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Blood & Steel

Name: Blood & Steel

Genre: Fantasy

Sprache: Englisch

Fantasy Combat Accessory

[Englisch] The Guidebook¸ in which you will find a wealth of optional rules¸ magic items¸ and spells designed to enhance combat and particularly the role of Foghters in combat. Also included are complete rules for the use of the Combat Cards and five new character classes-the unstoppable Barbarian¸ the versatile Duellist¸ the deadly Archer¸ the mystical Martial Artist¸ and the spell-wielding Warlock! The Combat Referance Screen¸ rounding out Blood and Steel by making the special rules in this sourcepack more accessible. The Gamemaster"s side of the screen is packed with charts and tables from throughout the Guidebook¸ while the player"s side features handy referances to aid in the use of the Combat Cards.
To slay the dragon¸ to defeat the evil usurper¸ to vanquish the cyclops¸ to turn away the army of the undead. These endeavors and many more like them form the basis for most fantasy games. In every case¸ the core of the adventure is combat. Such an important part of the game should hardly be glossed over! Blood and Steel expands the options available to Gamemasters and players alike in combat situations. These additional options will enrich a campaign and make each game session more exciting. Blood and Steel includes-The Combat Card deck¸ which illustrates more than 80 unique combat maneuvers on 180 cards. No longer do you just roll to hit every round-you can now choose your specific combat maneuvers! Will your character execute a quick thrust to your enemy"s belly or attack with a savage overhead smash? The choice is yours!

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