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3D-Dice and Deck Designed Kostenlos

AAARG (Taupe Games)

Adventure (Cliff Hanger Games)

Adventure Maximum (Worldmaster Designs)

Adventure Roleplay Gaming System Kostenlos

Adventure RPG (White Wolf)

Alacrity Kostenlos

Alternacy Kostenlos (Alpha Zulu Games)

Alternate Realities Kostenlos

Alternative Roleplaying Concept Kostenlos

Alternatives 2 (Presses Alternatives)

Amazing Engine (TSR *)

Anywhen (K Society)

ARM Kostenlos

ARPLE Kostenlos

Awakening Rules Engine Kostenlos

Basic Role-Playing (Chaosium)

Bid-It Diceless Kostenlos

Binary (Triplet / Les Silmarils)



Budget Battlefield (MicroTactix)

BURPS (Maverick Games)

Campaign Cartographer

CARDS Kostenlos

Castout (Lightning Magic)

Champions (R. Talsorian Games / Gold Rush Games / Hero Games)

ChaosPuppy Kostenlos

Chase Kostenlos

Combat Monster Kostenlos

Continuum Kostenlos

Continuum-Omniverse (Aetherco)

CORE Kostenlos

Cosmic Synchronicity Kostenlos

COSMOS (Marsalas Web Page)

Cynos Roleplay Kostenlos

D20-Modern (Wizards of the Coast)

D20-System Deutsch (Open Gaming Foundation)


D6 System (West End Games)

Daidalos Deutsch Kostenlos

DCS Kostenlos

Death or Glory Kostenlos

Delta Kostenlos

Delta System Kostenlos

Demiurgon Deutsch Kostenlos

Deroferfaro Deutsch Kostenlos

Diceless Kostenlos

DragonNet Kostenlos

DUDE Kostenlos

EGO Kostenlos

Elegant Roleplaying Kostenlos

Epos RPG (DeathPanzerDragon)

Ergo Kostenlos

Eternal Soldier Kostenlos (Tai-Gear Simulations)

Ex Mortis Kostenlos

Fable Kostenlos

FADAD Kostenlos

Faeriland Graal

FAST Kostenlos

FERpg Kostenlos

FLEX Kostenlos

ForeSight Kostenlos

Fourth Conjunction (Sloth Games)

Free Style Role-Play (Better Games)

Freestyle Kostenlos

Fresco Kostenlos

FUDGE Deutsch Kostenlos (Grey Ghost Press)

Futura Kostenlos

Fuzion Kostenlos (R. Talsorian Games / Hero Games)

Game Kostenlos

GEM Kostenlos

GEM-Scrolls of Virtue Kostenlos

Generic Card System Kostenlos (Squashed Quokka Games)

Generic Game (Inner City Games Designs)

GeneSys Kostenlos

Genre Kostenlos

Gioco Di Ruolo Di Dylan Dog (DaS Production)

Gioco Di Ruolo Di Ken Il Guerriero (Nexus Games)

Gioco di Ruolo Ufficiale dei Manga (Kappa Edizioni)

Gioco Libero (Fuori dal Tempo magazine #1)

GiRGAB Kostenlos

GLARPS Kostenlos

GRAPE Kostenlos (GRAPE: Full rules)

Guns Guns Guns (Blacksburg Tactical Research Center)

GURPS Deutsch (Pegasus Press & Steve Jackson Games)

GURPS Deadlands (Steve Jackson Games)

GURPS Historical Worldbooks (Steve Jackson Games)

GURPS Space Deutsch (Steve Jackson Games)

GURPS World Action and Adventure (M.S. Kinney Corporation)

Heritage Kostenlos (Matush Manhunt Publications)

HERO-System (Hero Games)

Hexalon Kostenlos

Hyper Kostenlos

Ikaros Deutsch Kostenlos

Imaginality Kostenlos

Imaginations Toybox Kostenlos

In Media Res Kostenlos (DarkSIDE Press)

Incanus Rules of Thumb

Infinite Domains (Infinite Concepts)

Infinity (Infinity Company)

Infinity Project

Infinity System (Threshold Games)

Iridium System Kostenlos

Ironhedge (Empire Wargames)

JAGS Kostenlos (JAGS Team)


Legendes (Jeux Descartes / Antre du Dragon)

