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Baron Munchausen

Name: Baron Munchausen

Genre: FantasyHistorisch

Sprache: Deutsch Englisch

Storytelling-Brettspiel um Aufschneider und High Society des 17.-19. Jhd. The Baron was a real-life German aristocrat¸ soldier and adventurer in the eighteenth century¸ whose after-dinner tales of his extraordinary exploits were immortalised in a book by Rudolph Raspe¸ and turned into several films - notably and most recently by Terry Gilliam. What sort of adventures? Journeying to the Moon and the Sun¸ riding on a flying cannonball¸ lifting the siege of Gibraltar single-handed¸ finding a floating island made entirely of cheese¸ escaping from bandits on half a horse¸ falling through the centre of the Earth¸ seducing the Empress of Russia¸ meeting Vulcan and Venus¸ being swallowed by a giant fish. That sort of thing.

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1998

Verlag: Deutsche Ausgabe: Krimsus Krimskrams Kiste - Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Hogshead Publishing

Autor: James Wallis

[Deutsch] Ein Storytelling-System der besonderen Art! Wenn es das ist¸ was ich glaube. Jeder Spieler verkörpert ein Mitglied der High Society an irgendeinem Hofstaat des 17.-19. Jhd. oder einen Aufschneider und erzählt die tollkühnsten Geschichten aus seinem Leben von denen höchstens die Hälfte stimmt. Das besondere ist¸ daß die Spieler die Geschichten erzählen und sich aus den Fingern saugen müssen und der SL nur gröbste Fehler in den Geschichten zu kritisieren hat und die Geschichten dann am Ende nach strengen Kriterien bewerten muß. Das Spiel hat ein Ambiente zwischen Münchhausen und Jules Verne. Das ist aber ein Brettspiel und der grobe Inhalt der Geschichte und des Charakters werden mit Karten bestimmt¸ die jeder Spieler ziehen muß. Dank an Thomas Echelmeyer

[Englisch] It"s a role-playing game devised by Baron Munchausen¸ allowing ordinary people to recreate the stories of his extraordinary adventures¸ or even to create new ones. As you might expect of the Baron¸ it"s not your average RPG. For a start¸ it only takes an hour to play¸ and there"s an actual winner. You can start playing three minutes after starting to read it¸ it"s so easy to learn. Instead of dice or cards¸ its system of mechanics uses money and fine wines. And you don"t need a GM. It has character generation¸ a combat system (actually two combat systems: "Duelling" and "Duelling for Cowards") and all of that stuff¸ but - basically¸ no¸ this is something completely new. Or completely old¸ depending on how you look at it. You have to be a nobleman to play Baron Munchausen"s game. The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen is designed to be a pick-up-and-play RPG: the short game you play while you"re waiting for the rest of your gaming group to turn up. It"s fast to play¸ cheap to buy and a great way of introducing new players to the idea of RPGs without having to plough through a 200-page rulebook first. It"s been praised by games-industry figures such as Allen Varney¸ Phil Masters and Steffan O"Sullivan¸ and was nominated for the 1998 Origins Award in the "Best RPG" category.

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