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Armored Trooper (Hero Games & R. / Talsorian Games)


BattleTech Deutsch (FanPro & FASA)

BattleTech Romane Deutsch (FanPro & FASA)


Cyborg Commando (New Infinities / TSR)

Droids (Integral games)

Heavy Gear (Dream Pod 9)

JUNK (Dark Omen Games)

Macross II (Palladium Books)

Marauder 2107 (Maelstrom Hobby)

Mechanical Men (Cliff Hanger Games)

Mechanoid Invasion (Palladium Books)

Mechanoids (Palladium Books)

Mechkrieger 3052 Deutsch (FanPro & FASA)

Mechwarrior 3052 (FanPro & FASA)

MechWarrior-Dark Ages Deutsch (FanPro & WizKids)

Mekton Z (R. Talsorian Games)

Metalface Kostenlos (Eternal Tempest / Too Much Spare Time Productions)

Ogre Miniatures (Steve Jackson Games)

Oversized Heavy Mechanized Units

Robot Warriors (Iron Crown Enterprises / Hero Games)

Robotech Kostenlos (Palladium Books)

Ronin Duels Deutsch (FanPro & Cell Entertainment *)

Transformers-Beast Wars Kostenlos

Wares Blades

Whog Shrog (Siroz / Ideojeux *)

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