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23rd Letter (Crucible Design)

Conspiracy X (Eden Studios / New Millenium Entertainment)

Control (Reality Cheque Games)

Control GaAC

CORPS Deutsch (TYR (vormals Imp"s Shop) & Blacksburg Tactical Research Center (1990¸ 1995))

Covert Action (Sanguin Productions)

Dark Conspiracy (Dynasty Presentations¸ Inc. (Dark Conspiracy Enterprises / Game Designers Workshop))

Delta Green (Tynes Cowan Corporation)

Giallo in Casa Vernaschi (Giochi del 2000)

Gli Ultimi Templari (Giochi del 2000)

Hidden Invasion (Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enterprises)

Holmes & Company (E.Elle)

Hunter-The Reckoning (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Illuminati (Steve Jackson Games)

INWO-Neue Weltordnung

Jaeger-Die Vergeltung Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & White Wolf)

Kopae Conspiracy

MAJI (Wasteland Games)

Nephilim Deutsch (Feder&Schwert & MultiSim / Chaosium)

Ninjas & Superspies (Palladium Books)

Purgatory (Atomic Hyrax Games)

Series Archer

SLA Industries (Nightfall Games (vormals Hogshead Publishing))

Terra Incognita (Grey Ghost Press (vormals Circa Games))

Theyre Here (Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enterprises)

Where Fools Dare to Tread (Better Games)

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