Lego Wars Kostenlos

Letter Game Kostenlos

Liquid Deutsch Kostenlos (Blacknet Publishing)

Lucky 13 Kostenlos

Maitres-Mondes (L'Arkalance)

Masterbook (West End Games)

Melee (Steve Jackson Games / MetaGaming)

Mistrunner Kostenlos

Mnemonic Kostenlos (Alpha Zulu Games)


Mod-RPG Kostenlos

Multiworlds (Cuccia Editore)

MythOS Kostenlos (North City Producions)

Nameless Kostenlos (Immersive Entertainment Group)


Nexus-the Infinite City (Daedalus Entertainment Inc)

No Points Heroes Kostenlos

Nova Kostenlos (Dark Dreams)

Now Playing (Carnivore Games)


One Brain Cell Kostenlos (Canis Publishing)

Open Kostenlos

Open Form Kostenlos (Stoned Gorilla Project *)


Osiris Deutsch (The Lore Factory)

Osprey Kostenlos

Paganini Kostenlos

Paradigm Shift Kostenlos

Paradox Kostenlos (Faight Industries)

Paths of Virtue Kostenlos

Pathwanderer Kostenlos

Pathways Kostenlos (Proseo Comay Enterprises)

Pinion Kostenlos

Plain English Roleplaying Kostenlos (Adept Games)

Plain Label Kostenlos (Plaid Rabbit Productions)

PLUS Kostenlos

Pocket Universe (Unigames)

Pool Kostenlos (Random Order Creations)

Portable Kostenlos

Premieres Legendes (Jeux Descartes)

Principia Chaotica (Monolithic Games)

Prism Kostenlos

Prost Deutsch (Neue Welten)


PURPoSe Deutsch Kostenlos

QAGS (Hex Games)

QCCS Deutsch Kostenlos (Dreamland Worx)

QED Kostenlos

Quick & Dirty (Fly By Knight Games)

RATIOS Kostenlos

Regola del Gioco (Giochi del 2000)

RIP Kostenlos

Risus-The Anything Kostenlos

ROLE (Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes)

Roleplayer (Roleplayer Enterprises)

Rope (Nebula Games)

RPG Professionals Kostenlos

Rules of Thumb Kostenlos

Rules System 6 (TCGames)

Rules To Live By (Interactivities Ink)

SAGA Kostenlos

Saga-System Deutsch (Gessnitzer & Städler)

Sagatafl Kostenlos

SAGE (L&C Games)

SCORE Kostenlos

Scrolls of Virtue

Sherpa Kostenlos

Simply Roleplaying (MicroTactix)

SLUG Kostenlos

SOL (Heraldic Game Design)

SORD Kostenlos (Fractal Dimensions)


Sparks Kostenlos

SPEED Rules Kostenlos

STOCS Kostenlos (Wasteland Games)

Stonewander Gaming Engine (Stonewander Publishing)

Story Engine Universal Rules (Hubris Games)

Storyboard Kostenlos

Storytelling D20 (Nexus Games)

Sundered Epoch-Generations Kostenlos

Synergy (DarkSIDE Press)


System DL Kostenlos

System One

Theatrix (Backstage Press *)

Through the Looking Glass Kostenlos

To Challenge Tomorrow (Ragnarok Press)

Toaster Kostenlos

Too Much Coffee Kostenlos

Toolkit System

TORG (West End Games)

TORPS Deutsch Kostenlos (Torps)

Trenched Kostenlos


TWERPS Deutsch

Twilight Kostenlos

Two Fisted Tales Kostenlos

Ultimate Power (Game Lords)

Unidice Kostenlos (Unidice)

UniSys Deutsch Kostenlos

Unisystem (Eden Studios)

Universal Gaming Engine

URPG Deutsch Kostenlos

URS-System Deutsch

Vector Heroes Kostenlos

Virtual Virtual Reality Kostenlos

Visions Kostenlos

Voyages in Eternity Kostenlos

Vraan Zanuth Kostenlos

Vraanzannth Kostenlos

Walker Visions (Walker Visions Games)

Web Basic Gaming System (Web Games *)

WEM3 Kostenlos

Window Kostenlos (Methods in the Madness)

Wizard (Steve Jackson Games)

Worlds of Wonder (Chaosium)

X Kostenlos

YASS Deutsch


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