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You will always find the DROSI at:

http:// DROSI .home.pages.de

Welcome !

You have decided to learn a little more about DROSI , so you belong to one ore more groups of nosy people. :

  1. You are here for the 1st time ? You want to know the basic things about DROSI ?

  2. You want to know more about past & future of DROSI ?

  3. You like to surf the web, love you roleplaying-system and already saw, that the corresponding page is ugly old ? So you decided to become a helper ?

  4. You already subscribed as a helper and just want to know more about hosting a DROSI -Page ?

However: Nothing without YOUR help !



1. Basic informtions about the DROSI ?

DROSI is a huge collection of links (?) to roleplaying (?) webpages. DROSI is short for Deutscher Rollenspiel Index (german roleplaying index) - and that stands for more than archivate thousands of links, but deliver much more interesting informations about your favorite system (and other). The DROSI should become a big information-pool about roleplaying-games, where every surfer can get interessting facts.
Certainly noone must say: "I know every roleplaying game !", so the DROSI can't be completed by one person only. And it is not much work to care about one or two of the DROSI -link-pages, but it is a real strain to care about more than 300 (belive me) !
For every system (?) there are people, who know nearly everything about it, they visited all the corresponding webpages and they already collected a nice pool of links.
It is optimum, that these people handle the DROSI -webpage of their roleplaying-system, so if you come here to start your search, you will be guided to the best pages for your system.

DROSI is a non-commercial thing - so you will never have to pay for visiting it and there will never be advertisements. Exeptions could happen at the external modules, that lie on free web-accounts (like geocisties or so) or the blackboard.
All helpers are volunteers, that are not paid for this work (even not the webmaster, who makes all this in his spare time). That should be sign to you, that you please encounter them all with friendlyness and respect !

Everyone is invited to help on the DROSI ! You too ! It doesn't matter if you want to help as a one time only or permanent helper on one or more systems / worlds / genre. Even if you only send new links or informations to the subscribed helper, this would be real nice !

It is a must to print this footnote:
All descriptions of the links or the systems, etc. are part of the DROSI and they are property of the DROSI . What sounds quite simpel, seems to be not understandable to some people who copy the work of the helper without asking. You must not do this !
If you copy some of the descripted links to your homepage, you have to tell, that they are part of the DROSI . Copying all, is simply forbidden ! (An exeption to this are the helper themselves who certainly can use their own descriptions everywhere they want !)
Please do not plagiate, you commit an offence ! If you find someone who do this, please send me an email (Dogio@-SPAMSCHUTZ-drosi.de ).

Do you want more informations ?

  1. You want to know more about past & future of DROSI ?

  2. You like to surf the web, love you roleplaying-system and already saw, that the corresponding page is ugly old ? So you decided to become a helper ?

  3. You already subscribed as a helper and just want to know more about hosting a DROSI -Page ?



2. The past & future of DROSI

1st Phase:
It's a long time ago, when an american student collected more and more roleplaying-links and described them for himself and the visitors of his homepage. Some day his (now famous) collection was so big, that he build an engine (script) around it and offered the possibility to enter and describe a link to every visitor. I think everybody should remember the name of woodelf's RPG Site Index (complete in english).
Around june 1996 was the last update - the site still exists (with many mirrors - but no one looks after it any more.

2nd Phase:
The time of starting and most of the links and descriptions of DROSI show that Georg 'Kalimar' Seipler was a very big fan of woodelf. He wanted to create a german image. So he build his own engine (CGI-Script) and added woodelfs an his own links and descriptions. DROSI was dedicated to the german roleplayers only, so most of the texts were created in german.
Some time later he managed the user-interface that made it possible for foreign helpers to manipulate the DROSI -pages directly. With the help of many people, he created the biggest german link-collection, that got well known to every roleplayer, who used it as an ideal starting-point into the internet. Even the magazines (roleplaying & computer !) reported about it.
Somewhat later the blackboard and the very famous games-auction were added to the link-engine. Even today the games-auction (in a new outfit) is one of the most famous webpages to visit.

