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Verlag: Z-Man Games [HP]

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The world of men¸ called Midgard¸ is in its final days¸ and the battle at the end of the world¸ called Ragnarok¸ has begun. Those warriors brave enough to fight to the end will have a hallowed place in the halls of Valhalla when the battle is over¸ but only one clan will hold the seat of highest honor. Will it be yours?Midgard is a strategic board game of kingdom control for 3 to 5 players ... with a twist. Over three escalating rounds¸ players semi-secretly draft from decks of action cards¸ taking cards they need for their strategy or denying their opponents the best cards in the rotation. Then¸ after the action cards are played out¸ comes Ragnarok¸ in which some kingdoms will become doomed. And all battling vikings therein are destroyed in glorious rapture¸ scoring many points for their owners.Thousands of possible combinations and interactions make Midgard endlessly replayable¸ and always tense right up until the end of the world!

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