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Name: Bostonia

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: http://www.bostonia-rpg.com

Autor: Thomas Pope & Christopher Magoun

Meta-System: Runebearer
Dazu verwandte Rollenspiele: Bostonia, Runebearer,

[Englisch] Bostonia is a fantasy campaign set in the ruins of our modern world. The premise is that a terrible cataclysm destroyed our civilization. A handful of people survived by being placed in stasis in underwater shelters. These people emerged without memories thousands of years later. Their world was greatly changed. The cataclysm had torn the fabric of reality¸ allowing magical energy to permeate the world. Bostonia mixes traditional fantasy elements with the remnants of a ruined civilization. Here you will find wizards¸ goblins and swordsmen. But you will also find skeletal dragons whose wings creak and crumble with rust. Skeletons and ghouls exist¸ as well as mysterious "spirit boxes" that tell the future¸ or show distant places.

A fantasy setting and roleplaying system set in a world with a shattered ancient technological past¸ in the Shannara vein. Detailed¸ yet simple character creation A quick task resolution system that is used for nearly all rolls in the game -- Attribute rolls¸ saving throws¸ to-hit rolls and magic tests all use the same simple system Unique rules for gaining and casting magic -- magic in Bostonia feels different than any other frp system An interesting game world that avoids the typical gaming stereotypes (No elves¸ no orcs) It is free¸ complete and well supported If you have any questions or comments¸ email me at cmagoun@prodigy.net UncleBear.com says: Bostonia features easy and detailed character generation¸ an interesting setting and a unique magic system.
(available in HTML or Word format) World of Bostonia campaign information Rules for fantasy mass combats in Bostonia RPG Assorted gaming articles and ideas (Coming Soon) Supplements detailing all the races of the World of Bostonia (Coming Soon) Our first campaign supplement detailing Bostonia"s Age of Sail and the New World

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Bostonia [English]

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