3rd Phase:
It was 1998 and we all suffered an ugly summer, when suddenly dreadful news spread through the internet:

The DROSI dies !
In fact, if you entered the DROSI -startpage, you were confronted with a knocked down skelleton, followed by a obituary that announced "DROSI will go down on august '98". A wave of mourning-emails and news followed through the usenet because many people cared about the DROSI - even when their direct interest wasn't so big in 1998 any more.
The DROSI -webmaster Kalimar was now flooded with adoption-offers - most from commercial or semi-commercial websites. But that was never part of DROSI s philosophy. So it seems that DROSI would end.
At that point I got the news, too. I am travelling through the internet since 1994 and builded my own mega-web-projects like the Midgard-Digest, a german roleplaying online-fanzine. I already knew Kalimar from the IRC, where I chatted with him many times, we already meet in real and last but not least, I was always pro-DROSI .
So I must care about the DROSI and wrote my first email to Kalimar reporting him a new concept to uphold the DROSI , the answer encouraged me to form my ideas to a DROSI 2-FAQ, that I posted to the news an as an webpage, where new ideas were discussed. Kalimar watched this process and hand over the DROSI in late july. So I am the new webmaster of DROSI and build the new DROSI -Webpages, Programs and other documents (like this FAQ) to realise my new DROSI -concept. The most important points: The time after this new beginning is written down as a timetable ...

Date: from: Action:
25.06.1998 Dogio Posting, Grundsätzliche Unterteilung, erste Ideen
15.07.1998 Dogio Viele Helfer-Neueinträge, Aufruf zur Einsendung von URLs, Unterpunkt 3.4
25.07.1998 Dogio Nach Kalimars Angebot, den DROSI weiterzuführen: Alle Systemlinks als lokal eingeführt. Änderungen am FAQ vorgenommen.
27.07.1998 Dogio Die alte DROSI -Startseite wurde dem neuen Konzept angepaßt und ging heute online. Die Adresse DROSI .Home.Pages.de zeigt nun auf Drosi.tuts.nu.
18.08.1998 Dogio Inzwischen wurde die Weiterleitungsmodule erstellt und deren Aktualisierung - sowie auch die Erstellung der System-Listen auf der Hauptseite durch eine Software realisiert. Weiterhin erfolgte die Anpassung des DROSI an internationale Gäste. Viele Systeme erhielten eine einleitende Beschreibung. Erste externe Seiten werden gelinkt.
19.08.1998 Dogio Ergänzung einiger Systemseiten um die Angaben und Informationen von Olav Müllers Rollenspiel-Index.
24.08.1998 Dogio Unterpunkte 7. und 8. zum Offline-Bearbeiten von Dokumenten und dem Einfügen von Webringen.
28.08.1998 Dogio Freigabe von bislang unbearbeiteten Systemseiten für neue Pfleger / Helfer. Umleitung der Übersichten für System/Genre/Welt auf FAQ-Tabelle. Auslagerung der FAQ-Tabelle in eigenes (schneller ladbares) Dokument. Ergänzung durch Einbau einiger Vor- und Nachteilebeschreibungen von Mario Dörings Homepage.
16.09.1998 Dogio Transfer einiger Systeme (Namen) aus dem woodelf's RPG Site Index, Neuformulierung des FAQs.
18.09.1998 Dogio Optimierung des Programmes zur automatischen Generierung aller Systemseiten (Hauptseiten, Weiterreichungsmodule, Inhaltstabelle) aus einer Datei.
23.09.1998 Dogio Etwa 100 neue System-Namenseinträge und ca. 50 neue Ergänzungen zu bestehenden oder neu angelegten Rsp-Seiten. Inzwischen kennt der DROSI nun schon 278 System-, 20 Weltbezeichnungen (inkl. ein paar deutsch/englisch Doppelnamen) und zu einem Großteil existieren Links und sogar kurze Beschreibungen. Meines Wissens nach eine bislang unübertroffene Menge im Internet ! Zum Vergleich: Der alte DROSI verfügte im Juni'98 über 107 Systeme und 11 Welten. Ich hoffe, daß sich alle Seiten durch Euch bald mit weiteren Informationen und Links füllen werden.

