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Abyss (Global Games)

All Flesh Must Be Eaten (Eden Studios)

All the World Monsters

American Excess (Fantasy Chronicles)

Angel (Eden Studios)

Angel-Demon-The Rapture Kostenlos

Angeli (Atra Poesis)

Army of Darkness (Eden Studios)

Astra (Ace Games *)

Attack of the Humans (Rapport Games / Crunchy Frog Enterprises)

Behind Deutsch (Fishtank (Ravensburger))

Beyond the Supernatural (Palladium Books)

Blair Witch Project Kostenlos

Blood (Underground Games)

Blood Dawn (SSDC (vormals Optimus Design Systems))

Bloodbath (T.C. International *)

Bloodshadows (West End Games)

Bram Stokers Dracula (Leading Edge Games)

Buffy TCG (Score Inc.)

Buffy-The Vampire Slayer (Eden Studios)

Bureau 13 (Tri-Tac Systems)

By The Shadow Kostenlos


Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)

Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)

Changeling-the Dreaming (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Chill (Pacesetter / Mayfair Games)

Chock (Target Games *)

Chthonian Kostenlos (Harlekin-Maus)

Coming (Quintessential Mercy Studios *)

Cthulhu Deutsch (Pegasus Press & Chaosium)

Cthulhu Deutsch (Pegasus Press)

Cthulhu Live (Chaosium)

Daemonen-Die Gefallenen Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Dark Ages (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Dark Continents (Ragnarok Press)

Dark World (Phoenix Publishing Inc.)

Deadlands Deutsch (Spielzeit!¸ Röbchen Hood (bis 1998) & Pinnacle Entertainment Group)

Deadlands d20 (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)

Deat Meat Kostenlos

Deathstalkers Deutsch (Cutters Guild)

Demon-The Fallen (White Wolf)

Dont Look Back (Mind Ventures)

Doomtown (Wizards of the Coast / Alderac Entertainment Group)

Dreizehn Deutsch Kostenlos

Dylan Dog (DaS Production)

Eight Kostenlos (Memento Mori)

Enfer et Damnation (Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes)

Esoterrorists (Pelgrane Press)

Everlasting (Visionary Entertainment)

Gaensehaut Deutsch

Ghostbusters (West End Games)

Grimm (Fantasy Flight Games)

Harlequinade Kostenlos

Harlequinade Kostenlos

Here Come the Monsters Kostenlos (Deep 7)

Heretics (Wasteland Games)

Hoerbuecher Horror Deutsch

Horror Hero (Hero Games)

Hunter-The Reckoning (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

In Nomine Deutsch (Truant & Steve Jackson Games)

In Scolare Laboris-Magna Delirium (Freres-Dragons editions)

Inferno (Death's Edge Games)

Inspectres Deutsch (Disaster Machine Productions)

Into the Shadows Kostenlos

It came from the deserts

It came frtlll Show (Stellar Games)

Jaeger-Die Vergeltung Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Joonas Destinies Kostenlos (Laakso)

Kalmo (Arctic Ranger Production)

KULT Deutsch (Truant & Target Games *)

Lab Deutsch (Cell Entertainment *)

Lesser Shades of Evil (Eos Press)

Lost Souls (Marquee Press / Sage Lore Productions)

Magna Veritas

Malefices (Jeux Descartes)

Minds Eye Theatre (White Wolf)

Monster-Die Rebellion Deutsch Kostenlos

Monsters Monsters (MetaGaming / Flying Buffalo)

Mumien-Die Wiedergeburt Deutsch (White Wolf)

Mummy-The Resurrection (White Wolf)

Mythos TCG Deutsch (Chaosium)

Necroscope (West End Games)

Nightbane (Palladium Books)

Nightlife (Stellar Games)

Nightstalkers (Phoenix Publishing Inc.)

Obsidian-The Age of Judgement (Apophis Consortium / 7eme Cercle)

Opus Anima Deutsch (NewQuest Verlag)

Planescape Deutsch (TSR *)


Predateurs (Flamberge)

Principia Malefex (Ragged Angel)

Pumpkin Town Kostenlos (Gargoyle 13)

Puppetland Deutsch Kostenlos (Hogshead Publishing)

Rabenhorst Deutsch (White Wolf (vormals TSR))

Ragnarok (Viking Games / Ludoctenia)

Ravenloft (White Wolf (vormals TSR))

Ravenloft d20 Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & Wizards of the Coast)

Resident Evil Deutsch

Sagan om Ringen (Target Games *)

Scared Stiff Kostenlos

Schism Kostenlos (Memento Mori)

Shadow Side (Spire Publishing)

Shriek (Deep 7)

Sombre Cauchemar

Sorcellerie (7eme Cercle)

Squeam (Memento Mori)

Tales from the Crypt (West End Games)

Time of Judgement Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Trail of Cthulhu (Pelgrane Press)

Unhallowed Metropolis (Eos Press)

Unknown Armies Deutsch (Vortex & Atlas Games / MIB)

Vampire Hunters (Nightshift Games)

Vampire-Aus der Alten Welt Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Vampire-Dark Ages (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Vampire-Die Maskerade Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Vampire-Kinder des Lotus Deutsch

Vampire-Kindred of the East (White Wolf)

Vampire-The Eternal Struggle (White Wolf)

Vampire-The Masquerade (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Wechselbalg-der Traum Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Weird Wars (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)

Weird Wars (Pinnacle Entertainment Group)

Welt der Dunkelheit Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Werewolf-The Apocalypse (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Werewolf-The Wild West (White Wolf)

Werwolf-Die Apokalypse Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

When Darkness Comes (Twilight Creations)

WitchCraft (Eden Studios (1999 / vormals Myrmidon Press 1996))

World of Darkness (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

World of Darkness II (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Wraith-The Oblivion (White Wolf)

Zombi (Crucible Design)

Zombie (JudaProd)

Zombies (Journeyman Press)

Zombie-The Coil Kostenlos

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