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Armageddon 2092 Mars

Name: Armageddon 2092 Mars

Genre: Cyberpunk

Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlichung im Jahr: 1995

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: Biborhold Budapest Ltd.

Autor: Sandor Szigeti

[Englisch] Armageddon 2092 Mars is a cyberpunk/science fiction game with some postholocaust-like feeling. The time is 2092¸ the place is the more or less colonized (but still quite alien) Mars. One day six comets dash into the Earth out of the blue. It seems that everyone has died and the colonists of Mars are left on their own. As if it were not enough¸ alien spaceships appear at the edge of the solar system and mysterious alien warriors start a vietkong-like terrorist activity on Mars. The system worked like this: there were five main attributes¸ with 3 subtypes in each main attribute (as in Wizards of the Coast's Envoy system¸ used with written permission)¸ each ranging normally from -5 to +5¸ 0 being the average. The skills were linked to these attributes. When using a skill (either in combat or elsewhere)¸ you had to add the value of the appropriate attribute¸ the modifiers and the result of 2D6 to the skill¸ and if this sum reached the target number¸ you succeeded. By using not only the sum of the dice rolls¸ but also the difference between them (as a damage multiplier)¸ you could determine the success of an attack and the damage with a single 2D6 roll (the system used only six-sided dice). Later B'borhold Budapest published an anthology of short stories based on the world of Armageddon (its title was 'Angyal¸ ha langol' -- 'Angel¸ flaming'.) From these stories you learned more about the fate of Earth¸ and the aliens¸ for example that they weren't aliens at all¸ but they the descendants of the long lost Dravidan people¸ who were more advanced in science and magic than the rest of humanity¸ but their hands were tied by the strict theocratic system. (A bit like the Fremens in Dune¸ but they obviously aren't the same.)

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