My special thanks go to these people:

  • Georg 'Kalimar' Seipler, who build up the DROSI out of the ashes of Woodelfs RPG Index. I also want to thank him for his trust in me, to master the DROSI in the future.

  • All the helper that cared about the DROSI in the past (old DROSI ) and the one who will do in the future.

  • Olav Müller, who supported the DROSI with his descriptions of the rpg-systems. Take a look at his german Rollenspielbeschreibungen.

There are much more names to mention, you find most of them in the
Hall of Fame.

Do you want more informations ?

  1. You are here for the 1st time ? You want to know the basic things about DROSI ?

  2. You like to surf the web, love you roleplaying-system and already saw, that the corresponding page is ugly old ? So you decided to become a helper ?

  3. You already subscribed as a helper and just want to know more about hosting a DROSI -Page ?



3. How to become a helper ?

Getting here was the first right step. If you then you are an ideal helper for the DROSI !

The DROSI contains somewhat about 200 pages, that are all corresponding to different roleplaying-themes - and all these want to be cared about. It's no question, that one person can never do this alone in his spare time (even not an fanatic). But on the other hand, it is quite simple to handle only one or two pages. So the DROSI needs many helpers that care for their favorite system only - it is no big work for you, but when we work together it will be a real strong power to keep the DROSI up to date.

It is advantageous if you know a little bit about HTML (the language behinfd all the WWW-pages). Ok, you can manipulate your DROSI page with tools like the browser-editors, but it is better when you know what is behind the curtain.
Last but not least, it's you duty to enter new links (that you find, or that are emailed to you) and control the existing from time to time. At the beginning this could take a little time, but later it may be an hour per month.

If you think, you are able to do this, so write an email to me and tell me your favorite system ! Please first look at the tabl'o'contents if this system is still free (no helper-entry) because there always can be only one.

Is there no helper, send me the email (Dogio@-SPAMSCHUTZ-drosi.de) with your favorite system(s).

If you don't want to care for a system permanent, you can do it one time. Simple grab the page, update it and send it to me (Dogio@-SPAMSCHUTZ-drosi.de). I include it in the DROSI . Even here you shouldn't change pages that already have an helper. If you want to add changes to these sides, please send email to the helper himself !

If you want to care for a longer time, simply copy the pages to your own website, update it, and send me the adress of the document. If you have no own Homepage, get one for free (www.angelfire.com). If you want no Homepage, you can send me the updated pages to save them in Drosi.tuts.nu.
Write down your (nick-)name and EMail at the footpart of your page, so that visitors can send emails with informations to you. If you want, you can also add your homepage there behind your name.

if you don't like to care any more one day, simply write me a message and the page returns to the DROSI -archive. Maybe someone new already waits for it to be free again.

Do you want more informations ?

  1. You are here for the 1st time ? You want to know the basic things about DROSI ?

  2. You want to know more about past & future of DROSI ?

  3. You already subscribed as a helper and just want to know more about hosting a DROSI -Page ?



4. How to do it right ?

The central points:
  • All pages use the same graphics from Drosi.tuts.nu ! Easy offline work is supported by the use of the <BASE HREF>-function.

  • All pages should keep their (uniform) outfit, so that users always find informations fast.

  • Every permanent helper adds his name, email and (if you want) homepage, at the end of the page. Visitors will use your email to send you new links and informations about your system. So you will always be up to date.

  • Links to other DROSI -pages are realised by special sending-modules. These modules will never change their adress and forward visitors to the choosen local and extern DROSI -pages. This modules are named like the original, but have an "s" instead of the "_" (systeme/midgard.htm -> drsmidga.htm).So the work is simpel and can be done offline with the favorite tools.

