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20Simply Roleplaying-Le Jeu du Tricentenaire (Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes)

Alma Mater (Oracle Games *)

Ameba (Arctic Ranger Production)

Army Ants (Teddy Bear Press)

B Kostenlos

Battle Cattle (Wingnut Games)

Battle Scarred Veterans Go Hiking (5th Dimension Publishing)

Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters (Tri-Tac Systems)

Bureau 13 (Tri-Tac Systems)

Changeling-the Dreaming (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Chez Geek Deutsch (Pegasus Press)

Cosmic Collections (Jaywalker Games)

Courts&Corsets Kostenlos (Harlekin-Maus)

Creeks and Crawdads (Crustacium Games)

Creepy Freaks Deutsch (WizKids)

Dark Lumberjack

Defensores de Toquio

Discworld (Steve Jackson Games)

DORP Deutsch Kostenlos (Dimension of Roleplaying)

Dragonbusters (Oddities Inc.)

Drones Kostenlos


Excursion into the Bizarre (Blind Dog Games *)

File X


Furry Outlaws (Furry Games)

Furry Pirates (Atlas Games / MIB)

Fuzzy Heroes (City Games Designs)

Ghostbusters (West End Games)



Hack (Kenzer & Co)

HackMaster (Kenzer & Co)

Hand Axe Kostenlos (Adept Games)

Harlequinade Kostenlos

Heavy Ordnance Kostenlos

Hellraiser (Core Creations Inc.)


HOL-Human Occupied Landfill (Dirt Merchant Games (1994)¸ White Wolf (Black Dog¸ 1995))

Hollyworld (Blacksburg Tactical Research Center)

Hunter Planet (TAGG (The Australian Games Group))

It came from the deserts

It came frtlll Show (Stellar Games)

JMS Kostenlos (Harlekin-Maus)

Kill the Commie Bastards (Crunchy Frog Enterprises)

Kobolds ate my Baby (9th Level Games)

LAFFS Kostenlos (New World Games)

Leech-The Medicaid

Macho Weiber Deutsch (Spielzeit¸ vormals Röbchen Hood & Blacksburg Tactical Research Center)

Macho Women with Guns (Spielzeit¸ vormals Röbchen Hood & Blacksburg Tactical Research Center)

Monde de Murphy (Jeux Descartes)

Monster-Die Rebellion Deutsch Kostenlos

Monstros (Nova Vecchi Editora)

Monthy Python (Kenzer & Co)

Munchkin (Steve Jackson Games)

Munchkin d20 (Steve Jackson Games)

Murphys World (Peregrine)

Neighbourhood (Wheaton Publications *)

Ninja Burger (9th Level Games)

NOMIC Kostenlos

NUELOW Kostenlos

Og (Wingnut Games)

Ostfriesland Rsp Deutsch Kostenlos

Paranoia Deutsch (Games-In & Cutting Edge / West End Games)

Paranoia XP (Mongoose Publishing)

Pedestrian-The Walking (Adept Games)

Petit Peuple (Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes)


Playelf (Rävsvans Förlag)

Pluesch Power und Plunder Deutsch (Games-In (Version 2¸ aktuell)¸ vormals bei FanPro (1st Edition)¸ davor Phase Publishing GbR)

Pokemon Jr Adventure Game (Wizards of the Coast)

Pokemon RPG Kostenlos

Pokethulhu (Dork Storm Press)

Prestidigitator-The Unpronounceable Kostenlos

Raoul (Rêveurs de Runes)

Red Dwarf (Deep 7)

RORPS Kostenlos

Santas Soldiers (Deep 7)

Scheibenwelt Deutsch (Pegasus Press & Steve Jackson Games)

Sitcom Kostenlos (Harlekin-Maus)

Sketch (Corsair Publishing)

Soap (Wingnut-Games)

Star Riders (Ianus Publications)

Stuper Powers Kostenlos (Wingnut Games / Evil Twin Comics / Unstoppable Productions)

Superteens Kostenlos

Tales from the Floating Vagabond (Avalon Hill)

Teenagers from Outer Space (R. Talsorian Games)

Too Hard to Duck (Rävsvans Förlag)

Toon (Steve Jackson Games)

Toy War (Crunchy Frog Enterprises)


WaerRug-The Hairpiece

Warhamster (Dork Tower Press)

WearRug-The Hairpiece

Wechselbalg-der Traum Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Weltenbuch Deutsch Kostenlos (jcorporation)

Wyrd (Wicked Press)

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