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Aberrant (White Wolf)

Above Average Kostenlos

Attack of the Mutant Kostenlos

Avengers of Justice (Better Games)

Batman (Mayfair Games)

Blood of Heroes (Pulsar Games)

Brains & Brawn (5th Dimension Publishing)

Brand X (Highland Games)

Brave New World (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)

Challengers (Ragnarok Press)

ChaosPuppy Kostenlos

Cosmic Enforcers (Myrmidon Press)

Daredevils (Fantasy Games Unlimited)

DC Heroes-Universe (West End Games / Mayfair)

Enforcers (21st Century Games)

eVient Kostenlos

Game Superhelden (Brian / Mayfair Games)

Godlike (Hobgoblynn Press)

Godsend Agenda (Khepera Publishing)

Golden Heroes (Games Workshop)

Good Guys Finish Last (Better Games)

Guardians (StarChilde Publications / CTS *)


Hero 8 (Mind's Eye Publishing)

HeroClix (WizKids)

Heroes and Heroines (Excel Marketing)

Heroes Forever (Guild of Blades)

Heroes Unlimited (Palladium Books)

Heroic Conquest (Phoenix Publishing Inc.)

Heroic Do-Gooders & Dastardly Deed-doers Kostenlos

I am a Sports Hero Kostenlos (Harlekin-Maus)

In the Name of Justice Kostenlos

Joonas Destinies Kostenlos (Laakso)

Legione (Beholder)

Living Legends Kostenlos (UniGames / Lance & Laser Models¸ Inc.)

Marvel Super Heroes Deutsch (Schmidt Spiele* & TSR)

Marvel X-MEN (Marvel)

Marvellous Super-Heroes Kostenlos

Men & Supermen Kostenlos (Highland Games)

Mortal Konquest Kostenlos

Nemesis-A Perfect World (Maximum CNG)

Nightbane (Palladium Books)

Official Superhero Adventure Game (Mayfair Games (vormals Eigenverlag))

OPIGS Kostenlos (One Page Gaming System)

Powergame 55 Kostenlos

PSI World (Fantasy Games Unlimited)

San Angelo (Gold Rush Games)

Silver Age Sentinels (Guardians of Order)

Silver Age Sentinels D20 (Guardians of Order)

SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO (Crucible Design)

Spark Kostenlos

Stuper Powers Kostenlos (Wingnut Games / Evil Twin Comics / Unstoppable Productions)

Super Nova Deutsch

Super Squadron (Adventure Simulations)

Superbabes (Tri-City Games)

Superhero 2044 (Gamescience (jetzt Prism Games))

Superheroes and Heroines Kostenlos

Supervillains (Task Force Games)

Superworld (Chaosium)

Surge Kostenlos (Merrymeeting Games (bis 1998))

Tomorrow Heroes

Trinity Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Trinity d20 (White Wolf)

Unsanctioned (Crunchy Frog Enterprises / Nightshift Games)

Villains & Vigilantes (Fantasy Games Unlimited)

Villains Finish First (Better Games)

Washington Heroes (Mayfair Games)

Wild Talents (Hobgoblynn Press)

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