  • The helper is responsible for the contents of his pages and should secrure them to manipulations through foreign persons. As a helper you must pay attention to the given rules in the DROSI -FAQ. Questions about changes can always be send to me and will be discussed.

The new old outfit: [My example-page]

In general: The old outfit can be changed to fit the rules set in this FAQ. These rules aren't too tight. The rules are made, so that people find informations quick and the informations could be transfered as quick as possible.

All common graphics are located in Drosi.tuts.nu and are loaded by visiting the main-page ! That makes every following access quick, because graphics will only be loaded one time. This advantage would be dropped, if you use graphics from your own account. A visitor would load new graphics with every page visited.
Small title-graphics (up to 20kB) could be stored in Drosi.tuts.nu too. Please ask me, before you beginn to scan, because I already have a lot of them ready at home. Additional graphics (if necessary) can be included from other locations in the web. But please remember that visitors often come with slow connections, and are not happy to wait for 100kB.

Because the links in DROSI are a mixture of many languages, you should mark them, behind the name of the webpage.

Description of the system/world/genre:

As already mentioned, DROSI should be more than a pure collection of links. Someone who doesn't know a system, should find some informations here. It would be nice, if DROSI could't deliver that service in the future. Some pages already contain such descriptions, but most don't.

If you care about a page, write down all the informations, you find interesting to say to your system/world/genre. Visitors will read your informations to learn more or get to know another way of view the system. Certainly you can only write down, what you know. Maybe other people will add their opinion or further informations.
Now I want to give you some points to think about:

If you add informations to your system, please also send your update to Olav Müller. He also collects these informations (for his Rollenspielübersicht) and re-adds his own new informations to the DROSI .

Order of links:

Always use an alphabetic order to present the webpage-names. Avoid stress and do not push some pages by tranfering them to the start of your list. Main order is (divided by headlines): weblinks, FTP, mailinglists, emailadresses.

Selection & description of links:

This first: It might be a goal to collect as much links as possible, but it is worth nothing if these links aren't described or rated. If I don't care about a description, I visit a search-engine, enter my keyword and get a feedback of 93455653 possible links - and the first 1000 are crap (murphy's law).
That's not the way DROSI goes. Here all links should come with a short description and the helper is able to give a preselection by choosing his words and adding the symbols or the (#/##/###)-guide. So a searcher has chance of 100% to find what he searches for, before he goes on.

A good description should summarize the contents shortly and maybe contain some additional direct-links to the highlights.
If you have many links, emphasize the best by adding the ratings. Sometimes the ratings are a good motivation for the webmaster. Otherwise if a webmaster is angry about your rating, think it over again or - remove it for this link. DROSI should guide, not teach someone.

Ok, DROSI addresses to german speaking roleplayers first. But I would like to welcome also international guests and helper (thats why the english mainpage and faq exists). So it is optimum, if you know a little bit german to write a german translation next to your english one. But your english description is as helpful as the german one, because all of the german speaking (should) have learned english in school.
So don't stop yourself because your german is not so good - take it as a chance to learn it.
At best, there is an english and a german description, separated by [Deutsch] and [Englisch] marks - thats helps finding the start in the textflow. So please never erase a german nor an englisch text without compensation (certainly if the link has gone).

Formating of the text (font, colour and size):

Please do not change the style or size ! If you need to mark something, use BOLD, ITALIC oder UNDERLINED. The Headlines are <H2> or <H1>.


There is a given structure. You can see the name of your document, if you look at the tabl'o'contents, if it isn't already named. All DROSI -files start with a "dr_", followed by a maximum of 5 characters infront of the dot and three chars after (standard 8+3 format, dos-like).
Example: systeme/midgard.htm [negativ sample: dr_midgard.html]. The title-graphics have the same name, but certainly a different extension.

