ Virtual Reality Interface Language (V.R.I.L.)¸ the Internet changed becoming a virtual reality to facilitate ease of use. Now the skills that were needed to truly master a computer changed. Although most people still used traditional computers¸ the hackers used this new protocol to their advantage. With a visual representation of the Internet¸ the hacker could respond much more quickly simply because it eliminated many time consuming tasks once involved with traditional hacking. It did not take long for this new edge to be eliminated. Within months of the emergence of these new hackers came programs which stopped the hackers cold¸ often destroying their computers and on a few rare occasions even hurting the hackers themselves. The hacker needed something new to give them the edge to get past the corporate security programs. The headjack had been a one of the first developments with the advent of cybernetics. It was an inexpensive implant used by military personnel and some civilians. In 2021¸ a young¸ inexperienced hacker named Conrad Delgato (a.k.a. Data Shark) obtained a black market headjack¸ built a unique computer which responded to thought: a cyberdeck¸ and a handful of advanced programs. With these items he buzzed past the security programs of the most heavily protected corporate computer systems on the Internet. The information he found shocked him. He found information pertaining to a plan to give Tasmayer Industries immense power within the United States. The plan consisted of the embezzlement of millions of tax payers money and the assassination of major political figures and replacing them with people who supported Tasmayer Industries" goals. Not only was the company involved in the plan¸ but also so were a number of politicians and the President of the United States. Delgato immediately downloaded the information and sent it to over 200 e-mail list servers and all major national newspapers. Within hours the story was made public. Congress began the motions for impeachment of the politicians involved and the President himself. The President resigned the day after the release of the story. Tasmayer Industries was charged with treason and ordered by the government to surrender all of their property in the United States to the government. Tasmayer Industries refused and what followed would be the long lasting example of how much the government would tolerate corporate interference. Operation Enlightenment began on August 21¸ 2021. Two days later Tasmayer Industries ceased to exist as a corporation. The government considered the activities of the Tasmayer Industries a threat to the security of the nation¸ so the government responded accordingly. United Stated military forces struck¸ attacking every holding of Tasmayer Industries and engaged the corporation"s security forces. The Tasmayer security fell quickly. The Tasmayer executives that survived the initial attacks attempted to flee the country¸ only to be hunted down and killed by U.S. Special Forces teams. This set the example¸ and no corporation has ever crossed the line since. Delgato was arrested and put on trial for Illegal Entry into a Private Computer System. His was acquitted of the charges. Two hours after his trial ended¸ he disappeared. The NSA seized Delgato"s cyberdeck and the programs he had developed. The media coined a term for this new type of computer hacker¸ the Cyberjacker; a combination of three words: cyberdeck¸ headjack¸ and hacker. A few months after the disappearance of Delgato¸ his cyberdeck designs appeared on the Internet¸ some say due to some work of Delgato himself. The new hacker was born; the cyberjacker. Over 20 years latter corporations work to develop new and more effective programs which keep cyberjackers out of their systems and cyberjackers continue to develop better programs to crack corporate systems. Each day cyberjackers try to break corporate systems and even more die in the process.

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