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Who can give me a short description of one of the roleplaying-games listed on this page ? Every help welcome !

Some words in advance . . .

All overall the world, there are people who are dedicated to the most wonderful hobby: They think about adventures, characters, rule improvements or fantastic stories ... and many of them publish their work in the world biggest net. Somewhere out there, you might find the long missed idea, you have thought about so long, but where ? This Index tries to give you a first hint, where you can find related informations in the internet. Many helper try to give you an overview about the most interesting links, related to roleplaying stuff. Use this Page as what it is - an ideal starting point to german and international roleplaying-sites. Who is still asking: What are roleplaying games ?


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DRoSI needs your help !

[Prof] It is not easy, to manage such a mass of links in your free time. So the DROSI needs many helpers to keep pages actual. If you find a link, that does not exist any more or that isn't listed on the related page, please send an email (?) to the email-adress you find at the end of the page. If there is no adress (you find the words -Kein Pfleger-) and even a look at the Table reveals no adress, than there is noone who can handle your request. If you want to update the page by yourself, please send me the finished page (best ZIPped and Coded).

How links are rated ...

Some of the links, that you will find on the DROSI-pages, have an extra icon (?), with the shape of a box. There are different kind of boxes, that quickly show you how much this link will please the visitor. Certainly this symbol only depends on the taste of one person, but if you have visited tons of links, you get a good feeling for 'what page is right' ...

[King] Simply the Best for this system ...
[Good] A good link, don't miss it ...

Additionally you will find something like: (#/##/###). This shows you quick how good the pagedesign, online-contents and downloads are, that you find behind this link. Maximum rating is three hashes, if there is nothing you will find a stroke.

Please note:

[English] The names of all or most of the games and their logos on this and subsequent pages are trademarks or registered trademarks of the owning company. Any use on this or subsequent pages should not be misconstrued as a challenge to said trademarks, nor as an attempt to infringe upon any copyrights that may be owned by said companies.
The DRoSI is © by U.we "Dogio" M.undt. It's allowed to copy the DRoSI for personal uncommercial purposes - on media with no public access - only. The takeover of any design, linklists, descriptions of one ore more pages is forbidden, if not allowed by written permission of the owner.
Due it is impossible to observe the contents of every linked website, the assistants and the webmaster explicit dissociate themselves from the linked contents.

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