Common DROSI -graphics:

Because visitors should load every graphic only one time, all pictures are loaded from Drosi.tuts.nu ! By useing the <BASE HREF>-function, you can work with your own graphics at home and with the graphics from Drosi.tuts.nu online.
Simply comment the function when you work offline ( <!--BASE HREF=""--> ). If you put it back online simply remove the comment-signs "!--" and "--". Know all files without http:// are loaded from Drosi.tuts.nu !

   <!--BASE HREF="http://drosi.tuts.nu/"-->

Rating and Symbols

(Ratings are an optional thing, you can use them, but it is no duty)

Meaning: - = nothing/ugly, # = Ok, ## = Good, ### = Very Good !

The single sections describe the following information:

An examplefor a Midgard-page:

Midgard-Digest (##/###/#) [Deutsch] [king]
Der MD ist ein umfangreiches Fanzine zum Rollenspiel Midgard und universeller Fantasy. Über 10 MB Daten liegen zum Abruf bereit. Ein Index fuehrt durch das Angebot. Auch eine aktuelle Liste mit RSP-Terminen und die neuesten Szene-News findet man hier.

As HTML that looks like:

<DT> <A HREF="http://www.xyz.de">Name</A>
  (<FONT COLOR="Red">##</FONT>/<FONT COLOR="Green">###</FONT>/<FONT COLOR="Blue">#</FONT>)
  <IMG SRC="dr_king.gif" WIDTH=30 HEIGHT=30 ALIGN=left ALT="[king]">
<IMG SRC="dr_fl_d.gif" border=0 ALT="[Deutsch]">
Description (maybe with directlinks to special offers)
<BR CLEAR=all>

Links within the DROSI

"Hey wait ! If i link other drosi-pages, and later they move out, do I have to chance my links ? That will take too much time ..."
Maybe you thought about this problem - but there is an answer (already mentioned above)

There is a forward-module for every DROSI -page. Even your page will acessed through such a forward-module. These modules always lead to the right (local or external) adress. If you link these pages one time, you will never have to change, even if the destination page moves.
The modules are named as the destination-page, but the underscore '_' is replaces by a 's' (for sender). Example: drsmidga.htm forwards to systeme/midgard.htm). These modules contain a META-Tag (immediately automatic forward) and a textpart for manual progress:

<title> DROSI - forward-module </title>
<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0; URL=http://www.somewhere.edu/systeme/midgard.htm'>
<p><b> Moment ... you are guided to the
<A HREF="http://www.somewhere.edu/systeme/midgard.htm"> external page </A>
! If not reachable, please use the static
<A HREF="systeme/midgard.htm">local page</A>
(maybe less fresh) instead.

C'est ça.


I never give much about webrings, but I think it is ok, if you include one on your DROSI -page, if it is specialy dedicated to your system/world or genre ! Any general webring can be placed on the webring-page (dr_webri.htm) but please nowhere else. Please watch out that you do not include too much, because every webring comes with it's own graphics and that slows down.

The DROSI and all DROSI -pages keep an unity ! The pages and descriptions that are included into the DROSI keep a part of it. If you add informations into the DROSI -pool, you agree to this term even if stop being a helper one day. This term should secure the DROSI as a gain to the internet-community.
If a helper, for example
  • doesn't follow the instructions of this FAQ and keeps uncompromising (we can talk about everything)

  • doesn't react for a longer time (more than a month), ignoring all emails

  • vanishes with his account without telling a new location

then the page returns to the DROSI and will be given away to other interessted helper. I think the reason for these procedure is clear.
I wrote a program for this purpose, that regularly grabs all external pages and stores them on my computer and in the DROSI -archive in Drosi.tuts.nu.

Do you want more informations ?

  1. You are here for the 1st time ? You want to know the basic things about DROSI ?

  2. You want to know more about past & future of DROSI ?

  3. You like to surf the web, love you roleplaying-system and already saw, that the corresponding page is ugly old ? So you decided to become a helper ?





Last change: 25.09.98
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