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Alien Fuzion

Name: Alien Fuzion

Genre: SciFi

Sprache: Englisch

Humans suffer from peculiarly self-centered notions as to the nature of life. We assume out of hand that other life forms must somehow conform to our comfortable standards of logic and morality. This¸ of course¸ is absurd. Our human "morality" is a thin tissue of arbitrary principle¸ easily ignored when expedient. Why should we expect more from alien life forms than we expect from ourselves? The Alien mythos traverses generations and hundreds of Light years. Unfortunately¸ some of these collide. If every single technology came crashing together¸ why would the PCs bother walking around with M41A Pulse Rifles when they could all have Full power armor. So¸ in my ONLY real inspiration¸ I separated the story and technology in six levels.

Verlag: Fremdsprachige Ausgabe: R. Talsorian Games / Hero Games

Autor: Chris Tavares Dias

Meta-System: FUZION
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[Englisch] Alien: FUZION is a Role Playing Game using the FUZION rules created by R. Talsorian Games and Hero Games. It is not a hack / slash gunfest like other adaptations. This one attempts to make a detailed setting where the characters can have many adventures that not even have to include the name species of the series. The FUZION game system can be downloaded in its entirety from the FUZION home page but you will need the PDF viewer. Go to the Waystation from this site to go to those locations. I do recommend all of R. Talsorian Games because of their immense detail in their setting and artwork (eww...I feel so dirty). Seriously¸ I wouldn"t choose this format if it wasn"t the best. It is my intent to create an extremely detailed game system / universe based on the Alien movie series. However¸ upon constructing the outline¸ I asked myself one question: Who the hell owns this story? Technically¸ the origin comes from Dan O"Bannon and adapted by Ronald Shusset. The franchise is owned by Twentieth Century Fox but the original Alien was created by HR Giger. Who is to say what is official and what is not? Dark Horse has made most of the detail in the last few years. And what of Lee-Brimmicombe-Wood¸ the writer of many books including the often ripped off USCM Tech Manual? The problem is¸ the consensus seems to point to several sources as being official when there is no legal binding for that to be true. Legally¸ the only truly official media are the four movies.

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