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ACE Agents (Stellar Games)

Agent SEVEN (Deep 7)

Agent X (Mind Interactive)

Assassins Kostenlos (Phoenix Publishing Inc.)

Danger International (Hero Games)

Daredevils (Fantasy Games Unlimited)

Demos Corporation (Venture Editora Ltda.)

Dick Tracy Kostenlos

EsperAgents (Ragnarok Press)

Espionage (Hero Games)

Heroes Unlimited (Palladium Books)

Impossible Missions Kostenlos

James Bond 007 (Victory Games *)

Mercenaries SaPE (Flying Buffalo)

MISSION (Kabal Gaming Systems)

Mobster (Burger Games)

Night of the Ninja (pie Games corp. / IIE Game / Mastery Manual)

Power (Aztech New Media Group)

Private Eye Deutsch (Redaktion Phantastik & B&B-Productions)

QCarZ Kostenlos

Spookshow (Clockwork Games)

Spycraft Kostenlos (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Stray Bullet Kostenlos

Top Secret (TSR *)

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