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Counter Strike

Name: Counter Strike

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 2006

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Fiery Dragon Productions

Meta-System: Gesellschaftsspiele
Dazu verwandte Rollenspiele: Blood Bowl, Brawl, Car Wars, Chez Geek, Cluedo, Counter Strike, Crown of the Emperor, Diceland, Duel of Ages, El Moondo, Formula De, Frag, Gesellschaftsspiele, Gesellschaftsspiele - Brett, Gesellschaftsspiele - Karten, Gesellschaftsspiele - Klassiker, Gesellschaftsspiele - Strategie, Gesellschaftsspiele - Wuerfel, Gesellschaftsspiele am Computer, Gesellschaftsspiele mit Fantasy-Thema, Gesellschaftsspiele mit Kultstatus, Hack, Herr der Ringe spiele, How to Host a Murder, Illuminati, Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings Games, Memoire 44, Munchkin, Quest for the Dragonlords, Siedler von Catan, Talisman, VEX, WarChest, When Darkness Comes, Zombies,

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    Arriba España! ( Englisch Miniaturen rules¸ map¸ 280 counters¸ 7 charts¸ 2 dice 2006 Fiery Dragon Productions Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Atomic City - The Supers Game ( Englisch Brettspiel Box 2006 Fiery Dragon Productions Coverbild vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Autumn Mist - Battle of the Bulge ( Englisch Miniaturen rules¸ map¸ 5 charts¸ 4 pages of counters¸ dice 2006 Fiery Dragon Productions Coverbild vorhanden [mehr...] )
    C.S.A. America’s Civil War ( Englisch Kosim Buch 2008 Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Counter Strike: Algeria ( Englisch Miniaturen rules¸ 200 counters¸ map¸ charts¸ 2 dice 2006 Fiery Dragon Productions Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Counter Strike: Liberia ( Englisch Brettspiel Boxed Counter Wargame 2009 Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Counter Strike: Solar Marine ( Englisch Brettspiel Boxed Counter Wargame 2009 Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Final Frontier ( Englisch Miniaturen rulebook¸ 200+ counters¸ map¸ charts¸ 2 dice 2005 Fiery Dragon Productions Coverbild vorhanden Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )
    Konarmiya ( Englisch Brettspiel Box 2008 Infotext vorhanden [mehr...] )

Aktuellste Neuigkeiten (Supported by archont.de)

    2008-04-14: C.S.A. America’s Civil War (Kosim)

      C.S.A. is a simulation game of the American Civil war. The USA player controls the Union side and the CSA player controls the Confederate side. The game uses Ben Madison and Wes Erni's 'Charles S. Roberts Award'-winning system to simulate the American Civil War. Units represent Generals (their component brigades are represented off-map)¸ elite units (Iron Brigade¸ Cobb's Legion)¸ cavalry (Stuart¸ Stoneman)¸ guerillas (Quantrill¸ Kirk)¸ and Indians (Choctaws¸ Delawares¸ Stand Watie). Random events and 'Special Event Coins' are crucial¸ and there are about 400 (yes¸ 400) of them.

    2009-03-15: Counter Strike: Liberia (Brettspiel)

      Descent into Hell is a simulation game on the Liberian civil war of 1989-1997. The game is for two players¸ one representing President Samuel Doe's Armed Forces of Liberia and its allied factions (the Government player) and the other the insurgent forces of Charles Taylor and his allies (the Rebel player). The object of the game is to control enough territory and resources at the end of the game to win a post-war election and become the undisputed President of Liberia.

    2009-03-15: Counter Strike: Solar Marine (Brettspiel)

      THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY. From the shadow of Jupiter¸ Taskforce Bravo approaches Io. Spaceships release a bombardment of nuclear warheads triggering a response of plasma bolts from the planetary defenses. Landing craft carrying the 124th Special Forces battalion make their final descent. Dust rises¸ hatches blow¸ and a thousand marines break out. Flying at one hundred kilometres per hour¸ these soldiers skim the surface firing laser and particle weapons as they approach the hardened defenses surrounding the European colony complex. Solar Marine is a science fiction game simulating ground combat in the future. Players are given troops armed with various weapons that may be developed in the future and fight on the various landscapes in the Solar System.

    2008-10-21: Konarmiya (Brettspiel)

      KONARMIYA is a simulation game of the battles between Soviet Russia and the Republic of Poland during the summer of 1920 (the climactic portion of the entire Russo-Polish War¸ which began in 1919). The game is for two players¸ who respectively play the roles of M. N. Tukhachevsky¸ commander of the Soviet forces (the Red Player)¸ and Josef Pilsudski¸ commander of the Polish forces (the White player). Colorful counters¸ a detailed hexmap¸ and other components provide everything needed to refight this conflict which was to have a profound influence on Russian history. It is intended for two players¸ but is also suitable for solitaire play. Complexity is medium¸ and the game can typically be played in three hours or less. COUNTER STRIKE BONUS: This game can also serve as a 'prequel' to FREIKORPS¸ another game designed by Brian Train which is currently available as Fiery Dragon stock code FDP5003X. FREIKORPS is an alternate-history game assuming that the Soviets won the battle of Warsaw in August 1920¸ and decide to keep going for the ultimate prize: Berlin. Both games use a compatible rules system¸ and the western Konarmiya map has been drawn to mate with the Freikorps map. Therefore¸ the maps and counters can be used together to play out one long game.

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